Western Fraternal Life :: Milwaukee No. 48

Milwaukee No. 48

Milwaukee, WI

October 2018

On October 16, a meeting was held at the Spring Garden Restaurant. Members hosted a Halloween party for Sokol gymnasts, baked with Sokols on October 27 for the Holiday Folk Fare, and volunteered at the Oklahoma Unity Lutheran Church soup kitchen.

Secretary Susan Chapman discussed where we stand with the points for the end of the year. 
Our Christmas party was December 11 at Meyer’s Family Restaurant.

September 2018

The September 18 meeting was at the Spring Gardens Restaurant. Members discussed the State Meeting in Black River Falls. We decided to donate money to the scholarship fund, and to bring items for the raffle. 

The 2019 State Convention in Milwaukee will be June 1, at the Milwaukee Elks Lodge (55th and Good Hope Road).

Members discussed our activities for the following two months, distribution of the book, The Framework of Your Wisconsin Government, holiday folk fair baking, working the Unity Church soup kitchen, and hosting a Halloween party for Sokol Gymnasts.

June 2018

The June 19 meeting was held at the Spring Gardens Restaurant at noon with a meeting to follow.

Congratulations to Alina Siodlarz, third place winner in the annual Western Youth Art Contest.

Our one-day State Convention will be held in Black River Falls on October 6. Delegates from No. 48 are Ernie and Sherry Bellin, Susan Chapman, Vera Frazier, and Jarka Axtell. Members discussed locations for the 2019 State Meeting to be held, such as Milwaukee, before the National Convention in Green Bay.

The book, The Framework of Your Wisconsin Government, will be distributed to middle school libraries as one of our lodge youth activities.

On June 29, we held a meeting at Elks Lodge to review a sight for the State Meeting.

May 2018

The May 15 meeting was held at the Spring Gardens Restaurant after lunch. Members discussed donating 7th grade WI government books to school libraries as a youth activity. We will buy 50 books to donate to middle school libraries. 

A committee was formed to investigate a location site and a time for our 2019 WI State Meeting, hosted by us and No. 357.

March 2018

Members met on March 20 at the Spring Garden Restaurant. We kept April 8 as our District 1 Meeting date. Letters were sent to 50 and 75-year members.

On April 6 and 7, members baked for the Sokol Czech Dinner and Bazaar held April 7 at the Blessed Sacrament Church. We had a Western display there. Volunteers were John Kozlik, Susan Chapman, and Agent Sherry Bellin. They helped bake desserts and sponsored a Western table with a raffle.

Members met on April 8 at the Grobschmidt Senior Center after our District 1 Meeting. We discussed a time and location for the State Convention to be held in June 2019, before the July National Convention in Green Bay.

Our next meeting will be May 15, Spring Garden Restaurant at 1 p.m.

Colin Krewson won first place in the derby race for Troop 400 Whitefish Bay. Abby Krewson took first place in a recent swim meet (see Spotlight for photos).

February 2018

Members met on February 20 at the New Spring Garden Restaurant. Officers were elected as follows: President John Kozlik, Vice President Fran Marlenga, Treasurer Vera Frazier, and Correspondent Jarka Axtell.

We met on March 20 and the District 1 Meeting was April 8 with No. 357 hosting.

December 2017

The combined December meeting and Christmas party was held at Meyer’s Family Restaurant on December 12. President John Kozlik welcomed invited guests, members, and two youngest/newest, Carter and Connor Schmidt (great-grandchildren of Fran Marlenga).

Activities were mentioned. Agent Sherry Bellin was introduced and invited to attend our meetings.

We made a donation to the Center for Deaf, Blind Persons, Inc. Dinner and party followed with special birthday wishes and cake for Fran Marlenga (see Spotlight).

October 2017

Members met at the Spring Gardens Restaurant on October 17 for a lunch meeting.
October projects included volunteering at the United Lutheran Unity Church Soup Kitchen, hosting a Halloween party for Sokol gymnasts, and Holiday Folk Fair baking.

Members gave four dozen eye glasses to the Hales Corner Lion’s Club for distribution.
Monetary donations were made to Scout Pack 400, Oshkosh Area Women’s Association, and Style Show for Scholarship. Agent Sherry Bellin will match this donation with purchases of gifts for the silent auction.

Members met at the Spring Garden Restaurant for lunch and meeting on November 13 at noon. We welcomed two 75-year members, Lou and Richard Heard.
Sherry Bellin reported that we have enough points to achieve a four star award. We decided to donate more money to what we already have to achieve that goal.
Our activities in October included working the soup kitchen at the Unity Church, Halloween party for Sokol Gymnasts, Holiday Folk Fair baking with Sokol Milwaukee, and taught kolache baking to seniors at the Grobschmidt Senior Center on November 10.
Our Christmas party was at Meyer’s Family Restaurant on December 12 at 1 p.m.
Our next meeting will be February 20, 2018.

September 2017

Members met at the Spring Garden’s Restaurant for lunch before the meeting on September 19. We discussed activities for the rest of the year. 

Members worked a soup kitchen in October. We made plans to bake with Sokol Milwaukee for the Holiday Folk Fair, teach kolache baking to seniors in November, and distribute Halloween treats to Sokol gymnasts.

June 2017

Members met on June 20 and discussed the State Convention on September 30. Sherry and Ernie Bellin will be delegates. A monetary donation was made to the scholarship fund of WI/Upper MI.

Our next meeting will be September 19 at Spring Garden’s Family Restaurant.

May 2017

The May 31 meeting was called to order by Vice President Fran Marlenga at Norway House before the Ice Cream Social for Sokol gymnasts.

Members discussed making a donation to an 11-year-old boy who suffers from seizures.

We held the District I Meeting on April 8 at the Grobschmidt Senior Center.

After the meeting, members served ice cream, cookies, juice, and gave each child a Western bookmark.

April 2017

The April 23 meeting was held at the Grobschmidt Senior Center after the District 1 Meeting.

Members discussed the ice cream social for Sokol Gymnasts at the Exhibition on May 31. We supplied Klondike bars, fruit drinks, and cookies.

March 2017

The March 21 meeting was called to order by President John Kozlik at the New Spring Gardens Restaurant.

Secretary Sherry Bellin was checking on renting a bus to go to Cedar Rapids for the Sokol Slet in June and the National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library.

Our District 1 Meeting was held on April 23 at the Grobschmidt Senior Center in South Milwaukee at 1 p.m. We had a scholarship giveaway.

Sherry gave out several Western promotional items to children’s activity centers and libraries.

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