Western Fraternal Life :: Krasna Budoucnost No. 222

Krasna Budoucnost No. 222

Malin, OR

May 2019

We had a great thank-you luncheon for all members and social members at Mia and Pia’s Pizzeria and Brew House on May 12. Members had a short meeting after lunch.

Discussion was held about the jaternice dinner in February and the upcoming Malin 110th birthday celebration that Malin is having during the 4th of July weekend. Our jaternice dinner in February was good this year. We made patties out of the sausage instead of links. The buzz was that they enjoyed them more as patties instead of links.

February 2019

Members met February 10 and had an audit beforehand. Both members and social members came to our meeting.

Plans were made for the February 17 jaternice dinner. We made about 200 strudel for the meal and to sell. Ellen Russell, Wayne and Elena LaHoda, and Bob and Mary Kay Toffel met at the LaHoda’s house to see how the patties cooked on the grill.

Chase Unruh and Haily Wade washed dishes on Saturday and Sunday after they danced. The band, Take Four, performed. Beseda Dancers danced, there was a National Anthem, and flags carried out. We had our 50/50 drawing and door prizes. During happy hour, we put pork rinds on the tables made with leftovers from the jaternice. If a profit was made, we planned to buy the Malin Community Park Hall chairs again using Matching Funds from the Home Office.

The heritage dinner was held at the Waystation in Malin with success. It included Czechs, Hispanics, and Germans who reside in Malin. We honored our heritage with Czech bubble cake, pork roast, sauerkraut, Mexican enchiladas with rice, and German sausage with potatoes. Our lodge made ten bubble cakes.
The secretary read the 50 and 75-year member names and birthdays from our lodge.

On February 9, we had our regular meeting after the Audit Committee meeting. The Audit Committee went over the expenses and income for last year. After some number crunching, we came to an agreement on everything. Our treasurer presented it at the meeting.

We talked about our jaternice dinner on February 17 and strudel making on the 16th. This year, we changed our links to patties. The patties turned out nice.

The heritage dinner was nice to represent the heritage of Malin Czechs, Hispanics, and Germans. We made ten bubble cakes and a few of us dressed in our Czech costumes and sang Oh, Meadow-Polka for our part of the program. It was a fun day celebrating our heritage with others.

We will have our thank-you dinner at Mia and Pia’s Pizzeria and Brew House in March.

December 2018

December 9 was our annual Christmas party at the Malin Community Hall. We had a great turnout this year. Dinner was turkey and jaternice, along with sides that guests brought. Goodie bags were given out. This year, one lucky person received a gift certificate to Bigoni’s Pizza, congratulations Chase Unruh. We also played Bingo for a quarter a card and did a 50/50 winning pot.

Members had a short meeting before playing Bingo and elected the same officers as the year before: President David Victorine, Vice-President Ellen Russell, Secretary Julia Unruh, and Treasurer Karen Robison.

We discussed making a patty out of the jaternice instead of doing links. On December 18, members got together at President David’s house to make the patties and it seems to work. Instead of three links there will be six patties.

February will be our regular meeting, plus on the 15th we set up to make strudel. On February 16, we make the strudel and of course our dinner will be on February 17.

October 2018

On October 14, we had a regular meeting at Malin Community Hall. We talked about our Christmas dinner that was planned for December 9.

Ellen talked to us about the heritage dinner that the community of Malin puts on in January. We will sing High Lucha, Lucha, and the Chicken Dance. They also asked us to do a dessert again. Last year we made kolache, but this year we want to do something different like strudel or bubble cake. We will make them for the next meeting and try them out.

On November 11, we had our regular meeting at David Victorine’s house.

Members talked about helping our Park Board to hang up Christmas tree lights again this year. We are also gathering donations for the Camp Fire in Paradise, CA and take it in to the Car-A-Van that is going down from Klamath Falls. Julia will be dropping them off for us.

We choose our delegates for the National Convention next year.
Members tried different desserts for the heritage dinner and we chose the bubble cake.
Save the date for the January meeting at Community Park Hall and making of jaternice the weekend of the 25-26.

August 2018

On August 12, we had our meeting at Malin Community Park Hall. We talked about Malin’s birthday celebration next year. We will serve pork roast with jaternice at the celebration dinner.

Chase Unruh on our float at the 4th of July parade in Malin, OR.

On July 4, we won best of theme for the float we decorated. This was the second time in a row we’ve won and the prize is $100.
The September meeting will be at Community Park Hall.

July 2018

July 8 was our annual summer picnic in the Malin Community Park. We had a good turnout with about 30 members and social members enjoying hamburgers, hot dogs, and jaternice.

After eating, we had a short meeting about next year’s Malin 110th birthday bash. The committee isn’t sure if it will be held over the 4th of July weekend or another weekend in July. We do plan to have a dinner during this time. One guest suggested to have pork as well as the jaternice in case someone didn’t want the jaternice.

Our August meeting is at Community Park Hall. A donation of chairs was made to Malin Community Park Hall.

April 2018

Members met on April 9 at Malin Community Park Hall. President Dave Victorine, Secretary Julia Unruh, Treasurer Karen Robison, and District 6 Director Bonita Fillmore presented Malin Community Park Hall President Jennifer Hartman (and the rest of the board) with new folding chairs. We were able to get these chairs by using some of the money we made at our Jaternice Dinner and applying for the Community Matching Funds from the Home Office. They greatly appreciated the chairs since some of the ones in the building were falling apart.

We had a meeting on April 8 at Malin Community Park Hall. Members discussed Malin’s 110th birthday next year. Karen talked with organizer Kay Neumeyer to see if we could have a dinner next year during this time. She thought it was a good idea and we would sell around 150 tickets and have it at Malin Community Park Hall. Karen also suggested the San Francisco Sokol group would like to come up during Malin’s 110th birthday to perform.
We received a Community Matching Fund from the Home Office and the chairs were ordered for the community hall. There will be 32 chairs and a rack to put them on. We will stencil our lodge name on the back of the chairs. We are hoping that it will get other groups who use the hall to help replace the chairs.
No May meeting was planned due to Mother’s Day.

March 2018

We had our 58th jaternice dinner at the Tulelake/Butte Valley Fairgrounds in Tulelake, CA. The crowd was one of our lowest we’ve had in a long time. We made over 200 strudel on February 17, the day before the dinner.

On March 11, we had our thank-you dinner at Mia and Pia’s Pizzeria for people who helped make jaternice, strudel, and dinner. We had a short meeting to discuss what worked and what didn’t work for the dinner.

Next year will be Malin’s 110th birthday, we thought about doing another dinner at this time. We will make extra sausage in January for the dinner in July.

February 2018

Members met February 11 and discussed the jaternice dinner planned for February 18. We made a little less this year with the help of about 25 people.

We made apple strudels for the dinner on February 17.

March 11 was our thank-you luncheon and meeting.

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