Western Fraternal Life :: Novy Tabor No. 19

Novy Tabor No. 19

Munden, KS

March 2020

Members met on March 9 and enjoyed a delicious potluck dinner. The meeting was called to order by President Frank Rytych. The proposed merger of Western and NMB was discussed.

The Cuba Rock-a-Thon was March 15 through March 21. On March 21, we had our youth item giveaway. We gave away ten $20 gift certificates and Cuba gave away bikes. There was free roller skating. All registered youth got a candy bar. During the week, our members helped by rocking, working, and donating food. Tuesday was Czech Day.

At Andover, KS members Germaine Hall and her three daughters are collecting makeup bags filled with tampons, sanitary napkins, and towelettes. These items are donated to the sanitary kits which are delivered to school nurses for teenage personal hygiene. Thus far they have packaged over 60 bags. 

We have been invited to the State Meeting at No. 128 on April 26 at Rossville, KS.

A monetary donation will be sent to the Novy Munden 4-H Club to be used for the Easter egg hunt in Munden.
Our guest, Michelle Cottenmyre, suggested that we could donate towels and blankets to the Tall Grass Vet Clinic for use with the animals they treat. 

Join Hands Day was discussed and we will contact Munden 4-H and the city of Munden to see if they wish to join us. The City of Munden has planters which are filled with flowers. We will donate money to the city of Munden for the purchase of the plants. The 4-H have been really good at planting the plants, and we will serve food and drinks to all involved.

For Mother’s Day, we plan to eat out at the Belleville Restaurant in Belleville.

January 2020

Members met on January 12 and enjoyed a potluck dinner. Sharon Moravek made a coconut cream pie for Ella Moravek since it was her 91st birthday.

All officers will remain the same for 2020. Franklin will check if the names on the CD were changed.

At the last meeting, it was suggested that we pay the officers a salary. President brought the issue up. No motion was made to do so, therefore the suggestion was dropped.

Members have started the New Year by recycling plastic bags and cans. Everyone shared what they have been doing to earn points. We have been working to get all necessary forms finished.

Our next meeting will be a pancake dinner in February, cooked by the men. A nice Valentine’s treat for the ladies!

Birthdays in January were Franklin Rytych and Ella Moravek.

The secretary informed everyone to be sure their beneficiaries are current.

December 2019

Members and four guests met on December 8 for a Christmas potluck dinner. Ham was furnished by Sharon Moravek.  

We donated money to the fire department. 

Dewayne Kalivoda gave a report on his attendance at the National Convention.

Vice President Brad Kalivoda suggested we pay the officers a fee for their work. It will be discussed at our next meeting.

Secretary Ella Moravek reminded everyone that all Western forms were due at the end-of-the-year.

Everyone donated food to the food bank.

June 2019

On June 9, we honored the fathers for an early Father’s Day. However, we were not able to have the event at the City Park. It rained and was cold and windy, so we met at the lodge hall instead. Members all enjoyed a great potluck dinner.

A short meeting was held. It was voted to buy a new toilet for our lodge hall. 

We were sorry to hear of the death of Erlyn Kunc. We send our sympathy to his family.  

The upcoming Cuba Harvest Festival in July was mentioned. Some members will take part, the rest will enjoy the parade.

April 2019

Our April meeting was a great success. Seventy-five year member Margaret Lachman was able to join us, as well as Frank Krob, who recently received his Honorary Certificate. Margaret was presented her pin.

Our potluck Easter dinner had so much good food. We voted to give Novy Munden 4-H money to help with their Easter egg hunt in the city park.

For Mother’s Day, we took the mothers out to eat at the Cuba Kansas restaurant.  

Members donated money to the Republic County FFA. They were collecting items/donations to help the flood victims in Nebraska.

The gift card giveaway had 49 entries in conjunction with the roller skating at the Cuba Rock-A-Thon. Registered youth all received a candy bar.

Member Dewayne Kalivoda was honored by the Legion for being a member for 50-years. We sang Happy Birthday to him and adjourned the meeting.

President Frank Rytych thanked Sharon Moravek for cleaning the ZCBJ Hall. She brought Easter decorations, which we all enjoyed.

A member made Easter cards and small Easter baskets filled with goodies. Everyone was presented these as we parted and wished everyone a happy Easter.

Our May meeting was a fun day. We honored mothers with a delicious meal at the Cuba Cafe. We were happy that more members joined us.

Join Hands Day has been postponed due to the cold weather.

We have three of our youth members graduating this year: Jacob Hug from preschool, Delanie Hall from 8th grade, and Tyler Rytych from high school.

Our June meeting honored fathers for Father’s Day at Munden City Park.

March 2019

Due to so much snow in front of our lodge home, we met at Rick and Sharon Moravek’s home. 

It was voted on to furnish ham for our April meeting. At that meeting we will honor 50 and 75-year members. We hope Frank Krob will be able to join us. He was happy to receive his Honorary Certificate.

The Cuba Rock-a-Thon was discussed. Some of our members donate food throughout the week-long event, others volunteer to keep the rockers going continuously day and night. The last day, Saturday, we will have our gift card giveaway.

January 2019

Our meeting was postponed until January 20. We met at Rick and Sharon Moravek’s residence. A potluck was enjoyed, especially the homemade ice cream and beautiful cake made by Sharon to honor Ella Moravek on her 90th birthday.

The books were audited and signed. Thanks to Delorie Kalivoda for helping our treasurer with his books.
An election of officers was held and all officers will retain their positions for 2019. The delegate and alternate to the National Convention were voted on and approved.

Members attended the funeral of Gene Hadachek and donated food and helped serve.

We have three 75-year members and two 50-year members. We will write letters to them and hope they can join us in April for a celebration.

We’re collecting containers, clothes, etc.

Birthdays in January were: Frank Rytych, Ella Moravek, and Sharon Moravek. Little Jacob Hug, age 4, led us in singing Happy Birthday.

A Cuba Café Benefit was held January 25 and members donated to help keep the Cuba restaurant open to serve the community.

Our February meeting was a fun event with the men treating the ladies and guests to a Valentine’s Day party. They cooked pancakes, eggs, sausages, and provided juice and coffee. It was nice for the ladies to sit back and not have to cook. We had a meeting after breakfast.

On February 13, Frank Rytych, Dewayne Kalivoda, and Rick Moravek presented Frank Krob with his Honorary Membership certificate.

Frank Rytych, Frank Krob, and Dewayne Kalivoda.

The Cuba Rock-A-Thon was held March 10 through 16. We gave away gift certificates in conjunction with the roller skating held on March 16.

We all sang Happy Birthday to Jacob Hug.

November 2018

On November 22, members met with approximately 100 people at the potluck Cuba Community Thanksgiving dinner.

Members observing birthdays in November were Maurene Rytych, Rick Moravek, Ryan Moravek, and Collin Hug, who turned 3 years old.

On December 8, members met to enjoy our annual Christmas dinner. Due to snow and cold weather, we did not meet at our lodge, instead we met at Rick and Sharon Moravek’s home. Ten members and one guest enjoyed a potluck dinner with the lodge furnishing the meat.

President Frank Rytych called the meeting to order. Several reports will need to be completed and sent to the Home Office.

Member Frank Krob reached his 96th birthday, and received an Honorary Membership certificate. We will present this to him at an appropriate time. 

The election of officers will be held in January. Delegates to the National Convention will be elected before April.
Following the meeting, we exchanged Christmas gifts and donated food to the Republic County Food Bank.

October 2018

On October 31, members and one guest enjoyed soup and sandwiches for the Halloween party. We had 36 youngsters dressed up in Halloween costumes. Members handed out Western bags filled with treats. We were happy to have so many youth and parents help us celebrate Halloween.

Thanks to Brad Kalivoda for furnishing the popcorn and oil for the party. Frank and Maurene Rytych came early and put up Halloween decorations.

Member Sharon Moravek’s mother has been very ill and passed away recently. Our sympathy to her and her family.

We made a memorial donation to Mary Cerney’s family. Mary was a long-time member and reached the age of 100. A get-well card was sent to a member.

We decided to attend the Thanksgiving community dinner at Cuba on November 22. We hope to renew old friendships and make new ones.

September 2018

Our regular meeting was held September 9 with President Frank Rytych calling the meeting to order. The presented bills were paid by our treasurer Dewayne Kalivoda. We were happy to have 69 points.

A get-well card was sent to Kevin Milner and sympathy cards were sent to friends. 

Our next meeting is October 31 at 4:30 p.m. in conjunction with our annual Halloween Trick-or-Treat for youngsters. Soup and sandwiches for members and some guests will be served.

September anniversaries were observed. Frank and Maurene Rytych and Rick and Sharon Moravek thanked us for singing happy anniversary to them.

July 2018

In July, we combined our meeting with assembling a float to be entered in the Cuba Harvest Festival and the 150-year celebration. 

The treasurer asked for bills that needed to be paid. 

We received a letter from No. 128, Rossville, asking us to support the Kansas state legislature to adopt the Polka as the official state dance. We wrote a letter at our August meeting. 

The float was decorated as a 3-tiered cake made up with a stock tank, lick tub, and a 5 gallon bucket. The number 150 was in red letters, the name of Cuba, many flowers, and a one foot tall red candle with a glittering flame. Our emblem made in 2012 was front and center as well. Rick Moravek brought his 1953 Allis Chalmers tractor to pull Frank Rytych’s trailer. Thanks Frank for also painting the 3 tiers white.

Some took a tractor drive to the various Cuba town sites and dance pavilions. Justin Hug took a tractor to the parade. Two of our members and some others started the parade with the American Legion Post 345 Cuba carrying the flags.

On August 12, members met and enjoyed food and conversation. Thanks to Rick Moravek who lights the stove or turns on the air conditioner so we have a comfortable place for our meetings.

After much discussion, we made a monetary donation to the Munden Fire Department and KSDS dog training center. KSDS is a nonprofit organization that provides guide and service dogs to assist individuals with physical disabilities. They train around 23 dogs a year and have placed them in 33 different states.

Justin Hug celebrated an August birthday. Also, thanks for all the summer mowing you have done at our lodge.
The NCK Free Fair in Belleville was held July 31-August 4. August 2 was Good Neighbor Day and was planned by the Republic County Czech Club, which includes several of our members. A kolache contest was won by Becky Benyshek.

June 2018

Due to the extreme heat, our Father’s Day was not a cookout in the Munden City Park. Instead, we held our June 10 meeting and dinner at Rick and Sharon Moravek’s house.

We presented Brad Kalivoda with his 50-year pin. 

Members received a thank-you card from No. 153 for our donation to their State Meeting.

Commodities were delivered to Cuba, blood was given, and flags were put up by some of our Legion members in Cuba. Those Legion members also gave their salutes at various cemeteries on Memorial Day. Members helped with the Legion sponsored picnic in Cuba, as well as donating food.

We decided to enter a float for the Cuba 150-year celebration in July.

We helped pick up flowers at the Tabor Cemetery.

May 2018

On Mother’s Day, we met at the Cuba restaurant to enjoy a lovely dinner. Each mother received a carnation, compliments of the restaurant. Maurene Rytych was presented her 75-year pin. 

Our next meeting will be at Munden Park where we will honor our fathers with a cook out.

April 2018

Members met on April 7. Our regular Sunday meeting had a conflict with the Republic County Czech Spring Festival in Cuba. Some of our members are also Czech Club members. We enjoyed finger food, followed by our meeting. 

Members voted to give Jennings lodge a donation to help with their KS State Meeting. 

Discussion was held about Join Hands Day. Our plans are to help Novy Munden 4-H Club youth plant flowers in the city of Munden. We will donate money to the city of Munden to help purchase the plants.

Two of our members plan to attend the KS State Meeting.

One of our members had surgery and a get-well card was sent to him.

We will celebrate Mother’s Day by eating out at the Cuba Restaurant. We will present Maurene Rytych her 75-year pin.

Our item giveaway was held in conjunction with the Cuba Rock-A-Thon. We had 56 entries and gave away gift certificates and other Booster members gave away bikes and Dairy Queen coupons. Then our lodge gave all registered youth candy bars.

March 2018

Members met March 11 for a potluck dinner and meeting. We received an invitation to the State Meeting at No. 153, Jennings, KS. The meeting is to be held April 28.

The week-long Cuba Rock-A-Thon held March 18-24, was discussed. On the final day, we gave away ten gift cards to registered youth, as well as candy bars to all who registered. We will pick up commodities from Belleville and deliver them to Cuba. 

Members donated clothes and pill bottles. We also donated to Novy Munden 4-H Club.

January - February 2018

On January 13, we held an informal meeting and discussed the forms that need to be mailed in. We have 89 points for the 2017 year. 

Our lodge has two 75-year members and one 50-year member. We honored Ella Moravek, Frank Rytych, and guest Todd Hudson on their birthdays. A potluck supper followed with Sharon Moravek’s homemade ice cream.
Members met on February 11 to hold the election of officers. We voted to retain the same officers for 2018. It was reported that three of our members volunteered at the Munden firemen’s annual pancake feed. We ordered our 75 and 50-year pins and will present them on Mother’s and Father’s Day. 

Member Alex Potuzak, an engineer at Kubotas, was chosen to go to the Ukraine to promote a newly designed drill that they have been working on for that area.

Members gave blood at the Cuba and Belleville blood drives. Collections of clothes, dishes, pill bottles, etc. were given in January and February.

It was voted to enter an item giveaway the last day of the Cuba Rock-a-thon, March 24.

The biggest event of the meeting was a Valentine’s Day party where the men prepared the meal for the ladies. Hurray to you guys!

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