Western Fraternal Life :: Northern Star No. 332

Northern Star No. 332

Weyerhaeuser, WI

March 2020

Members met on March 10. In old business, our contract is still on hold, we need the sportsman to discuss some changes.

ZCBJ Bohemian Hall at Cadott will hold the District 4 Meeting for WI/Upper MI. They sent out a sign-up sheet to send back, or we could bring them to the meeting. This will be held on June 7 and we need an RSVP list by May 15.

Join Hands Day was brought up and Agnes Styczynski will call Scout Leader 56 for more information.

We have decided as a group activity to bring our favorite recipes and send them to the Home Office.

January 2020

Members met on January 12. We thanked Amy Johnson and her husband for the wonderful dinner for our Christmas party.

Agnes Styczynski talked about the point system and how it works. Agnes also said the Buck Lake Sportsman Club wants to make improvements. Everyone at the meeting was in favor of helping.

We had a speaker at our meeting with 41 in attendance. Loretta U’ren and husband Bill volunteered with 329 others to pack meals to Feed My Starving Children at North Central College, Naperville, IL. For about two hours, they packed 6,162 boxes that contained 260 meals. Each meal is scientifically formulated for under-nourished children. The destination was the Dominican Republic. Many people help every year and at many places. Our fraternal members were part of Food Organization, a food bank in Geneva, IL. This bank serves 71,000 people every week. We packed 5 lb. mesh bags for a total of 7,200 lbs. of potatoes. This will provide 6,000 lbs. to hungry people in Northern, IL. Loretta closed her speech with many other projects they packed.

The election of officers was held with the following result: President Frank Bonczyk, Vice President Agnes Styczynski, Treasurer Sharon Czekalski, and Secretary Gertrude Bonczyk.

A meeting was held on January 17 at the home of Frank and Gertie Bonczyk. The financial report was audited. Papers were signed and sent to the Home Office.

December 2019

Members met on November 12. We made a monetary donation for Shop with a Cop.

Speaker Marjorie Janota had a presentation about making pot holders using scraps, leftover material, and cotton liners. This was a very good recycling project. Marjorie and a friend from Western teach others how to make the pot holders in many sizes.

Secretary Gertie Bonczyk spoke about decorating a canning jar for a gift or yourself. She brought two jars to show what they needed to start with and one jar that was finished. She made copies of the instructions that made it easy to follow how she did the project. We all had a good time.

Members made a monetary donation to the animal shelter and St. Jude.

We met December 6. Members planned our Christmas party for January 12 at Lured Inn. We were looking for nominations for the slate of officers. We had three trustees, and further discussion and an election was reserved for January 12. Members were asked to donate for a raffle. We planned to have a main raffle by Marjorie Janota.
No. 100 invited us to their Christmas dinner.

Speaker Kathy Peterson showed us a beautiful wall hanging. She showed us how to use parchment and organize it to make a beautiful flower. She goes to art classes and anyone is invited too. We were very impressed.

Virginia Biedrom makes Afghans. She is making one for a new baby coming to the family. She also embroiders.

She does many pillow cases and dish towels. She will help anyone who is interested in learning.

September 2019

Members met on August 7. A picnic was held at the boat house on Bucks Lake. Agnes Styczynski called members asking for dishes to share. We had a raffle with dinner and a meeting. Our 50 and 75-year members were honored with pins after dinner.

Sharon Czekalski purchased candy to be used at the Labor Day parade. Members drove in the parade and passed out candy to those on the street. We advertised Western by posters on the car.

A speaker taught us how to crochet plastic grocery bags to be used as sleeping mats for homeless people. They are sent to Arizona and California. We wore our blue Western shirts.

Members met September 8. The day before the parade, five members served breakfast at the VFW Hall.
The Labor Day parade had at least 1,000 people in the streets. We advertised a poster of Western and what it stands for on a car. The MC announced our lodge on the intercom and recognized members in the car. We passed out candy and waved to people.

There were five Western and American vets who participated in the color guard in the parade. Auxiliary also joined in the parade. Three were from No. 332 and ten others. Taps was played by one of our members as the color guard stopped to honor the flag.

We passed out pins and took photos of our 75 and 50-year members. Our picnic was finished by distributing the raffle tickets.

July 2019

Members met July 9. Our fall picnic will be held on September 8. The place is not known at this time, but we will be celebrating 50 and 75-year members that day and pins will be distributed.

Two members watched the property of an elderly lady while she was gone for ten days with her family. They watered her outside plants every day, mowed the lawn, weeded, and picked up tree limbs. They also cleaned up a mess a bear made when he destroyed a birdhouse and other property. She was very happy to see everything done and cleaned up.

There were two speakers who prepared a straw bale garden. The preparation started with five bales of straw. They took us to their straw bales and gave a demonstration. This is easy for the elderly people to have a garden like this since there is no weeding or bending involved. It was very educational and enjoyed by all. We also wore our Western t-shirts.

Three members and 15 others helped celebrate a young person’s birthday who has helped us every year during the Labor Day parade. One year, he distributed 100 bags with Western info and candy. The next year he put posters on cars and got wet taking them off every time a shower went through. The posters had advertisement of Western and we wore Western t-shirts. Other members threw candy.

Two members, who are ill, have a grape orchard and their fence broke down. Members (and some others) came to repair the fence and help with the garden. The grape orchard owner gave a gift of his own wine.

Two members helped another member fix his lawn mower because he cut his foot.

A monetary gift was given to the Ronald McDonald House.

June 2019

Members met on June 4. Three members and Auxiliary 5780 members were in charge of distributing buddy poppies. People were very nice to donate for the poppies. All this was done prior to Memorial Day.

Post 5780 and four members put flags on veteran’s graves at five different cemeteries. This was done before Memorial Day services.

VFW 5780 and some auxiliary ladies went to five cemeteries on Memorial Day. There was a procession and we honored veterans with Taps and the Star Spangled Banner. There were 7 Western members and 25 veterans of foreign wars.

The auxiliary ladies and No. 332 ladies served lunch at the VFW Hall for all who participated at the cemeteries. It was a free-will offering.

On February 26, Lori and Bill U’ren volunteered with 329 others to pack meal boxes for Feed my Starving Children at North Central College, Naperville, IL. For two hours, they packed 6,162 boxes containing 260 meals. Each meal is scientifically formulated for under-nourished children and destination for the Dominican Republic. One box of packed meals will feed a child for seven months. Lori and Bill promoted the Western blue t-shirt.
On April 30, Lori and Bill U’ren worked with members of Grace Lutheran volunteers to do roadside clean up on a length of Empire Rd. They wore Western shirts.

On May 18, Lori and Bill U’ren participated with people at the Northern, IL food banks in Geneva. They serve 13 countries and 71,000 people each week. Lori and Bill wore Western shirts.

We decided to pay our officers.

May 2019

Members met May 7 at the Northern Star Lodge.

Seven members attended the District 4 Meeting at lodge No. 100 on May 5 in Haugen. Many items were brought up by the president of District 4.

The 2020 District 4 Meeting will be hosted by No. 141 in Cadott. An election of officers for District 4 was held. Officers were voted to remain the same, except Vice President Maureen Trojak and Elected Advisory Council Kathy Patterson.

It was noted that not as many people are attending the National Convention. They are thinking about making changes, but they don’t know what at this time.

Member Mary Kay Shlimovitz received a Western National Scholarship.

We made a donation to St. Jude’s, which will be matched.

Walt and Virginia Biedron cleaned alongside the road for about a mile with a friends help.

Members enjoyed speakers at the meeting, Kathy Patterson and husband Craig. They went on a club trip to Vietnam. It took 16 hours to land at Saigon. Kathy had set up pictures on the television. Every item was shown to us and explained in detail. We all went on a wonderful trip. Thank you Kathy and Craig for sharing it with us.

April 2019

Members met April 3. We discussed Join Hands Day. Agnes Styczynski kept in touch with leader Peggy Menard and the Boy Scout troop. We made plans to help them with the bake sale on May 11 at the Cenex Station.
Members received the corrected date for the District 4 Meeting, which was held May 5. We had seven members attend the District 4 Meeting.

March 2019

Members met March 5. Fred Kotulski passed away in February, he will be missed.

We had members and friends help senior citizens shovel snow off the roof, garages, and around mail boxes. We had five foot drifts everywhere.

Agnes Stycznski was the speaker at our meeting. She talked about rhubarb and we learned many fun facts.

January 2019

Members met January 13. There was a moment of silence for the loss of our Vice President, Stephie Mazon.
Gertie Bonczyk explained how our members can help us get points. Call Agnes Styczynski or Gertie Bonczyk and share your activities. This would be a great help.

We thanked the cooks and waitress for a wonderful Christmas meal and dessert.

Members elected officers with three remaining the same. Vice President will be Sharon Czekalski.

Our raffle was issued out among the people. Everyone was happy and thanked the officers for everything they had done throughout the year.

People brought canned food for the food pantry.

There was a special meeting on January 16 at the home of Frank and Gertie Bonczyk. Officers were sworn in. The financial report was audited. Papers were signed that were required for the Home office.

December 2018

On July 14, four members trained six guests to make cement stepping stones with colored marbles on top of the cement. We then picked large leaf rhubarb and prepared cement. The leaves were to form to the cement. It laid for a couple of days and dried. Ladies came back to clean their own leaf off after a few days and paint the cement with the colors they chose. They brought their own tea and cookies. The leaf was for the bird bath.
On September 22 and 23, three members took two friends to learn how to pick mushrooms.

On November 23 and 24, members Frank and Gerti Bonczyk worked on venison with three lodge youth and seven adult friends. Four youth helped stuff the sausage in the casings and made hamburger patties and wrapped them to put into the freezer. This year they were taught how to smoke sausage.

There was a buck hunter’s party on November 30 and December 1. Members donated one deer and part of a pork that he raised with youth members. Non-members helped the youth understand how to cook the meat. Dinner was served for 115 buck hunters. Some youth also hunted with three members.

Our lodge hit 88 years in November of 2018. We celebrated it at our Christmas party.

Members met December 11. We opened the meeting with a moment of silence for Vice President Stefania Mazon.
Virginia Biedron went shopping for the needy and had a wonderful time wrapping the gifts.

A memorial gift was accepted in memory of Stefania Mazon. Agnes Styczynski will send in the memorial form to the Fraternal Herald.

Our Christmas party was planned for January 13. We purchased a door prize in memory of Stefania Mazon, who always made an afghan. Kathy Patterson asked to bring something for the raffle, and items for food pantry. We also advertised in two newspapers.

Many pop tabs, milk caps, etc. were given to Rose Lawn School in Chetek. We received a thank-you letter from them.

An annual community cookie party was held at Joanne Ludiquam's. Many members were invited. Cookies were donated and food was brought for the food pantry.

There were 12 members who picked up garbage along the road with their families. They took a quarter of a mile in the front of their driveways. With everyone working they cleaned over five miles.

Our District 4 meeting will be held May 4 at Haugen, WI.

November 2018

Members met November 8. There will be Christmas dinner, meeting, and voting for new officers on January 13, 2019 at the Lord Inn.

On October 8, we held a breakfast for seniors in appreciation of the work they do through the year.

Members will donate to a couple children who are in need. There is a family who purchases items from youth to adults. They will wrap the gifts and have them ready for Christmas.

A speaker attended our meeting. She explained her desire to help people throughout her life. She was taught by her mother to always be ready to help others. She served four years in the Navy, then owned her own restaurant where she fed those who couldn’t afford to eat. She began finding material to make lap robes, bags, etc.

Members helped pack boxes with her items and delivered them to the post office to be sent to a VA hospital and other veteran places. Items were donated to her, and in turn she donated some of her items to the lodge for our Christmas party. Her inspiration was deeply felt. She has been sewing for veterans and the American Legion soldiers for many years.

Members brought can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House. We took milk and box tops to the school also.
Members wore their Western shirts and helped many other members feed starving people.

On September 29, members volunteered at the northern Illinois Food Bank in Geneva. We packed ten pounds of food to be placed in backpacks for children to take home on the weekends. Many youth volunteered. The group helped packed 12,900 pounds of food, providing 10,750 meals for hungry neighbors in northern Illinois.

On October 27, a group volunteered with Feed My Starving Children. The group packed 47,052 meals, which will feed 131 kids for a year.

September 2018

Members met September 11. Three members and a guest helped prepare for the Booster Day Parade in Weyerhaeuser, WI on September 1. Signs were made for lodge advertisement and information about Western. Member Sharon Czekalski did a fantastic job on the sign. Three more members volunteered to drive the car and hand out candy to youth and attendees. A speaker advertised about the lodge and Western on the intercom system and mentioned the members who volunteered. There was about 1,500 people in the streets.

We sent a thank-you card to a member who gifted us money.

Members met October 2. The officers discussed an appreciation breakfast for members and workers/seniors who come to our meetings and help with operating and activities.

A thank-you note was sent from a family in our lodge who lost their home to a fire in response to a monetary donation from our hardship fund.

We gave a young man a monetary gift for helping us drive the car and help with items at the parade.

July 2018

Members met July 15 for a meeting and summer picnic. Everyone brought a dish. We advertised in two papers about the summer picnic.
Agnes Styczynski bought a get-well card for one of our members in a nursing home. We also gave that member a monetary gift.
Kathrine Kotulski and Esther Lund were honored with their 50-year pins.
Three members helped sell buddy poppies on May 25 and 26.
Members met August 7. We discussed moving our summer picnic to September or October in 2019.
Members promoted Western at our town parade on September 1. We made signs and attached them to car doors and had youth pass out candy and wear Western t-shirts.
A donation was made to a member’s family who lost their home in a fire, and another member because of a stroke.
Twelve people attended a speech at the Garden Club about beneficial bites on tomatoes.

June 2018

Members met June 6 at Northern Star Lodge. Three members attended the District 4 Meeting in Ladysmith.

Three members helped sell buddy poppies on May 25. We received a thank-you from St. Jude’s for our monetary donation for children’s research.

We have a date set at the pond on July 15 for our annual summer picnic. This year we ask you to bring a dish to share. Please bring food for the food pantry and an item for a raffle. We will present two members with a 50-year pin. Social time begins at noon and dinner is at 12:30 p.m. with meeting after lunch. Call Agnes at 715-353-2366 or Gertie at 715-353-2455 if you need more information.

May 2018

Members met May 9. We received our grant that we earned from points in 2017.

Discussion was had on the District 4 Meeting on June 3. Secretary Gertie Bonczyk called No. 355 to see how many members would attend.

Bucks Lake Sportsmen Club paid liability insurance for using No. 332 property.
A thank-you card was sent by Ronald McDonald.

April 2018

Members met April 10. We discussed the Fraternalist of the Year but no one wanted to participate.

A donation was made to Saint Jude’s and the Ronald McDonald House Charities.

Join Hands Day was May 5. We helped the Boy Scouts #56 donate and sell baked goods.

Agent Randy Kolarik came to the meeting and visited.

March 2018

Members met March 5. Twyla Lund sent a thank-you for donating to the food pantry where 15 families participated. Delores Zahorski sent a thank-you for the monetary donation given to them because of tornado damage. A donation was made to a member in the hospital. A get-well card was sent to a member.

January 2018

Members met January 16 for a Christmas party, dinner, and meeting at Lured Inn. Agnes presented some members with Western t-shirts so they can use them throughout the year.

We had an election of officers with all officers staying for another year.

Two members celebrate 50-years of membership this year.

A special meeting was held January 18 at the home of Frank and Gertie Bonczyk. Officers were sworn in.

Call 877-935-2467 to speak with a Western Fraternal Life Representative.