Western Fraternal Life :: Northern Star No. 332

Northern Star No. 332

Weyerhaeuser, WI

November 2018

Members met November 8. There will be Christmas dinner, meeting, and voting for new officers on January 13, 2019 at the Lord Inn.

On October 8, we held a breakfast for seniors in appreciation of the work they do through the year.

Members will donate to a couple children who are in need. There is a family who purchases items from youth to adults. They will wrap the gifts and have them ready for Christmas.

A speaker attended our meeting. She explained her desire to help people throughout her life. She was taught by her mother to always be ready to help others. She served four years in the Navy, then owned her own restaurant where she fed those who couldn’t afford to eat. She began finding material to make lap robes, bags, etc.

Members helped pack boxes with her items and delivered them to the post office to be sent to a VA hospital and other veteran places. Items were donated to her, and in turn she donated some of her items to the lodge for our Christmas party. Her inspiration was deeply felt. She has been sewing for veterans and the American Legion soldiers for many years.

Members brought can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. We took milk and box tops to the school also.
Members wore their Western shirts and helped many other members feed starving people.

On September 29, members volunteered at the northern Illinois Food Bank in Geneva. We packed ten pounds of food to be placed in backpacks for children to take home on the weekends. Many youth volunteered. The group helped packed 12,900 pounds of food, providing 10,750 meals for hungry neighbors in northern Illinois.

On October 27, a group volunteered with Feed My Starving Children. The group packed 47,052 meals, which will feed 131 kids for a year.

September 2018

Members met September 11. Three members and a guest helped prepare for the Booster Day Parade in Weyerhaeuser, WI on September 1. Signs were made for lodge advertisement and information about Western. Member Sharon Czekalski did a fantastic job on the sign. Three more members volunteered to drive the car and hand out candy to youth and attendees. A speaker advertised about the lodge and Western on the intercom system and mentioned the members who volunteered. There was about 1,500 people in the streets.

We sent a thank-you card to a member who gifted us money.

Members met October 2. The officers discussed an appreciation breakfast for members and workers/seniors who come to our meetings and help with operating and activities.

A thank-you note was sent from a family in our lodge who lost their home to a fire in response to a monetary donation from our hardship fund.

We gave a young man a monetary gift for helping us drive the car and help with items at the parade.

July 2018

Members met July 15 for a meeting and summer picnic. Everyone brought a dish. We advertised in two papers about the summer picnic.
Agnes Styczynski bought a get-well card for one of our members in a nursing home. We also gave that member a monetary gift.
Kathrine Kotulski and Esther Lund were honored with their 50-year pins.
Three members helped sell buddy poppies on May 25 and 26.
Members met August 7. We discussed moving our summer picnic to September or October in 2019.
Members promoted Western at our town parade on September 1. We made signs and attached them to car doors and had youth pass out candy and wear Western t-shirts.
A donation was made to a member’s family who lost their home in a fire, and another member because of a stroke.
Twelve people attended a speech at the Garden Club about beneficial bites on tomatoes.

June 2018

Members met June 6 at Northern Star Lodge. Three members attended the District 4 Meeting in Ladysmith.

Three members helped sell buddy poppies on May 25. We received a thank-you from St. Jude’s for our monetary donation for children’s research.

We have a date set at the pond on July 15 for our annual summer picnic. This year we ask you to bring a dish to share. Please bring food for the food pantry and an item for a raffle. We will present two members with a 50-year pin. Social time begins at noon and dinner is at 12:30 p.m. with meeting after lunch. Call Agnes at 715-353-2366 or Gertie at 715-353-2455 if you need more information.

May 2018

Members met May 9. We received our grant that we earned from points in 2017.

Discussion was had on the District 4 Meeting on June 3. Secretary Gertie Bonczyk called No. 355 to see how many members would attend.

Bucks Lake Sportsmen Club paid liability insurance for using No. 332 property.
A thank-you card was sent by Ronald McDonald.

April 2018

Members met April 10. We discussed the Fraternalist of the Year but no one wanted to participate.

A donation was made to Saint Jude’s and the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Join Hands Day was May 5. We helped the Boy Scouts #56 donate and sell baked goods.

Agent Randy Kolarik came to the meeting and visited.

March 2018

Members met March 5. Twyla Lund sent a thank-you for donating to the food pantry where 15 families participated. Delores Zahorski sent a thank-you for the monetary donation given to them because of tornado damage. A donation was made to a member in the hospital. A get-well card was sent to a member.

January 2018

Members met January 16 for a Christmas party, dinner, and meeting at Lured Inn. Agnes presented some members with Western t-shirts so they can use them throughout the year.

We had an election of officers with all officers staying for another year.

Two members celebrate 50-years of membership this year.

A special meeting was held January 18 at the home of Frank and Gertie Bonczyk. Officers were sworn in.

December 2017

Members met December 4. Virginia and Walt took care of Christmas for Kids. Nominations were sought for officers in the January election.
We had ten members at the Christmas cookie party. Everyone brought canned food for the food pantry.
Members donated two deer to the Buck Hunger Club for a dinner party where 110 people attended. Three members and three guests were the main cooks and youth did a lot of running. Frank and Gertie Bonczyk, along with others, worked on the venison with three youth. They were shown how to make hamburger in a big grinder, how to mix spices, and put the mixture through the machine to make sausage and other meats. We do this every year and we all learn something new.
We advertised in two newspapers for the Christmas party held on January 14 (with meeting to follow).
Members taught a new family and neighbor about growing and preparing green beans to can. They also helped prepare and pickle beets. Two members took another member to Marshfield doctors for a check-up on his injury.
We sent out a Christmas card to members with next year’s meeting schedule.

November 2017

Members met on November 7. Kathleen Patterson gave us information about sending Christmas cards to members with lodge information on them. We decided to order some.

Virginia Biedron talked about the cost of our Christmas dinner and place we could have it.

Members met at Kathleen Patterson’s house on December 4 at 1 p.m. for our last meeting of the year.

October 2017

Members met at 1 p.m. on October 3. Agnes Styczynski volunteered to find a speaker for our November 7 meeting at Stefania Mazon’s home. We discussed sending Christmas cards to all lodge members. Cathy Patterson will look into this.
Gertie Bonczyk and Cathy Patterson went to the State Convention. Home Office Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Kevin Simpson, spoke about disaster relief and how Western helped members with their insurance. Randy Kolarik spoke about updating your policy beneficiary.
All members were asked to talk about three new items we have done over the past year. We received a Level 1 Award.
Members were told the National Convention is July 18-19, 2019 at the Green Bay Hyatt Hotel.

August 2017

A meeting was held August 7 at the home of Clara Shadick. We ordered bags to promote our lodge at the Labor Day festivities and parade. Virginia and Walter Biedron prepared the bags with Western information and candy. Frank and Gertie Bonczyk had some youth pass the bags around.

Three members had a gathering to teach five youth how to clean guns properly. Afterward, they had a turkey dinner.

July 2017

Members met on July 11. Minutes were read from the District 4 Meeting. We discussed the State Convention for September 30 hosted by No. 100. Two members will have their registration paid for by the lodge.

A monetary donation was made to two families who lost homes.

Over ten members helped cut timber off the roads, clear trees, and make the road passable. Families needed places to stay and neighbors opened their homes.

A donation was made to Ronald McDonald House and St. Jude’s.

May 2017

Virginia Biedron will be in charge of finding items to give to our guests for the District 4 Meeting. Gertie Bonczyk will call about catering for the District 4 Meeting.

Our t-shirts arrived and we discussed what occasions to wear them. Our secretary will be sending out a Family Benefit form to a family who needs to apply.

April 2017

Our meeting was held on April 3 at the home of Agnes Styczynski. Sharon Czekalski presented the tag board and lamination. Agnes and Sharon presented the tags to be worn by members at different situations to help people.

Danny Novak sent a thank-you card for the donation we sent him.

We invited a speaker from Enjoy Local Coupons. She spoke about coupon books that help 501c groups raise money. This coupon book is a favorite for fundraising. She was very informative with our questions. We enjoyed her very much.

January 2017

Meeting was opened by President Frank Bonczyk on January 15. This was our annual Christmas party.
There was a special meeting on January 17 at the home of Frank and Gertie Bonczyk. The officers were sworn in for the 2017 year.

Gertie Bonczyk and Agnes Styczynski discussed the point system and how we can build our lodge and make it grow stronger. The people asked what they could do to help us. They gave many ideas and said to make sure and get information to the secretary or the treasurer.

Gertie Bonczyk explained about the June 4 District Meeting, that there are six lodges in our District 4. This year we are to host it. Members need to sign-up if they want to help.

We presented a $100 scholarship to Jordon Schindler, who is starting her second semester at MN Mankato University. Her grandparents, Walter and Virginia Biedron accepted the scholarship for her.

We nominated 2017 officers as follows: President Frank Bonczyk, Vice President Stefania Mazon, Treasurer Agnes Styczynski, and Secretary/Correspondent Gertrude Bonczyk.

People donated to the hardship fund and also had a good time at the raffle table.

Members met on February 6. A thank-you card was sent to Barney’s Groceries for donating a box of cheese and sausage to our Christmas party.

We began our documentation at this meeting for our first three months of the point system.

Call 877-935-2467 to speak with a Western Fraternal Life Representative.