Western Fraternal Life :: North Texas No. 446

North Texas No. 446

Dorchester, TX

August 2018

Members met August 25 at Golden Corral. It was our annual membership appreciation dinner.

President Jennifer Deere handed out 50-year pins to Becky Vincent and Joann Schnitker.

Becky Vincent and Joann Schnitker with pins given by Jennifer Deere.

Plans were set for our annual garage sale benefiting the Crisis Center.
We recognized our oldest member, Bessie Dolezalek, who turned 98 in July.

July 2018

Members met on July 21 at West Burns Run on Lake Texoma. We had a picnic and enjoyed a swim.
We thanked Donna Faber and Tatum Shields for delivering the Father’s Day cards.

Members made plans for the annual garage sale that will be held September 29 at Grace United Methodist Church parking lot in Sherman.

Our member’s appreciation dinner was held on August 25. We recognized Joann Schnitker and Becky Vincent for their 50-years at Western.

May 2018

Members met May 20 for their monthly meeting. The YELL! group made Father’s Day cards to be taken to the rest home. We made plans to distribute flags for Memorial Day. Members enjoyed a covered dish dinner after the meeting.

November 2017

Members met at Golden Corral for our annual appreciation dinner. We elected new officers.
Discussion was held about our donation to the Crisis Center from the annual garage sale. We gave a significant donation to them.

Our next meeting will be our kid’s annual Easter egg hunt.

August 2016
Darlene Linder, Secretary

tx-446-1.jpg tx-446-2.jpg

Contest winner Lori Price with Kailynn Faber and Keyara Walls.

Twilight water balloon fight.

Members met on August 13 at Westside Park in Howe, TX. We discussed our 8th Annual Garage Sale benefiting the Grayson Crisis Center held October 8. A raffle of handmade blankets, quilts, and other items were sold.

Members planned our member appreciation to be held in late October.

We held a local photo contest and had 12 entries. Lori Price was our winner with a $10 prize. We thank Kailynn Faber and Keyara Walls for judging the contest.

We finished the night with a water balloon fight for youth and YELL! members.

June and July 2016
Darlene Linder, Secretary

Members met on June 25 at West Burns Run of Lake Texoma. There were 19 members and 5 guests attending. This was our annual Independence Day celebration. Some of our members stayed and camped out Saturday night after the meeting. Kids swam, played in the sand, and held a YELL! meeting after the regular lodge meeting, then played Pie Face.

YELL! members playing Pie Face after their meeting. 

We sang Happy Birthday to member Elizabeth Faber, then enjoyed a covered dish meal.

We met on July 16 at West Burns Run of Lake Texoma. Following the meeting and a covered dish meal, we held our Domino Tournament. Straight dominoes were played and members Darlene Linder, Derek Price, Misty Lichnovsky, and Jennifer Deere were the top finishers. All participants were given a box of candy for their participation.

May 2016
Darlene Linder, Secretary

Chandler Lichnovsky gathering kindling for the fire at the camp out.

Members met on May 15 at West Burns Run of Lake Texoma. Several of our group camped out Friday and Saturday night before the meeting on Sunday afternoon. The weather was unseasonably cool and was perfect for camping. Kids swam, played in the sand, and gathered wood to keep warm and cook with. They also made several Father’s Day cards to be delivered to local nursing home residents. 

We plan to set out flags on veteran’s graves at Akers Cemetery in Sherman for Flag Day.

Members are beginning plans for the 8th Annual Garage Sale benefiting the Crisis Center in Sherman, TX. The date is tentatively set for October 8 at Grace United Methodist Church in Sherman. We will sell miscellaneous new and used items, have baked goods and plants for sale, and for the first time have a raffle for new blankets made by our YELL! group and other crafts made by members. We need every member and friend to help since this is such a large undertaking. Please plan to come and help out. It is always an enjoyable day.

Members and guests visiting before the meeting at the lake.

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