Western Fraternal Life :: Lincoln No. 426

Lincoln No. 426

Lincoln, NE

October 2019

On October 6, we enjoyed a dine out meeting at Pa Pa D’s in Firth, NE. The food was especially good, and we had a productive meeting.

On October 11, we participated in the annual Halloween celebration at St. Patrick’s School. Twelve members enjoyed a spookghetti supper, and we had two decorated car trunks. John Kirby’s trunk was a traditional theme of a jack-o-lantern, scare crow, spiders, etc., with lots of candy. Mike and Jessica Hosek did a football theme. Both cars had lots of candy furnished by the lodge.

On October 13, we sponsored six members of our YELL group at Paint Yourself Silly. Our younger group of YELL! members attended a Pumpkin Patch activity as well.

Please remember we have reserved the date of November 24 to go to Omaha and pack 2,160 meals for Kids Against Hunger. This is a rewarding experience, and if you would like to go, meet at the WOW Hall at 1 p.m. 

Our Christmas party is at the O Street Hy-Vee party room on December 1. RSVP to Sandy Hosek at 402-464-9648 or Velma at 402-489-9525. We will eat at 12:30 p.m. Please bring a donation for the City Mission of new items or slightly used items, such as caps, mittens, socks, scarves coats, etc. 

September 2019

Delegates who attended the National Convention thank our lodge for electing them and paying the registration fee. Rich Hosek reported the Convention was really impressive. He shared some meaningful and fun times. Our group reported said it was great to see people from other lodges.

Member Zach Hosek, a freshman at the University Of Nebraska, is in the Marching Band. We are proud of him as it is quite an accomplishment to do that as a freshman.  

We honored our 50 and 75-year members with a free duck/pork Czech dinner on August 25 at the Kolache Korner in Prague, NE. We had 25 members attend, and it was great to see Dean and Rose Mason who came from Carson, IA. Other honored members attending were Betty and Joe Jisa and Betty and John Sedlak.

On September 8, we held a regular meeting at the WOW Hall and we enjoyed a carry-in dinner. A meeting was held after dinner. After the meeting, door prizes were given to four members.

On September 15, members attended dinner at St. John’s Church in Weston, NE. It was a wonderful time. We had 18 members attend. After dinner, we enjoyed the Polka music. 

Please call Velma Kotas if you want to attend an outing but cannot because of transportation, we will try our best to help you with a ride.

June 2019

Our lodge membership is keeping busy with family activities and helping our community. Some members distributed flags on veteran’s graves at the Calvary Cemetery on May 25. There are approximately 700 veteran’s graves at the cemetery and we assist with other organizations in distributing the flags. We also pick them up, which was done May 28. This was the 75th anniversary of D-Day. Thanks to all veterans, your contribution keeps our country free.

On June 1, Denise Spale, Rich, Mike, and Jennifer Hosek motored to Morse Bluff to attend the Nebraska State Meeting. They reported a productive meeting and also said the food was outstanding. We know these meetings are a big job and our delegation appreciated all Plzen No. 9 did in making the day wonderful.

On June 2, 21 members and 3 guests enjoyed a picnic at Holmes Lake Park. We furnished chicken and beans, and members contributed side dishes and desserts. Mike and Jessica Hosek were in charge of the picnic and they did a great job. 

We always have a pork/duck dinner to honor the 50, 75-year, and new members of our lodge in July. The National Convention is in July, along with other festivals, therefore the officers decided August would be a better month to celebrate pin recipients and new members.

We look forward to seeing you at the National Convention or maybe the Czech Festival in Wilber, NE.

May 2019

Some of our membership visited Betty Soukup to honor her for her 90th birthday (see Spotlight for photo). Those attending were Donna Aschwege, Joann Vilda, John Kirby, Velma Kotas, and Dale and Erma Ruhl. Betty was a very active member of our lodge.

We sponsored a bus trip to Horse Shoe Casino in Council Bluffs, IA on April 25. This was attended by six members; however, those six furnished eight guests. Our chairperson for the casino trip was Sandy Hosek.

On May 5, the Pla Mor Ball Room had Lincoln’s 50th Czech Festival, which we sponsored. Membership contributed baking and working at the food booth. We also had a bicycle drawing that was won by Conner Kohout. 

We look forward to our picnic in June and our pork duck dinner this summer.

April 2019

On March 16, eighteen members enjoyed a Saint Patrick’s Festival at St. Patrick’s Church. We enjoyed Irish food and lots of it. There were many things for children to do. Bingo and cards for adults, and even a cake walk. Many members worked at this event, other members were there to support them and have fun. 

Members worked at the St. Patrick’s Irish Festival on March 16.

District 3 held a District Meeting on March 24 at the care center in Wilber. This was hosted by Praha Libuse No. 54. Rich, Sandy and Mike Hosek, Denise Spale, and Joann Vilda attended.

On April 14, we held a dine out meeting at the Olive Garden. Mike and Jessica Hosek were chairpersons, they did a great job as we had 21 members in attendance. 

We welcomed two new members, Julie Young and Bentley Blackburn to our lodge.

An invitation to the State Meeting was sent to us from No. 9 for June 1.

We do not have a meeting in May. We do plan to distribute flags on veteran’s graves at Calvary Cemetery on May 25 and pick them up on May 28. If the dates change we’ll be calling you.

A shelter has been reserved at the Holmes Lake Park for our lodge picnic on June 2. We will eat at noon, the meat and baked beans will be furnished. Food, games, and fun will be enjoyed by all.

March 2019

The American Martyrs School observed a Heritage Day on January 24, with the help of Sage Beck and her great grandmother Joann Vilda. Sage made and presented a poster to identify the location of the Czech Republic. She also shared pictures of herself and sister wearing Czech kroje. Before this special day, Joann, two other adults, and five children made kolache at the Vilda home. The thirty one children, teachers, and guests enjoyed the Czech pastry very much. Sage also is the great granddaughter of the late Larry Vilda (former Nebraska Director).

Velma Kotas wonders if members would enjoy having a traditional pen pal. If interested, please let Velma know. 
On February 22, seven of our members volunteered at the Lincoln Food Bank Warehouse. We worked from 9 a.m. until noon. The warehouse provides food for seventeen counties in Nebraska. Our first job was to sort through personal hygiene items to box and seal them. Next, we sorted through food items to check expiration. Some of our lodge members wore the Western shirts.

On March 3, we had our breakfast meeting. The officers and several YELL! members prepared a breakfast of pancakes, bacon, scrambled eggs, and juice. The food was furnished by the lodge. Jessica and Mike Hosek did a wonderful job with the YELL! group preparing and serving the food. Our regular meeting was conducted after the meal.

A St. Patrick’s Day festival was held at Saint Patrick’s Church on March 16 and was well attended. Seven of our members worked at the festival and many of our members attended it. It was a wonderful day with good food and entertainment. Always good to see our members supporting each other by attending this festival.

Our Join Hands Day will be May 4 at Mahoney Manor. Rich Hosek is our chairperson. The Lincoln Czech Festival is May 5 at the Pla-Mor Ball Room and we will have a bicycle drawing and scholarship presentation.

So many people tell me they enjoy the lodge articles in the Fraternal Herald. I want to thank everyone who appreciates our lodge articles and efforts. We always appreciate your ideas.  

February 2019

Members and a guest enjoyed a soup dinner on February 3. Members brought dessert, salad, and bread and the lodge furnished the soup. The soup was made by John Kirby, Mike Hosek, and Denise Spale. It was especially nice to see Clayton and Tracy Saathoff. They are faithful members, but snow has kept them away. We also enjoyed our guest, Donna Aschwege’s daughter.

Rich Hosek installed our officers for the 2019 calendar year. We elected our delegates for the National Convention. Zachary Hosek was elected our youth delegate. We are proud of him and thank the Home Office for doing special things for the youth, they add so much to our communities and lodges.

Members and three of our YELL! group youth gathered at John and Velma’s home on February 9 to make favors for Sumner Place, a home for the elderly and disabled. The favors were made from used pill bottles. Thanks to our members for being fun and positive while making the favors. They were delivered on February 14. The administration and staff at Sumner were appreciative, they stated people used to bring items in, but don't any more.

If you are a member of our lodge and interested in our scholarship, please contact Lori Vasa at 402-440-0228, Donna Aschwege at 402-421-0803, or Joann Vilda at 402-890-6702. They will be happy to assist you with questions or an application. The scholarship is awarded at the Lincoln Czech Festival, which will be May 5 at the Pla-Mor Ball Room. 

Please note this change on the Calendar of Events that the April 7 date has changed to April 14. This is a dine-out meeting and will be held at the Olive Garden at 12:30 p.m. Please note change of date and place.

If you did not receive a Calendar of Events or have questions, please call Velma at 402-489-9525.

January 2019

We were happy to receive a letter from the Home Office that No. 3 has merged with us and we have new members. We are excited to meet you and hope you can attend some meetings and activities.

If you need anything, please call Velma Kotas at 402-289-9525, because we would like to help you.

Joann Vilda, Lois Rood, Denise Spale, Mike Hosek, Sandy Hosek, John Kirby, and Velma Kotas held a planning meeting at the Kotas/Kirby home on January 7. We made a Calendar of Events for 2019; however, it is subject to change throughout the year. We will try to keep our membership informed of any changes. If you did not receive a 2019 Calendar of Events, contact Velma at 402-489-9525.

Please change the April 7 date on your Calendar of Events to April 14. If you would like to do an activity or contribute an idea please call us.

Our lodge had a carry-in dinner and a regular meeting on January 13. 

We will award a scholarship at the Lincoln Czech Festival on May 5. Our Scholarship Committee is Lori Vasa (402-440-0228), Donna Aschwege (402-421-0803), and Joann Vilda (402-890-6702). We encourage our members to apply. Contact Lori, Donna, or Joann for the application. The application must be to them by March 15. 
Our March 3 meeting is a breakfast meeting at 11:30 a.m. The officers and YELL! group will be serving breakfast. After breakfast we will start the meeting.

December 2018

On November 18, ten members and three YELL! members met at the WOW Hall to participate in the Omaha Kids Against Hunger. We had enough members to form two assembly lines to pack the food. In approximately 45 minutes, we packed 2,160 meals. We wore our Western t-shirts. There was a picture of our group from 2017 with our t-shirts hanging on the wall at Kids Against Hunger. This was a rewarding experience. Thank you lodge members.

Also on November 18, President Denise Spale called a meeting to order. We discussed our Christmas party, which needed candy sacks for children, door prizes, and contacting members who have not attended meetings. Sandy Hosek and Velma Kotas volunteered to take this on. The next item was Christmas caroling for our shut-ins. Denise Spale and Lori Vasa volunteered to work on this.

On December 2, we held our Christmas party at the O Street Hy-Vee party room. It was attended by 31 people. We thank members for being generous to the City Mission, they brought 1 robe, 1 jacket, 22 pairs of gloves, 22 stocking caps, 12 scarves, 3 pairs of socks, 1 ear muff, 1 head band, 1 doll, and $20 donation; all were new items.

After our meal, Lois Rood and a new sales person for Western gave an entertaining presentation of Western products.

We had a nice surprise as Lori Vasa and Mike Hosek worked with our YELL! group and sang a Czech Christmas carol. The older YELL! membership have beautiful voices and little ones were just adorable. Thanks to all who were involved in that presentation.

After the Christmas party, Denise Spale called to order a short meeting. This included a thank you to our members for a good year. She also announced that we would do Christmas caroling at three places as we have members living in those places. Eight adult members, five YELL! members, and one guest attended the caroling.

On December 5, six of our members organized with the Salvation Army to ring the bell for donations. We did this at Russ’s Grocery on 33rd and Highway 2. 

Our officers thank the membership because you are a joy, always nice to be around, and always willing to work. So come to meetings and bring your fun ideas, compliments, and complaints because it is through you that we become a better fraternal organization.

November 2018

Members had a busy month in October. Seven of our YELL! group and seven adult members went bowling and enjoyed a pizza dinner at Champions. This event was chaired by Mike Hosek. Our YELL! group enjoyed spending the money they earned at the May Czech Festival selling the palacinka. Our lodge provided the pizza. 

On November 4, we held an important meeting. The Czech heritage was honored with a Czech meal. Rich and Mike Hosek purchased jaternice and members brought covered dishes honoring the Czech heritage. After we enjoyed food, we elected officers for the 2019 year, talked about the National Convention, and decided where donations would be made. After the meeting, members took left overs to some shut-ins.

On November 9, members helped put flags on veteran’s graves at Calvary Cemetery. There are approximately 700 veterans buried there. There was a service before we put the flags out, with a firing squad and Taps played. It reminds us there were sacrifices made for our freedom. 

October 2018

Our faithful member, Mary Ann Havlovic, celebrated her 90th birthday on September 30. Her friends sponsored a dance at the Starlite Ball Room in Wahoo, NE. Nine members went to the Starlite Ball Room to celebrate with Mary Ann. Mary Ann has been a contributing member of our lodge for many years. Congratulations Mary Ann and God bless you.

On October 7, we had a dine-out meeting at PA-PA D’s. Besides enjoying each other’s company, we decided on some dates for events. 

On November 18, we will go to Omaha and prepare bags of food for Kids Against Hunger. If you would like to participate but need a ride, call Velma at 402-489-9525.

In 2019, we could sponsor a Kids Against Hunger in Lincoln. This would involve approximately fifty people. It is costly as each organization would have to pay some money. If you know organizations that would be interested, let us know. Thanks to the Home Office for introducing us to this, as it has been beneficial for our lodge.

On October 12, thirteen members and one guest participated at the St. Peter’s Church Trunk-or-Treat. After we enjoyed our Spookghetti meal, six YELL! members helped the children go through the treat line. Some also helped them go through the haunted house. We had two cars decorated, one car was a pumpkin and the other was in Nebraska football theme.

Our Christmas party will be at the Hy-Vee party room located at 5010 O Street on December 2. There is always a very nice meal and people, so call Sandy Hosek at 402-464-9648 or Velma at 402-489-9525 for reservations.

After our Christmas party, Denise Spale is scheduling places for us to do some Christmas caroling. If you know a shut-in or an aged person who needs a merry Christmas, let us know so we can visit with them.

Velma is checking with nursing homes, etc. to see if we can help in any way to make Christmas better for residents.

August 2018

We thank Milligan No. 76 for the State Meeting they hosted on August 25, 2018. Rich and Sandy Hosek, Dale and Erma Ruhl, Donna Aschwege, Mike Hosek, JoAnn Vilda, John Kirby, and Velma Kotas attended. It was a productive meeting, and was nice to see President Craig Van Dyke at the meeting. The National Convention seemed to be an item of interest for everyone.

Members held a meeting on September 9 at the WOW Hall. Sixteen members enjoyed fried chicken furnished by our lodge, covered dishes were brought in to complete the meal. It was great to see Jim and Carol Budka at this meeting.

Mabel Svoboda passed away in July. Mabel was an active member and served on our kitchen committee with Lori Vasa. Rich and Sandy Hosek volunteered to take over these duties with Lori. Mabel was also in charge of collecting and delivering the items of soap, shampoo, deodorants, and etc. to the Friendship House. Velma Kotas volunteered to complete these duties.

A member is at New Haven in Wahoo, NE recovering from some health issues. Donna Aschwege volunteered to do collections while this person is recovering. Donna’s phone number is 402-421-0803 if you have items to donate.

Our lodge is planning to do a Trunk-or-Treat for Halloween at St. Patrick’s church. We did it last year and had two cars and lots of candy. We also attend the Spookgetti dinner, if you are interested or want to contribute call Mike Hosek at 402-570-9294 or Velma at 402-489-9525.

Mike Hosek chairs our YELL! group and will be taking the group for pizza and bowling in the near future. If you have people that would like to attend, please give Mike a call. The YELL! group will be spending the money they earned selling Palachinka at the May festival.

Velma is researching Kids Against Hunger again this year. Our membership indicated they would like to do it in Lincoln. Perhaps we could do it with other organizations. If you have information in reference to this, call Velma.
We will place flags on veteran’s graves at Calvary Cemetery for Veteran's Day on November 9. If you are interested, please contact Mike Hosek.

Please attend our meeting at noon on November 4 at the WOW Hall (7031 Webster St.). We are furnishing jiternice and other meat will be served. This is an important meeting where we will have an election of officers for 2019 and complete the donations our lodge makes for 2018. 

July 2018

Members kept busy this summer, even though we did not have formal meetings. Fifteen members attended the pork/duck dinner at the Kolache Korner in Prague, NE on July 22. We honored our 50 and 75-year members, and guests, by giving them a free meal. All other members paid $5. Please know we appreciate and care about you. President Denise Spale presented a 50-year pin to Dan Benes. Dan and Dorothy contribute a lot to our lodge as they are always willing to help.

Denise Spale passed around the quarterly magazine, which is published by the Lincoln Housing Authority. It had an article and pictures of our members, and others, working at Mahoney Manor for Join Hands Day. The article stated that No. 426 has planted, weeded, and contributed to the garden for eighteen years.

On July 29, 17 members met and attended a dinner at the Catholic Church in Dwight. At this dinner, YELL! group leader Mike Hosek, Ken Dolezal, and Velma Kotas discussed youth organizations contributing to activities for the betterment of our community.

We need to work hard to get our points and to be helpful to others. Come to our meetings, your attendance and ideas are appreciated more than you know.

Our October 7 meeting is a dine-out at Firth. Denise Spale is the chair person. If you need a ride please call Velma at 402-489-9525.

May 2018

Our lodge does not have regular meetings in the summer, though we try to do more activities. We also try to have some fun with our membership. If you have an idea or if we need to participate in an activity, please call Velma Kotas at 402-489-9525.

On May 27, some members and YELL! members gathered at the Calvary Cemetery and put flags on veteran’s graves to honor them for Memorial Day. Thank you Mike and Jenny Hosek for organizing the Memorial Flag Day.
On June 3, we enjoyed a picnic dinner at Mahoney Park attended by twenty people. We furnished chicken and baked beans and members brought in covered dishes; we do have some very good cooks. Members enjoyed the meal, visiting, and Bingo. Our youth played ball on the playground.

On July 29, the Dwight Festival will be observed. We will go as a group and enjoy the Czech dinner at the church. We hope to have good attendance, so if you need a ride call Velma at 402-489-9525.

April 2018

On April 15, we enjoyed a dine-out meeting at Legends in Clatonia, NE. We enjoyed a wonderful buffet and company. After a short meeting, members motored to Heckman Auditorium at Doane College in Crete for a Czech concert.

May 6 was Lincoln Czech Days at the Pla-Mor. Our membership contributes so much to the success of this day. We do a bicycle and helmet drawing, which was won by Collin Kohout of Wilber. Thanks to the Home Office for the contribution to the bike drawing.

We also awarded a scholarship to Jennifer Hosek, daughter of Michael and Jessica Hosek and granddaughter of Rich and Sandy Hosek. The Hosek family has contributed to the betterment of our lodge for many years. The award was presented by Dorothy Benes from our lodge’s scholarship committee. Jennifer attends the Wesleyan University.

March 2018

Our dine-out meeting on April 15 is going to be at Legends in Claytonia, NE. We will eat at 12:30 p.m. We also plan to attend the Czech concert at Doane University at 3 p.m.

May 5 we will be meeting at Mahoney Manor for Join Hands Day at 9 a.m. On May 6, we will be volunteering at the Lincoln Czech Festival and giving a bike away.

February 2018

Members held a monthly meeting at the WOW Hall February 4. Mike and Jessica Hosek, Denise Spale, and John Kirby made soups for us to enjoy. Our membership furnished covered dishes to compliment the soups. Lori Vasa visited and took soup to some shut-in members.

Past President Rich Hosek installed the following officers to serve in 2018: President Denise Spale, Vice President Jennifer Hosek, Secretary/Correspondent Velma Kotas, and Treasurer Michael Hosek.

Sympathy cards were mailed to Donna Aschwege for the loss of her niece and Ray Pallas who lost his brother Richard Pallas. A memorial donation was given to honor Richard Pallas.

We received thank-you letters from the Disabled American Veterans and the food bank for the monetary donation we gave.

Betty Soukup brought a receipt for a pound of pop tabs we collected for the Ronald McDonald House. Thank you for your efforts and accomplishments as we help our community.

Sandy Hosek reported on our March Casino trip and provided a sign-up sheet for those planning to attend.
Our dine-out meeting on April 11 is going to be at Legends in Claytonia, NE. We will eat at 12:30 p.m. If you need a ride call Velma at 402-489-9525. Drivers will meet at the WOW Hall and we’ll make sure you have a ride. 

January 2018

Officers met at the Kotas/Kirby home on January 10 to work on the betterment of the lodge for our members and the community. We prepared a Calendar of Events for our membership.

Members also met on January 14 at the WOW Hall.

On February 4, we had a soup dinner made by Denise Spale, Mike Hosek, and John Kirby.

On March 4, we will have a breakfast meeting at 11:30 a.m. with officers preparing breakfast for the membership. The YELL! group will also help prepare and serve. 

We are renting a bus to take us to a casino in March. Sandy Hosek is the chair person for this event. Invite your friends, neighbors, and relatives. If you are interested in attending, contact Sandy at 402-464-9648.

Our lodge awards a scholarship to a deserving student who is a member. If you are attending college and could qualify for our scholarship, please contact Dorothy Benes at 402-435-8912, Lori Vasa at 402-440-0228, or Donna Aschwege 402-421-0803. This scholarship will be awarded at the Lincoln Czech Festival in May of 2018.

Denise Spale introduced us to a community project of collecting plastic grocery bags to cut into strips and tie together to make a ball. Then the strips will be crochet into a mat for homeless people. Denise demonstrated at the February meeting.

Call 877-935-2467 to speak with a Western Fraternal Life Representative.