Western Fraternal Life :: Kosobud No. 106

Kosobud No. 106

Lankin, ND

March 2020

Members had their March meeting at the Lankin Senior Center. We met at noon to make door decorations (leprechauns) for the Lakota Nursing Home. A potluck meal followed.

A moment of silence was held for deceased members Grace Trenda and Karen Wallace.

We received a thank-you note from United Way for all the clothing we gave them in December. Karen handed out correct phone numbers of members and gave them to those present.

Several members helped with the blood bank in Lankin on February 13. Volunteers call for donors, help register donors from 1 to 6 p.m., and brought lunch for donors. 

Karen reported that Western and National Mutual Benefit are thinking of joining forces. They are similar health forces who want to preserve the Czech heritage.

We honored 50 and 75-year members at our April 5 meeting.

December 2019

Members met on December 15, two weeks later than usual due to extreme weather. We brought 166 Christmas cards that were decorated with messages and our names for the Lisbon Veteran Home. We know several of the vets living there.

We had a moment of silence for Lynette Svendson.

A thank-you note was read from the Michigan Food Pantry for the donations we gave them in October. We also gave to two other pantries.

Karen gave a report on the November board meeting she attended in Cedar Rapids.

Everyone present brought men’s clothing, gloves, blankets, and jackets for the missions in Grand Forks. Lots of women’s and children’s gloves, caps, and socks were brought and given to the United Way in Grand Forks as well.

October 2019

Members had a meeting and potluck on October 6 at Lankin Senior Center.

We have two new members, Tallie Ryba and Madelyn Brunell.

Members gave away two bikes on October 18 at the Park River Fair. Karen and Pam were at registration.
The cemetery board reported that ten tombstones were leveled and six tombstones cleaned.

Karen and Pam attended the Convention in Green Bay. Karen was elected to serve on District 6 Board of Directors and Pam was elected to serve on the Pre-Convention Committee.

Mildred Machart asked to be taken off as Vice President. Pam Ryba will be Vice President from now on.

September 2019

Pam Ryba-Varnson and Karen Ryba attended the National Convention. They partook in the Kids Against Hunger service project.

Pam was elected to the pre-Convention Committee for the next Convention, and Karen was elected to the Board of Directors to represent District 6.

We held a bike giveaway in September.

Several members brought many articles for the Minto Legion Auxiliary. These items will be distributed to homeless veterans who are transitioning from homelessness to permanent housing. These move-in kits will help the veterans adjust in their new homes

Several members also brought a big supply of school supplies. They were given to the Lakota School and to the Salvation Army in Grand Forks, ND.

District 6 Director, Karen Ryba, sent all lodges a letter introducing herself and providing contact information.
Our bike-a-thon will be held October 18.

June 2019

Members did not have a meeting in June. We have two new members in our lodge.

Memorial Day was a cold, windy day. Many braved the weather to see the Lankin Legion honor a fallen soldier in the cemetery.

Previous to Memorial Day, several members and children cleaned up the cemetery. Karen glued on many new plaques to the memorial stones.

Our next meeting is October 6. There will be a bike giveaway in October.

May 2019

We had our monthly meeting and potluck on May 5 at the Lankin Senior Center.

Members sent a check for the Kids Against Hunger project.

Several evergreens at the cemetery look like they need spraying. The cemetery board will look into this.
We were asked to look for sales on bikes for the two bikes given away in October.

Members gave us more School for Education coupons to give to our local school.

Louise suggested if there is a meeting on the day of a Lankin benefit dinner or breakfast, we should support that and not have a potluck. We agreed to do this.

We will not have a meeting until October 6, and this will be a potluck.

After the meeting, members picked up trash west of Lankin. Also joining us were Courtney and Alexandria Shirek.

April 2019

Members met February 3 at Lankin Senior Center for a potluck and meeting. We all got together before the meal to make valentines for the veterans at Lisbon Home. We also finished the last of the papers to send to the Home Office.

Members tried to think of projects to do for more points, as there are not many of us involved in doing things. We are sending our donations to seven different places for Giving Hearts to match them.

Members met April 7 at Lankin Senior Center. A meal was served for the senior citizens.

Judy Bosh, Janice Dahlen, and Laddie Pecka received their 75-year pins. Margaret Blackman, Sharon Faddoul, Mayvis Jallo, Gary Trenda, and Norman Trenda were unable to attend so their pins were sent to them. Rose Pecka was a guest.

Thank-you notes were read from Giving Hearts, BIO Girls, St. Gianna’s Maternity Home, First Care Health Center, Grand Forks Mission, Make-A-Wish of ND, the Ronald McDonald House, Elks Camp, and Grassic.

Everyone present received Easter pails or baskets filled with lots of goodies made by junior members, and Western literature. Several wore Western t-shirts.

March 2019

Members met on March 3 at the Lankin Senior Center. We came early to make door leprechaun ornaments for the Park River nursing home and the Lakota Rest Homes.

We again had a great potluck meal before our meeting. President Daniel sent out greetings.
Matching funds were given to seven different places on February 14. We received thank-you notes from most of them.

Several members were talking to Western agents who were willing to help us get new members. We have been busy trying to get more points for our lodge. Members have been giving coupons to local schools and several members were busy getting donors lined up for the local blood bank.

We made plans to invite local seniors and our 75-year member to our next meeting with lunch on April 7.

January 2019

Members met on January 6 with all officers present. We had a potluck/meeting. The treasurer paid the bills at this meeting.

A memorial was given to the Kosobud Cemetery in memory of deceased member Gary Swartz.

Karen reported quite a few more plates were purchased for our memorial monument. You do not have to be a member or have someone you know buried in the Kosobud Cemetery to purchase a memorial plate for this monument.

We plan to make valentines at our next meeting for the veterans in Lisbon.

December 2018

On December 1, we gathered and donated items for residents of St. Gianna’s. This is a home for women who have nowhere to go before, during, and many times following their pregnancy. Infants, toddlers, and mothers call St. Gianna’s their home. Items donated were: paper plates, paper towels, diapers, baby wipes, plastic wrap, anti-bacterial soap, toilet paper, sanitary napkins, baggies, and Reynolds Wrap. We also made a donation to Toys for Tots.

On December 2, we met at the Lankin Senior Center for a potluck and meeting. A moment of silence was held for Gary Swartz (50-year member), and Paul Augustin, our Western agent who passed away on November 13.

We received a thank-you from Piper Schanilec for the girl’s bike she won at the giveaway on October 19.

Several of our members purchased supplies for St. Gianna’s Pregnancy Center in Warsaw. A picture was taken of mothers living there. They truly appreciated our donation.

Karen, Pam, and JoAnn volunteered to serve dinner on Thanksgiving at the Grand Forks Mission. Member Susan is head of the mission.

We had an election of officers. They were motioned by Trudy to remain the same as follows: President Daniel, Vice President Mildred, Secretary JoAnn, and Treasurer Tom. The cemetery board remains the same with John, Karen, and Noel.

Many toys were brought to this meeting for Toys for Tots. Karen delivered them Monday for children in Grand Forks.

November 2018

Members met on November 4 at the Lankin Senior Center for a potluck and meeting. Christmas cards were brought for the American Legion in Pisek. We will send them overseas to military personnel. The cards were decorated and everyone signed their name.

Members decorate Christmas cards to send overseas to military personnel.

Our lodge had a bike-a-thon October 19 in Park River at the Walsh County Fair. There were 53 girls and 79 boys who registered. Keith, Pam, Karen, and Louise were involved in the bike-a-thon. Western literature was exhibited and given away.

Piper Schanilec and Aiden Swenson were bike winners on October 19.

Karen and Pam Ryba attended the Pre-Convention Committee in Cedar Rapids on October 26.

October 2018

Members met on October 7 at the Lankin Senior Center. We brought items for the food pantries in the area: Michigan, Lakota, and Grafton Food Pantries.

The cemetery committee reported having 32 cemetery stones straightened and cleaned. Six evergreens were replanted with willow trees.

Pam, Karen, and JoAnn met with Bonita Fillmore on August 24. We told her that our regular agent had brain surgery and could no longer sell insurance. We have several persons who would like to be members.

We are still in the process of trying new ways to gain points in the system.

August 2018

Members met with Director Bonita Fillmore at Park River on August 24. Bonita was visiting different lodges to find someone to replace her job on the board of directors.

Our members are thinking of projects to do to obtain more points. We will have members donate to our local food pantries at our next meeting. Save your empty medicine bottles to be donated to the Golden Valley Veterinary Clinic.

We have not had a meeting since June but we are busy. Several members are helping local schools with school supplies. We have given many school bags, folders, notebooks, etc., to Park River, Lakota, and Grand Forks schools.

Life-long member John Kosobud passed away on July 27 at 94-years of age. He was our lodge president for 30 years, and we truly miss him. John had a great memory and could re-count the early years of our lodge until now.

We will give away two bikes on October 19.

July 2018

Three members were busy buying flour sacks, hemming them, stamping them, and embroidering them as dish towels. Then they are ironed and given to the auxiliary in the Park River Hospital. There is a benefit sale where the towels, and other donated items, are sold to make money for the hospital.

Four other members have been donating items to the North Land Rescue Mission in Grand Forks, ND. The executive director of the mission is Susan Shirek, a member of our lodge. She reports that in the last 8 months, 132 clients have been relocated from the mission to a place of residence. We gave them suntan lotion, kitchen cooking utensils, towels, washcloths, silverware, and shower flip flops.

Member Annie Koenig received a Western National Scholarship. She will attend the University of Mary and study medical laboratory science.

Our next meeting is October 7 at Lankin Senior Center. The bike-a-thon giveaway is October 19.

June 2018

Before Memorial Day, several members and lodge youth spent a day cleaning up the cemetery. We handled gophers, removed old flowers and vases, moved the flag to the Memorial Stone, and seeded grass.

We did not have a meeting in June, but we were still busy. Several members gave used clothing to St. Joseph’s Social Care and Thrift Store and the Boys and Girls Ranch in Devil’s Lake. A lot of men’s clothing is given to the Grand Forks Mission for the needy. Even furniture and household supplies are needed.

We plan to put together school supplies for children.

The 50 and 75-year pins were sent to members unable to attend our meeting on May 6.

Our next meeting is October 7. We will be giving away two bikes on October 19.

May 2018

Members met at noon on May 6 at the Lankin Senior Center. We made Mother’s Day placemats from coffee filters, tiny cups, and M&Ms for cups. Members made 66 for the Park River Nursing Home and 34 for the Lakota home. There was a potluck meal and meeting that followed.

Karen reported that there was no cemetery expense since April. She had a monetary donation for the month of April. Noel said Valley Maintenance will check cost of stone damage in cemetery. Karen has several plates that need to be put on the memorial stone.

Karen created letterhead using the Western logo. She presented the letterhead to JoAnn and others who may use it.

Members will continue to coordinate efforts for various giveaways.

We discussed community activities that could be counted for points. Trudy said she and four other members worked at the yearly blood drive on February 14.

Meeting announcements are included in the newspaper at least three weeks before meeting. Letters and invitations were sent to all ten 50 and 75-year members for today’s meeting. Joe C. Zahradka received his 75-year pin. We mailed the rest to those who could not attend.

We plan on having a two-bicycle giveaway again in Park River on October 19 at the Walsh County Fair.
Members collected three bags of used medicine bottles for the Park River vet clinic. Labels needed to be removed.

Susan, Noel, and others took care of this year’s Join Hands Day’s project.
We agreed to not have a meeting until October.

March 2018

In March, several members were busy making Easter door hangers for rest homes. They also had a bake sale for a friend and assembled baskets for a silent auction.

We welcome new member Nalah Rose.

Members donated to a heart organization on February 8. We collected School for Education coupons and gave them to local schools.

Members met and had a potluck on April 8 at the Lankin Senior Center. A moment of silence was held for Shirley Larson.

John, representing the cemetery board, reported that Dennis Matejcek is interested in buying a plot by his parents sometime soon. John said grass will be seeded by memorial stone soon after the snow is gone.

Members received a Four-Star Award for our lodge.

Agent Paul Augustin’s mother Margret passed away on March 15.

Karen submitted Jo Ann for the Fraternalist of the Year again.

Daniel read a thank-you from the Osnabrock Rest Home for the Easter decorations we made in March.

The secretary read the list of 50 and 75-year members in our lodge. We invited them to our meeting on May 6.
Members wished John Kosobud a happy 96th birthday.

We made May baskets at our May meeting. Karen and Pam brought materials. Members plan to do something special for our vets at the June meeting.

We had cake for Jo Ann and Trudy’s birthdays.

Call 877-935-2467 to speak with a Western Fraternal Life Representative.