Western Fraternal Life :: Owatonna No. 127

Owatonna No. 127

Owatonna, MN

November 2018

Members worked at the local community project, Feed the Starving Children on October 6. Volunteers were Lindsay, Paige, and Josiah Thompson, Wyatt and Julie Kriesel, and Darlene Noble and Dan Stursa.

We held our monthly meeting on November 12 at 6 p.m. 

All members were invited to our annual member/youth Christmas party held at 6 p.m. on December 10 at the Izaak Walton Building. There was a catered meal. Members were encouraged to bring items for the Ronald McDonald House and a dessert, salad, or munchies to share.

Thanks to all members because we exceeded our points for the year with 136 so far. It won’t stop yet since we have other things planned. 

Lodge elections were held and Rosemarie Grubish was re-elected trustee for three more years. Also, the current slate of officers were re-elected for another year. 

Members decided to give a lodge donation to the Salvation Army.  

The National Convention will be July 18 and 19, 2019 in Green Bay, WI. If anyone is interested, please come to the next lodge meeting since we will be electing delegates soon. 

October 2018

Members held a meeting on October 8 with a delicious potluck and meeting to follow. We achieved our Shining Star and are currently at 120 points. Thanks everyone for all that you have done. At the time of meeting, we had more projects scheduled for the remainder of the year, including Feed the Starving Children on October 26 and Pheasants for Vets on October 20.

Our annual youth and adult Christmas party is on December 10. We will be having a catered meal and members will bring a dessert/cookies to share. Also, bring a donation for the Ronald McDonald House.  

For our great efforts, we have decided to have an extra catered dinner scheduled for March.  

Members talked about Blooming Prairie Service Men’s Club Czech Dinner on September 22 where members participated. Steve Wencl had a Czech display and did a lot of Czech singing during the evening with the Dan Stursa Band.  

Steve Wencl and his Czech display on September 22. 

Members met again on November 12. 

September 2018

We met September 10 and enjoyed a wonderful potluck that members provided. Correspondence was read and treasury report given.

Steve Wencl spoke about the upcoming Harvest Evening Czech celebration at the Serviceman’s Club in Blooming Prairie on September 22. The Dan Stursa Band will be performing.

Julie Kriesel and Harold and Bernice Bartsch worked at a funeral on September 5. Great job everyone for helping towards our lodge points. We have met our required points for the year, but still have many things planned.

August 2018

Members held a meeting on August 13 at the Izaak Walton Building with a potluck and meeting to follow.
We are working hard on our lodge points. Members have done a great job and we have exceeded the 90 points that were required. We are still going full steam ahead and working on projects and donations. 

Dan, Kim, and Breyonna Stursa did an Earth Care project of cleaning up garbage at the Steele County Fair grounds after July 4th fireworks. 

We had a wonderful turnout at the July member and youth lodge picnic with 56 members and 3 guests. A catered meal from Broaster was served and members bought sweets to share. 

The Dan Stursa Band played at Old Time Music Days on August 16 at Steele County Free Fair. A special thank you to the Home Office for sponsoring Old Time Music Days.

July 29 was the Litomysl Festival, which was at a Czech parish and 22 members worked at the festival and attended it as well. 

The 2019 State Meeting will be in Rochester, MN. More info will follow in the coming weeks.

We discussed where best to donate our funds for the remainder of 2018. We will be donating to Pheasants for Veterans, Feed the Starving Children, Beds For Kids, Salvation Army, and Star of Hope. 

A moment of silence was held in memory of departed member Mattie Eastman. 

June 2018

Members held a monthly potluck and meeting on June 11 at the Izaak Walton Building. We discussed the State Meeting, which was held on June 23 in Hopkins. 

Members made a cash donation to the Ronald McDonald House and brought items to our meeting as well. This was given at the State Meeting.

On May 19, a bake sale was held with proceeds going to the Rochester Transplant House. Also on May 19, 13 members participated in the Jeff Kath Youth Fundraiser, which included the Dan Stursa Band. Four members participated in the Owatonna Memorial Day Parade. 

Our lodge Adult/Youth Picnic will be held on July 9 at 6 pm. Meal will be provided and all members are asked to bring a dessert to pass. 

May 2018

Members held a monthly meeting and potluck on May 14 at the Izaak Walton Building. We had Bohemian National Cemetery clean-up on April 25 with 19 adults and kids helping.

On April 12 and 13 we had 19 members attend a Casino Bus Trip to Jack Pot Junction.

On April 29, ten members attended the District Meeting in Oakland. Next year we will be hosting the District Meeting in Owatonna. 

We donated two American flags for the monument at the Bohemian National Cemetery. Thanks to Jack and Darlene Noble for putting up the flags for us.  

Galen Spinler read a memorial and lit the candles for those who passed in 2017.  

On May 19, we had a bake sale with proceeds going to the Rochester Transplant House. Also on May 19, we volunteered at the Jeff Kath Benefit, which is for the Owatonna youth.

Members met June 11 and brought donations for the Ronald McDonald House that we will bring to the State Meeting.

We talked about upcoming events, such as the State Meeting on June 23 in Hopkins, MN and our member/youth picnic on July 9.

April 2018

We held our monthly meeting on April 9, with a potluck, meeting, and dice game. 

Members talked about our upcoming projects, which included the Bohemian National Cemetery clean up on April 25, Casino Bus Trip on April 12 and 13, and bake sale on May 19.

Donations went to the Gift of Life Transplant House, Kath Benefit on May 19, and From the Heart Cancer Benefit on May 5 and 6.

Wyatt Kriesel, Paige Thompson, and Josiah Thompson, along with their grandma Julie Kriesel, visited veteran and lodge member Merle Meixner.  

We informed members of the District Meeting on April 29 in Oakland and the State Meeting will be June 23 in Hopkins. 

Gladys Pechacek and Evelyn Kaplan celebrated April birthdays. 

Marvin Meixner invited everyone to the Annual Bohemian National Cemetery meeting on April 11 at Owatonna Town Hall. 

A moment of silence was held for deceased member Richard Meixner.

March 2018

Members had a meeting on March 12 at the Izaak Walton building. We started our evening with a potluck. Members honored Gladys Pechacek with her 75-year pin. Richard Meixner was honored for celebrating his 100th birthday and received a plant from our lodge.

We discussed five upcoming projects for April and May, which include: annual cemetery clean-up, Join Hands Day, bake sale, casino bus trip, and Kath family benefit fundraiser.  

On March 3, members participated in a benefit for well-known Owatonna personality, Jim Gleason.

At our April meeting, we will discuss old lodge items from years past. We will bring them to the meeting, then donate them to the Steele County History Center.
Entertainment after the meeting was Bingo with white elephant prizes. 

February 2018

The February meeting began with a potluck dinner. We acknowledged Rob and Diane Vosejpka on their 25th wedding anniversary at the meeting.

Kim Stursa brought us up-to-date on our 2018 points. We are beginning to lay out our plan for the year. Members will have a bake sale in May. We will detail more plans at our March meeting.

Entertainment chair, Eunice Meixner, asked members to bring prizes for games at our March meeting. This will add a new variety and will be interesting to see what members bring.

No. 127 scholarship forms are now available for members. Copies can be obtained from either Evelyn Kaplan or Dan Stursa.

Julie Kriesel displayed items she received as being part of the welcoming committee for the 52nd Super Bowl held in Minneapolis.

January 2018

Members held a monthly meeting on January 8 at the Izaak Walton Building.

We discussed the Christmas party, 44 members and 3 guests attended. 

Members recognized Steve Wencl for the fine job he did at the Czech language class in November, 20 people attended.

We recognized our members for their help in getting 128 points. 

Kim Stursa has already submitted 15 points for this year. 

Craig Van Dyke sent us a letter about the new password. The 2019 National Convention is July 18 and July 19 in Green Bay, WI.

The 2018 calendar was passed out to members. A moment of silence was held for Mary Ann Copp, Eddie Simon, and Pat Bock.

Eunice Meixner taught us a fun dice game.

November 2017

Members offered a free Czech language class to the public. We served beverages and buchty. It was well received and there were 20 people in attendance. Steve Wencl did an outstanding job in teaching the class.

October 2017

Members met on October 9 at the Izaak Walton Building. We just celebrated our 115-year anniversary and invited all members to a pizza and sundae party.

The election of officers was held with the current slate of officers being re-elected. Karlene Hansen was re-elected as trustee.

Members discussed Czech class to be held in November. This will be open to the public and will be advertised in the newspaper. We will also be serving Czech kolache to set the tone for the class.

Members will donate to Tree of Hope (Hospice House) and the Salvation Army. We also had recent donations from our lodge and other families for the VFW Pheasants for Veterans.

Our Christmas party will be held at 6 p.m. on December 11 at the Owatonna Izaak Walton Building. All members are invited and need to RSVP by December 4. We will be having a catered meal, so contact Dan and Kim Stursa at 507-363-1274. Please bring a goodie plate to pass and a donation for the Ronald McDonald House.

We welcomed new members Betti Johnson and Mary Westby.

September 2017

Members held a monthly potluck/meeting on September 11 at the Izaak Walton Building. Bike winner results from Steele County Free Fair were Mena Langr and Adrian Kapp. 

We would like to welcome our new agents Jim and Julie Palm. We hope they can help grow our lodge. 
Congratulations to Mick and Diane McCorkell on their 50th anniversary.  

Plans are underway for our 115th anniversary. At our October meeting, we will be having a pizza and ice cream sundae party.  

At our November meeting, we will be having Czech classes open to the public. Steve Wencl will be doing the training. 

Members donated to the Pheasants for Veterans benefit on September 30.

August 2017

Members held a monthly meeting on August 14 with a delicious potluck after the meeting.

Unfortunately, there were no scholarship applicants this year. We hope to get some interest next year. 
August 19 was the Old Time Music Day featuring our own Dan Stursa Band. The lodge gave away two bikes following the performance. 

We had a great turn out at our July youth/member picnic with 42 members present. New members Al and Donna Grosland were in attendance as well. 

At our October meeting, we will be celebrating our 115th anniversary. We will be serving pizza and ice cream sundaes. Please come and join us. 

Members donated to the Wounded Warrior Youth camp program.

At our November meeting, we will be having Czech lessons featuring Steve Wencl. We invite the public to come and enjoy desserts and beverages afterwards.

July 2017

Members had a meeting and potluck. We had a picnic on July 10 and invited our 50 and 75-year members. Dana and Shelly Standke, of the Wounded Warrior athletic team, spoke about how they raise money to sponsor a Kids Camp.

We had a bake sale in June to raise money for the Rochester Transplant House. The Transplant House provides transplant patients and caregiver’s quality, affordable housings as they heal. We are proud to have collected over $200.

Upcoming events include, Old Time Music Day at the Steele County Fair in August and a 115th anniversary celebration in October.

April - May 2017

Members held a monthly meeting on May 8. We started with a potluck and meeting to follow. For our in-kind donation this month, members chose the Steele County Humane Society. Cash donations, dog food, toys, and many other items were given. 

On April 21, 54 people went on a bus trip to Jack Pot Junction Casino. There was a hospitality room, games, and two raffles for the MN Scholarship Fund.  

We are working on plans for our annual lodge picnic set for July 10 at the Izaak Walton Building.  

Our annual Memorial service was held for six deceased members who have died within the last year. A moment of silence was also given for recently deceased members Al Peterson and Jacob Schumacher. 

We had a wonderful time at the District Meeting hosted by No. 44 at the Brick Hall. The three lodges made 150 May baskets for local nursing homes as one of our projects. 

Members had a bake sale on May 20 with proceeds going to Rochester Ronald McDonald Transplant House.  

Jack Noble, Darlene Noble, and Dan Stursa cleaned up the monument at the National Bohemian Cemetery for Earth Day.

Speakers from the Wounded Warrior Project were at our June 12 meeting.

April 2017

Members held a meeting on April 10 at the Izaak Walton Bldg. with a potluck before the meeting. All members brought items for the Owatonna Hospitality House.

Local scholarship forms are available, contact Dan Stursa, Evelyn Kaplan, or Mary Wilson if interested.
National Bohemian Cemetery annual clean-up was April 18.

The annual lodge bus trip to Jackpot Junction was April 21. April 30 was our District Meeting in Glenville, MN. We made 150 May baskets as a service project with other lodges. Our lodge brought baskets while others brought candy.

We will be hosting a Bake Sale on May 20 at Central Park in Owatonna. All proceeds will go to Rochester Transplant House. If you are able to bring baked goods, crafts, plants, or can volunteer, please contact Dan or Kim Stursa. 

Karlene, Richard, and Ryan Hansen cleaned roadside ditches as an Earth Care project. 

Next month, please bring donation items for Steele County Humane Society.   

Julie Kriesel reported no available spots for the Youth Park and Rec T-shirt summer sponsorship. We can provide support this fall for Youth Basketball. 

Bernice Bartsch took 82 recycled prescription bottles to a local veterinary.

A moment of silence was held for departed members Darlene Linge and Joyce Farr. 

February 2017

Members held their February Valentine meeting/potluck at 6 p.m. on the 13 at the Izaak Walton Building. Galen Spinler updated us on the point system. 

Galen spoke on March 13 at 7 p.m. about his recent trip to the Czech Republic. All members and guests were invited to attend.

Members were reminded to send the Home Office all graduating student’s information. Three individuals will be drawn for $100.

The District Meeting will be held April 30 in Austin.

We need to work on getting new members and referrals. If you have any potential members make sure a referral slip is filled out and sent in. 

Members talked about the bake sale in May, we’ll discuss more at the March meeting. 

January 2017

Members held a monthly meeting on January 9 at the Izaak Walton Building.
There was a good turnout at the Christmas party in December. Santa came, bringing presents for the kids and apples for all.
We discussed the point system and the activities we will be doing. There will be updates every month.
We had 15 new members last year and 5 referrals.
National Scholarships are due March 1. Check www.wflains.org for more information.
Bernice Bartsch donated prescription bottles to Fairview Vet Clinic. Please continue to bring these to her.
We have six 75-year and four 50-year members in 2017. We will invite them to our annual July picnic.
Galen Spinler will be speaking at our February meeting about his trip to the Czech Republic.
A moment of silence was held for Ellie Simon.

Call 877-935-2467 to speak with a Western Fraternal Life Representative.