Western Fraternal Life :: Milligan No. 76

Milligan No. 76

Milligan, NE

September 2019

On May 11, the Auditorium had a double graduation reception party and this summer we had two wedding receptions for which we staffed the bar.

On July 28, the Underground was a stop for about 100 ATVs, UTVs, and various other miscellaneous vehicles on a cross country tour for an event sponsored by a local brewery. We staffed the event.

On August 14, members cleaned out the janitor closet upstairs and organized the area behind the stage. This involved getting rid of at least 20 bent and broken folding chairs.

Our annual picnic in the park and free drawing for two bikes was held on August 18. Over 50 kids, parents, and grandparents enjoyed hot dogs, baked beans, chips, and watermelon. Members put on the event and cleaned up afterward.

On August 27, we set up chairs for a large funeral.

We provided free popcorn, hot dogs, and pop for the last cruise night of the year on September 26.

We will again be partnering with the Milligan Community Club on their pre-Christmas 12 Days of Snoopy or Taz in December. Winners will be announced at the Underground. Changes are being made so that it will appeal more to people from other towns.

May 2019

On April 13, we staffed the bar at the Auditorium for a large wedding reception.

On May 4, we participated in Join Hands Day, which will be featured in the July Fraternal Herald.

March 2019

On March 11, we gathered a crew to help set the Auditorium up for a group organizing a wind generation effort. Immediately afterward we held our annual Auditorium Corp meeting.

On March 13, members gathered in the Underground to make 800 dumplings for our Beers of Nebraska event scheduled for March 30.

Over 100 people attended our St. Patrick’s Day party and the kickoff for our NCAA Bracket Challenge on March 17. We were able to make a nice donation to our window fund from the event.

The annual Exeter Feeders and Breeders banquet was held in the Auditorium on March 23. We set up and ran the bar. Roughly 300 were in attendance for the banquet and concert.

Our 13th Annual Beers of Nebraska was another success with about 250 attendees sampling beers and enjoy our roast hog, dumplings, and kraut meal. Music was provided by the Milligan Czech Brass Band and the Chelewski Boys. We get rave reviews for the food and the entire event every year, with many saying it’s their most anticipated event every year. It is a lot of work. Members help set-up, tear down, sell tickets, set-up the brewery booths, and prepare/carry food. We also get help from community members and Scott Oliva’s two sons and their friends. Without the help from these young people, setting up brewery booths and carrying food up and down, we wouldn't be able to pull this one off.

January 2019

On September 15, we had a fundraiser at the auditorium for high school students who are raising money for a Nebraska Ambassadors of Music trip. We had six members volunteer to staff the bar that day.

On November 3, we hosted the annual Holiday Extravaganza at the Auditorium. On November 11, the auditorium was furnished free of charge for the local Legion for Veteran’s Day services. On November 17, the annual Farmers and Merchants Bank appreciation party took place.

On December 16, we announced the winners of the Milligan Community Club’s Christmas lighting and Taz/Snoopy contests. We also held an event called Tuba Christmas as a fundraiser for new Auditorium windows. The Taz/Snoopy contest was 12 nights when participants looked for a Snoopy or Taz lighted, plastic figure hidden in various locations of town. The Tuba Christmas consisted of a group of local and regional brass instrumentalists playing Christmas music. It was extremely well attended by about 60 people. We sold hamburgers at the auditorium during the event. Members worked the bar/kitchen and played in the band.

We had a funeral at the auditorium on New Year’s Eve day with the help of members. Many tips were placed in the fund for windows.

The Underground basketball bracket challenge is planned for March 17 when NCAA participants are announced, with a second on March 24. On March 23, we staff the bar for the annual Exeter Feeders and Breeders banquet. March 30 is our annual microbrew festival known as Beers of Nebraska. On April 6, is the Exeter Milligan prom. A wedding reception is scheduled for April 13, May 11 is a graduation party, and May 18 is a wedding reception.

August 2018

We had a sanctioned rib contest on August 11 in Centennial Garden to raise money for the auditorium windows. Five of the eleven contestants were at the time, the top five ranked teams in the Midwest BBQ Association.

Contestants came from all over Nebraska. Wade Sluka organized the event. Volunteers were John Zelenka, David Zeleny, Scott Oliva and his wife Rose, Leonard Sluka, and Tom Sluka. Community member Darin Jansky pitched in as well. The Milligan Czech Brass Band supplied music.

On August 18, we had a wedding reception in Centennial Garden and ran the bar.

On August 25, we hosted the State Meeting in the banquet room at the back of Charlie’s Pub. We had 57 in attendance, including President Craig Van Dyke.

On August 26, we had our annual community picnic in the park with a bike drawing. About 50 attendees enjoyed grilled hotdogs, beans, chips, and watermelon. Bike winners were Savana Krupicka and Piper Grummons.

We opened the Underground on August 26 for the 1st annual UTV road rally organized by a local brewery.

May 2018

There was a wedding reception on May 19 at the Auditorium. Members Mike and Deb Kassik, Dave Zeleny, and Scott and wife Rose Oliva joined community member Will Jansky at staffing the bar for the event.

On May 28, the alumni gathering was held in Centennial Garden. The bar was staffed by members John Zelenka and Scott and Rose Oliva. Members Wade Sluka, Tom Oliva, and community member Brian Steinacher prepared food. That same weekend, the Auditorium was made available, free of charge, to the American Legion for Memorial Day services.

The June Jubilee was June 8 through 10.

A fundraiser for Auditorium windows will be August 11.

We will send out invitations to the State Meeting we are hosting on August 25.

April 2018

The annual Exeter Feeders and Breeders banquet was in the auditorium on March 24. Staffing the bar were members John Zelenka and his wife Traci, David Zeleny, Wade Sluka, Scott and his wife Rose, and Darrell Kotas.
The Exeter-Milligan School prom was April 7 at the auditorium.

Members made 877 dumplings on April 3 in the Underground auditorium. They were made for the Beers of Nebraska on April 14; however, the event was postponed to April 21. We got the word out to sell the dumplings that day in the Underground. All dumplings were sold.

The Beers of Nebraska was a success. Music was furnished by the Milligan Czech Brass Band and Chelewski Boys. We had a near full house with 250 in attendance.

It takes a lot of good help to put this on, from making dumplings, cooking, cutting up the hog, setting up, taking down tables, and running the event itself; especially carrying all the food upstairs. Thanks to volunteers John Zelenka, David Zeleny, Mike and Deb Kassik, Leonard Sluka, Wade Sluka, Scott and Rose Oliva, Tom Oliva, Travis Oliva, Richard Kassik, and Lorene Buzek. Thanks also too many non-member volunteers.

The auditorium was the site of a high school graduation party for two graduates.

Our fundraiser for windows is August 11 at the auditorium.

February 2018

On January 28, we had our 13th Annual Chilympiad at the Underground. We had 13 plain and 4 insane entries. Winner of the insane division was Will Jansky. First in the plain was J.J. Betka, second Blair Pribyl, and third Meghan Betka. There were over 70 tasters in attendance. We appreciate all the work Traci Zelenka and her family and friends put into this event. Helping Traci were Doug and Judy Turek, Bev Filip, Charlie and Evelyn Krupicka, Randy and Theresa Krupicka, Tracy Kresak, Kendra and Kate Jansky, and Trevor Zelenka. Running the bar were John Zelenka and Scott Oliva.

On February 25, Wade Sluka organized a fat penny tournament at the Underground. Several young people took advantage of an indoor activity that is normally held outside.

Our 12th Annual Beers of Nebraska was held April 14 with five local craft brewers, and two that haven’t been here before. A group made dumplings for the event.

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