Western Fraternal Life :: Lipany No. 56

Lipany No. 56

Lynch, NE

March 2019

After postponing the February meeting twice because of weather, members gathered at the Lynch Community Hall for a meeting on March 11.

Cruise night was discussed and we will host it on June 13 with KBRX broadcasting in connection with Lynch alumni weekend.

Plans were discussed for the annual Women’s Tea to be held in the fall with date TBD.

Correspondence from the Home Office was read and the 2019 password was given.

Paul was elected delegate and Denise alternate for the National Convention.

We voted to donate prizes to the Jolly 17 4-H Club for the Easter egg hunt.

Members met in the basement of the Christ Lutheran Church on Sunday evening.

A congratulations letter was received from the Home Office for the lodge receiving the level 4-Star achievement award for 2018.

An invitation was received for the State Meeting to be held in Morse Bluff on June 1. Joe and Judy Micanek were elected delegates and Paul and Denise Fisher are the alternates.

Discussion was held on the recent flood that caused a great deal of damage to the ZCBJ Cemetery. Most of the stones were knocked over, as well as the flag pole and the chain link fence destroyed. Trudy will check into applying for a flood disaster relief grant.

Tyler, Paul, Trudy, and April were all honored for having birthdays in April.

Martha extended an invitation for a graduation party on May 4, at the shop for Hollyn.

Our next meeting will be on May 21, starting with mowing and clean-up at the cemetery, then the meeting to follow.

January 2019

Members held the first meeting of the year at 5 p.m. on January 20 at the Lynch Community Hall’s meeting room.

President Paul called the meeting to order, Trudy read the minutes of the last meeting, and Martha gave the treasurer’s report. President Paul appointed three members to go over and approve the financial report. 
Volunteer sheets were passed around to be filled out. A sympathy card was sent to Marita Placek on the death of her husband, Willard.

A suggestion was made for a community project to be held in June during alumni weekend. Everyone was to bring ideas to the meeting on February 17 at the Lynch Community Hall, hosted by Francis and Janie.
It was voted to retain the same officers for the coming year.   

Paul and Denise served sandwiches and soup for lunch.

October 2018

Members visited Boyd County School-Lynch on Veteran’s Day and gave them flags and Western pencils.

September 2018

Members gathered at the ZCBJ Cemetery on August 21 at 7 p.m. to mow. We then retired to the Lynch Community Hall for our August meeting hosted by Trudy Nelson.

The lodge activity sheet was passed around for members to fill out. Samples of three different styles of shirts were presented for member’s inspection. Several changes and suggestions were made and were presented at the next meeting.

Trudy served lunch after adjournment. 

The date for October Fest was set for October 6, with a starting time of 3 p.m.

Trudy sent invitations to district lodges and agent Rob Firchow. She also gave a report on the items our lodge donated to preschool through 4th grade classes at the Boyd County Learning Center.

On September 17, we had a meeting after mowing the cemetery at 6:30 p.m.

August 2018

Members donated school supplies to Boyd County Learning Center, Lynch, NE, for the preschool through 4th grade.

Member Benjamin “Willie” Nelson, 10-years-old, recently participated in the Cornhusker State Games at Lincoln, NE. Willie brought home a 3rd place medal in the 400 meter and received 4th place in the 800 meter runs. Congratulations Willie.

July 2018

Members held a monthly meeting on July 16 after mowing the ZCBJ Cemetery at the Lynch Community Hall hosted by Martha Nelson. A get-well card was signed for Willard Placek.

Reports were given on the Swimming Pool Repair Fundraiser event and the bicycle giveaway. The hamburger/hotdog and kettle corn stands were a huge success for the fundraiser. We received $500 in matchings funds from the Home Office.

Discussion was held on lodge members purchasing new shirts, Paul will get some designs to look at and bring to our next meeting.

A tentative date of October 6 was set for October Fest.

Joe and Judy Micanek are delegates for the State Meeting to be held in Milligan. Francis and Janie Fisher will be alternate delegates.

We will purchase school supplies for the pre-school and grade school classes at the Lynch Boyd County Center.
Congratulations was given to Benjamin (Willie) Nelson at earning an Honorable Mention for the drawing he entered in the Western Youth Art Contest.

Our next meeting is August 21 and we will mow the ZCBJ Cemetery at 7 p.m. with the meeting to follow at the Lynch Community Hall.

June 2018

Members gathered at the ZCBJ Cemetery on May 21 to mow and clean-up before Memorial Day weekend. Once the job was done, we retired to the Lynch Community Hall for the May meeting. Memorial flowers will be put on all graves that have no decorations for the Memorial Day weekend.

We gave away a bike during Lynch’s June Fest after the parade on June 17. We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and made kettle corn at the parade. This was a Matching Funds project from the Home Office to go towards repairs for the Lynch swimming pool. We also had a float in the parade.

Cruise night was tabled until next year to give us more time to prepare and get the word out for advertising.
Members joined with the Lynch Alumni to repaint the Eagle on Lynch’s main street on June 14.

Members met on June 11 to mow the cemetery before alumni weekend.

Our next meeting was tentatively set for July 16, to be held at the home of Martha and Jock Nelson.

Afterward, lunch was served by Janelle, Mauri, and Joe Micanek.

May 2018

Members hosted a ladies tea on April 7 at the Lynch Community Hall honoring the grandmothers of those present. Many brought and showed items that either came from or were memories of their grandmothers. Lots of stories and memories were also shared.

A lovely lunch was served and enjoyed by all.

Members met at the Lynch Community Club on April 23.

There were 48 children present for the Easter egg hunt sponsored by us and the Jolly 17 4-H Club. Thanks to the many adults and the children who helped with the hunt.

Discussion was held on having or helping host a project during alumni weekend, possibly a cruise night and/or selling kettle corn at summer activities taking place. Paul will check on cruise night. 

We plan to participate in the bike giveaway over alumni weekend. Francis and Janie will check on purchasing bikes.

A delicious lunch was served by Joe. R. and Judy Micanek.

We mowed the ZCBJ Cemetery on May 22. Mauri, Janelle, and Joe Micanek hosted the meeting following cemetery clean-up.

March - April 2018

Members gathered in the meeting room at Lynch Community Hall on March 12. The meeting was hosted by Francis and Janie Fisher.

Discussion was held on the awards program and upcoming changes that will take place in the future. 
Join Hands Day was discussed and tabled for the next meeting.

We donated money to the Jolly 17 4-H Club for the Easter egg hunt held on March 31 in Lynch.
After adjournment, Janie served a delicious lunch. 

The women’s tea was April 7 at the Lynch Community Hall with the theme, Remembering Grandma. Trudy made signs and Janie distributed them advertising the Women’s Tea.

The District 5 Meeting was held at the ZCBJ Hall in Verdigre on April 8 with a potluck dinner.

February 2018

Members met at the Lynch Community Hall on February 19, hosted by Bud and April Micanek.

The date for the Women’s Tea was set for April 7 at the Lynch Community Hall.

We will discuss the free-will chicken supper to raise money for the Lucas machine at a later date.

Secretary Trudy has completed and mailed out the forms to the Home Office.

President Paul appointed Colby Micanek, Janie Fisher, and Mauri Micanek to the Financial Audit Committee to examine the treasurer’s report before sending it to the Home Office. 

We have a new member, Reid Pinkall. We will send a welcome letter to Reid and his parents.

Members will donate prizes to the Jolly 17 4-H Club for the Easter egg hunt.

An invitation to the District 5 Meeting was received from No. 5 to be held in Verdigre on April 8.

A meeting was held March 12 at the Lynch Community Hall hosted by Francis and Janie Fisher.

January 2018

Members met at the Lynch Community Hall on January 21. A thank-you note was read from Dana Dea for the Harvest Meal. 

Trudy reported on the 2017 activity reports that were sent in and where she felt we would fall into the awards category.

The election of officers was started with nominations for president. No nominations were made, so all officers will remain for 2018.

Discussion was held and tabled for hosting a Women’s Tea.

Call 877-935-2467 to speak with a Western Fraternal Life Representative.