Western Fraternal Life :: Ledec No. 192

Ledec No. 192

Alexandria, MN

February 2020

Members met at noon at Duane Kalina’s house in January. We made up the Calendar of Events for the coming year. Members discussed reroofing the lodge and agreed to get bids for the project. Lunch followed.

The YELL! group made valentine cards to go to recipients of Meals on Wheels.

Members met February 16. Bids are in for the roofing project and it is a go for early spring. 

Plans were made for the puzzle party in March. We will be hosting the District II Meeting on April 26.

We have six new members from January. Members addressed and stuffed envelopes with Calendar of Events to be sent to members.

November 2019

We held our Halloween party at the hall with 24 children and several adults present. The children enjoyed the games and everyone enjoyed the stew and apples with caramel dip.

On November 17, five YELL! members embellished and personalized 115 Christmas cards and envelopes. They will go to the Senior Center to be delivered with Meals on Wheels.

We had 26 members attend the Thanksgiving dinner. A potluck dinner was enjoyed by all. A meeting followed the meal. We reviewed our donations for the upcoming year. Our building fund has enough money for a new shingle job.

Jesse Kalina is our new president. The secretary and treasurer retained their positions.
Three of our members have been donating their time with the Red Cross at blood drives.

July 2019

Our picnic was held on July 14 at Maple Lake with over 30 in attendance. A big potluck meal was enjoyed. Members enjoyed being in the water on a hot day. A short meeting followed.

Donald and Bernice Trousil toured the Czech Republic with their two grandchildren.

Duane Kalina and Larry Kotval attended the National Convention.

We built and installed a Little Free Library in Lowry, MN.

On August 14, members made 60 lbs. of jitrnice for our annual Plow Days.

Our August meeting was held at the hall. We received a report on the National Convention. Final plans were made for Plow Days.

Rain the previous evening kept our tractor and plow units down to 13. We took a break at noon for a potluck dinner that 60 people enjoyed. Money earned from jitrnice sales went to the Minnesota Scholarship Fund.

May 2019

We had a meeting on April 14 and correspondence was shared.

Six members attended the District Meeting on April 28. We enjoyed a fabulous meal, followed by the meeting. All officers retained their positions for the coming year. Larry Kotval gave a report on the scholarship fund. We had two scholarship applicants approved.

Road ditch clean-up was held May 5 with ten members participating. A meeting was also held.

We had a report on the District Meeting. There was a minimum of business to conduct.

Tammy Smedstad turned in a box of canceled stamps. Macy Trousil was notified she received a Western National Scholarship. She also won the graduate drawing from the Home Office.

Please remember the annual picnic at east Maple Lake access on July 14. We will have a potluck noon meal with hotdogs provided.

March 2019

On March 16, we held a short meeting prior to our puzzle party. Pizza was served upon completion of the puzzles.

Our annual 50 and 75-year member dinner was held April 7. Although none of the celebrants could attend, we celebrated for them.

January 2019

The January meeting was held on the 13th at Kevin Klimek’s home. Correspondence was shared. 

Delegates to the National Convention will be selected at the February meeting. We voted to donate money toward food packaging at the National Convention. 

The Calendar of Events was finished for 2019.

Fifty and 75-year members will be honored with dinner in April.

YELL! group making Valentine’s Day cards.

The YELL! group made over 110 valentines to go to Meals on Wheels recipients.

YELL! group and senior center staff.

Grace Schmidt and Sidney Trousil are members of their high school award winning one act play.

November 2018

The Halloween party had about 25 youth and 25 adult participants. Among the games, the minnow races were the most popular. We finished off the evening with potluck stew.

Members were treated to a fabulous potluck meal for our holiday dinner. A meeting followed and information was shared about the National Convention. We reviewed our donations and voted to send checks to those on our list. Members were encouraged to donate their aluminum cans to the Alexandria High School band. 

All officers retained their positions.

We collected a large tote of food items and several monetary donations to give to the food shelf. We discussed renovating our front step and ramp next spring. 

August 2018

The annual picnic was held at Maple Lake public access. After the potluck dinner, we held our July meeting. Larry Kotval gave a report on the State Meeting.

The August meeting was held at the hall.

Our second annual Plow Days was held next to the hall with over 20 tractors and plows participating. About 70 plowers and spectators enjoyed a jiternice and bear sausage meal at the lodge hall.

The Halloween party will be held October 26.

May 2018

On May 6, members met at the Lake Mary Town Hall and did our roadside clean up. We held an outdoor meeting afterwards.

Birthday bags were filled with items for a birthday party. These were delivered to the Food Shelf.

Long-time member Margie Kalina passed away.

Several members helped the Forada Lions by putting together 50,000 food packages. We had six of our 50-year members in attendance to receive their pins and partake in a fantastic meal.

The Bohemian Cemetery made use of our hall for their annual meeting.

Our little free library was built and installed by three members. Our YELL! group volunteered to maintain and keep it in order.

March 2018

The February meeting was held at Dean Radil’s home. Plans were finalized for the puzzle party. 

The March meeting was held prior to the puzzle party. The 50-year member dinner was discussed. Our meeting was cut short because people were waiting to do puzzles. Everyone had a good time doing puzzles and eating pizza.

Three members are working on a little free library.

January - February 2018

We donated several items to Armful of Love that were given as Christmas presents.

Members met January 21 at Kevin Klimek’s home. Margie Kalina and Mayme Rajdl celebrated their 91st birthdays in February.

Six YELL! members, two friends, and three adults made 120 valentines that were included with Meals on Wheels deliveries.

Our puzzle and pizza party will be March 17. We will have a dinner for our 110th anniversary and honor our 50 and 75-year members on April 29.

Call 877-935-2467 to speak with a Western Fraternal Life Representative.