Western Fraternal Life :: Pilgrim No. 330

Pilgrim No. 330

Brookfield, IL

March 2020

Members held their first regular meeting on March 12. The January and February meetings were discussed, all forms had been turned in, and coats were delivered to the annual Chicago Bears Coat drive.

Information from the Home Office was discussed. The nine 50-year and twenty-one 75 year members and Honorary Certificates have been delivered. We will continue mailing new member letters.

Discussion was held on the visit from President Craig Van Dyke about the proposed merger of Western Fraternal Life and National Mutual Benefit. All members were glad to hear that Western will remain as part of our organization, the Czech Museum will stay in Cedar Rapids, and lodges will have their own meetings. Delegates will vote in late April - May and results will be announced May 25.

January 2020

Board members met on January 6. Information from the Home Office was shared that we have 1,147 members, 6 new ones, and 1 death. We received the 50 and 75-year member list as well. If you would like a pin, you can call the Fraternal Department at 877-935-2467 and one will be sent to you. If there is interest,
No. 330 will plan a pin ceremony at a later date.

Information about the T.G. Masaryk School was sent to the Home Office for the February Fraternal Herald. 
The National Scholarship applications are due March 1 and Fraternalist of the Year award applications are due May 1.

Our final point count was 57, due to all the participation of loyal members.

The first regular meeting will be on March 12. Future meetings are April 9 and May 14. The annual Lidice program in Crest Hill, IL is on June 14, and the picnic with CSA will be July 26. Hope to see a lot of members there.

December 2019

On December 12, we had our last meeting of 2019. It was a small group as several members are out of town this time of year. Information from the Home Office and November’s minutes were read. Item collections have been delivered and new member letters have been sent.

The treasurer reported that all donations have been met, but he needs additional forms for end-of-the-year audit; we will check with the Home Office.

Members signed a birthday card for President Blanche Hobart, and Christmas cards for absent members will be mailed.

Board members will meet in January and February to complete the end-of-year reports. Our next regular meeting will be March 12, 2020.

We enjoyed our Christmas lunch party. We wish all lodges a Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year.

October 2019

Members met October 10 at Sawas Old Warsaw Restaurant in Broadview. Secretary Rosemary Davis read an article from the newsletter regarding information on most common scams against seniors.

We approved donations to the Special Olympics and Salvation Army’s Thanksgiving dinner.

Three delegates attended Tabor Hills Bohemian Home for the Aged 125th anniversary on September 15. Member Angie Bultas is on the Board of Directors at Tabor Hills. She spoke at the celebration on the history of the home.
The lodge had a Bingo party at Burgess Square Rehabilitation Center in Westmont.

Rosemary announced the death of Vice President Henrietta Susmilch. She was a loyal member and vice president for ten years. Henrietta was known to put $2 bills in cards as gifts. Rosemary gave each member a $2 bill in remembrance of Henrietta. Members shared their memories: she was cheerful, fun to be with, and will be missed dearly. Cards were mailed to her family.

Al Trotta brought in a large bottle of tabs and other members brought in batteries, tabs, and pill bottles. As of September 30, our lodge has 1,155 members and cards will be sent to new members.

Our next meeting is November 14 at Sawas Old Warsaw Restaurant in Broadview. Any questions, please call Rosemary Davis and leave a message at 630-620-5324.

June - October 2019

Members met June 13. A moment of silence was held for departed members.

Dorothy Bastian received her pin in May. We did not get responses from our other 50 and 75-year members.
Member George Nepereny in Panama City, FL, reported they were hit hard by a hurricane in October and still have not recovered. He says that he will repair his house, sell, and move.

Members attended the 77th Lidice Commemoration in Crest Hill, IL. The main speaker was Jaroslav Kanturek, Council General of the Czech Republic in Chicago. Various Czech organizations spoke about why this annual ceremony is important. Students from the Masaryk Czech School read letters they wrote in Czech to some survivors of the tragedy and the answer they received.

Members met August 8. We had guest speaker Andy Buitas from T.G. Masaryk Czech School in Cicero. He spoke about the history of the school built in 1921. Over years, enrollment dwindled to five students. Due to the diligent efforts of Andy and others requesting a grant from the Czech Republic, enrollment rose to over 100 children and adult students. Other organizations and classes meet there regularly.

We had five delegates from District 5 to the National Convention. See the September issue of the Fraternal Herald for a full report.

The Czechoslovak American Congress annual Czechoslovak Festival picnic was July 28. It was well attended with good food and music. We gave away two bikes and two Czech dolls.

Members met September 12. A donation was sent to T.G. Masaryk Czech School for the roof fundraiser. We discussed a donation made for a book to be written about Mr. Cermak. The lodge was to receive two copies, but we have not received it and do not know if it has been published. A request was made to donate to the Friends of Bohemian National Cemetery.

Members attended the First Czech American Garden Club’s Flower and Garden Show. No. 330 delegates attended the delegate meeting at Tabor Hills Bohemian Home for the Aged on September 9. Tabor Hills has a waiting list for new residents.

We attended the 125th anniversary of Tabor Hills Bohemian Home for the Aged on September 15. The lodge had a Bingo party at Burgess Rehabilitation.

On October 19, the Welcome Back to Hospoda is at Sokol Spirit in Brookfield. On November 2, the Czech Slovak American Genealogical Society meets at 1st Presbyterian Church of La Grange.

Our next meeting is November 14, tentatively planned at Hi View Restaurant, Villa Park. Call Rosemary Davis at 630-620-5324.

July 2019

Members met at Sawa’s Old Warsaw Restaurant on July 11. Happy birthday and congratulations to Rosie Erhardt, age 96.

We received an email from Klara Moldova at the T. G. Masaryk Czech School. They are having a big fundraiser to replace the roof on the school. It will cost $28,500. You can contribute by check with code RAIN DROPS on the memo line and send to T. G. Masaryk School, 5701 W 22nd Place, Cicero, IL 60804, or by credit card made through https://www.paypal.me/MasarykCzechSchool. The school receives 100% of the donations with no fees. They will be celebrating their centennial in 2021. Ninety-three children are enrolled for the 2019/2020 year. 
On July 28, the Czech American Congress had its annual Czechoslovak Festival picnic. We gave away a bike and two Czech dolls.

We are planning Bingo at a rehab center in September instead of August. 

Members brought in non-perishable food for a food pantry, and pill bottles. Other items that can be brought are can tabs and batteries.

We are looking for more events to attend and participate in so we can earn more reward points. Future events members might attend are: August 17 and November 2 the Czech and Slovak American Genealogical Society of Illinois Presentation 1:30 p.m. at 1st Presbyterian Church of La Grange. September 7 the First Czech Garden Club’s 83rd Annual Flower Show at Liberty Cultural Center Berwyn. September 14 Sokol Spirit’s Oktoberfest Sokol Spirit Brookfield, September 15 Tabor Hills Bohemian Home for the Aged Celebrates 125 Years, September 28 and 29 the 80th Moravian Day Lithuanian World Center in Lemont and October 19 Welcome Back To Hospoda Sokol Spirit, Brookfield.

Future meetings are September 12, October 10, November 14, and December 12, currently held at Sawa’s Old Warsaw Restaurant, 9200 W Cermak Rd., Broadview.

June 2019

Members met on June 13 at Sawa’s Old Warsaw Restaurant in Broadview. 

Only two members responded to the 50 and 75-year pin letters sent out. Dorothy Bastian received her pin in May since she will be out of town for the June meeting. George Nepereny called Rosemary, he was glad to receive our letter. He could not come since his area had been hit by hurricane in October and still hasn’t recovered. He told Secretary Rosemary about his experience and the current condition of the area.

Members attended the 77th Lidice Commemoration in Crest Hill. The main speaker was Mr. Jaroslav Kanturek, Council General of the Czech Republic of Chicago. Various organizations spoke of why this annual ceremony is important; lest we forget. Students from the Masaryk Czech School read letters they wrote in Czech to some survivors of the tragedy and the answers they received.

The Czech America Congress picnic is 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. on July 28 at the Summit Community Park 5700 S. Archer Road Summit. We will have a table, raffle off a child’s bike, and two Czech Dolls donated to us for the adult raffle. The raffle will be held at 3 p.m.

We are in need of more workers to set up and man the registration table. Bring chairs and anything else to make yourself comfortable. There is limited shade.

Members are looking for more events to attend and participate in. We will try to plan Bingo at a nursing home possibly in August.

Some events coming up are: the Czech and Slovak American Genealogical Society of Illinois Presentation at 1:30 p.m. on August 17 and November 2 at the 1st Presbyterian Church of La Grange, the 83rd annual flower show at Liberty Cultural Center in Berwyn, Sokol Spirit Oktoberfest 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. in Brookfield, Tabor Hills Bohemian Home for the Aged 125th Celebration Naperville, 80th Moravian Days September 28 and 29 in Lemont, Annual St. Cecelia’s Dinner Dance in Chicago on November 10, and CCACC Christmas Bazaar on November 23 at the Chicagoland Czech American Community Center.

Please bring can tabs, pill bottles, batteries, and food donations for the food pantry. We meet the second Thursday of the month at Sawa’s Old Warsaw Restaurant (9200 W Cermak Broadview). Please call Rosemary Davis at 630-620-5324 with questions. Future meetings are August 8, September 12, and October 10.

May 2019

Members met May 9 at noon. William T. Dunleavy from Brookfield, was a Western National Scholarship winner. Congratulations will be sent to him.

A new member letter will be sent. We celebrated 50 and 75-year members on June 13. Dorothy Bastian was awarded her 75-year pin at this meeting since she won’t be in town for the June meeting.

We had two deaths, Helen Makes, a long-time faithful member passed away on April 21. Helen was a member for over 80-years and held several offices: vice president, secretary, treasurer, and correspondent. We remember her fondly and miss her. James G. Kosek also passed in April. He was a traveler and when he came to meetings regaled us with his stories. James was also a Vietnam veteran and had a military funeral. On one of his visits, he gave members pencils with the old WFLA name and some note pads. We all wish we could have learned more about his travel experiences.

The treasurer’s report, Convention fees, and money for the fraternal project has all been sent. Room reservations have been made and transportation plans were finalized.

Members will attend the annual Lidice Commemoration June 9 and our CAC picnic on July 28, will be at a new location this year: 57th and South Archer, Summit, IL. Also, remember to bring in can tabs, pill bottles, used batteries, and non-perishable food items for the food pantry.

April 2019

Members met April 11. There was a moment of silence for departed members. Welcome letters were sent to new members.

We hope to have a pin ceremony for 50 and 75-year members in June. Call Blanche at 480-654-1434 to receive your pin at that meeting, or for more information. You may also call the Home Office to have a pin sent to you in the mail.

Please remember the Lidice Celebration on June 9 held in Crest Hill, IL, with other Czech organizations. We will also be at the Czech American Congress annual picnic on July 28. This year, it will be at a different park, in Summit, IL. More information will come as available.

We discussed the National Convention and completed reservations. We will have three members and some guests attending.

Bring in can tabs, pill bottles, batteries, and other items for recycling and donations to food pantries.

March 2019

March 14 was our first regular meeting of the year in spite of the heavy rain and wind. The secretary mentioned that all end-of-year reports have been sent in. Information from Home Office was read.

We have many 50 and 75-year members who can receive pins if they contact the Home Office or the lodge.
Long-time member, Richard Ptacek, passed away. We sent a card to the family and get-well cards to sick members.

The Convention was the main topic, we have four delegates. Some did not receive the information or registration form and the dates our money should be sent in. Copies will be made and delivered.

On April 12, delegates will attend the Bohemian Home for the Aged spring meeting and luncheon. May 9, we hope to have our pin ceremony. On June 9, the Commemoration of Lidice, will be held in Crest Hill, IL, along with other Czech organizations, then the Convention in Green Bay, WI on July 18 and 19. On July 28, the annual picnic will be held with Czech American Congress and other Czech organizations. This year it will be at a different location to be announced later as will other events as they become known.

We will continue with the usual collections and donations: can tabs, pill bottles, batteries, food pantry, and donations to organizations. 

Treasurer Bill Strejc received a thank-you letter from the CSA for the pill bottles. They explained how they are given to third world countries keeping them out of landfills.

January 2019

We met December 13 at Sawa’s Old Warsaw for a meeting and Christmas party. 

A letter was read from President Blanche Hobart regarding the Convention, but we still need more registration information from the Home Office.

We will send letters to four new members.

All required donations have been met. 

Lombard Public Works Dept. will be recycling old, used Christmas lights in January, Chicago Bears and Jewel/Osco stores are collecting warm coats until February 1. Members will take them to the stores and the lights to Rosemary Davis who will deliver to the Public Works Dept.

Members check local papers and other places for ideas on events we can attend, such as picnics, Czech movies, organizations needing donations/help. If you find items like this, please share with the lodge. SCARCE is collecting used crayons and yarn.

Before adjourning, we signed and sent Christmas cards to absent members.

We had a board meeting on January 16. Officers met to go through 2018 minutes and to complete the activity reports, donation form, and the annual survey.

We received a request from Lombard Service League, an organization that assists the needs of infants up to 3 years through First Things First. Rosemary bought the needed items and delivered them on January 27, the day of the “baby shower.”  

The Audit Committee met in February. The first regular meeting will be March 14 at Sawa’s Old Warsaw in Broadview. 

November 2018

Members met November 8 at Sawa’s Old Warsaw Restaurant in Broadview. Secretary Rosemary Davis received correspondence and Convention information. 

Members nominated Rosemary Davis, Bill Strejc, Blanche Hobart, Angie Bultas, Tim Kosek, and D. Bastian as delegates. Al Trotta will be an alternate. If they cannot attend, the Home Office must be notified by March 15.

The fraternal service project was discussed. Several members are delegates to the Bohemian Home for the Aged and discussion was about their April celebration.

Current officers will continue for next year.

The National Convention is in Green Bay, WI on July 18-19, 2019.

We had our Christmas meeting on December 13 at Sawa’s Old Warsaw Restaurant. No regular meeting will be held in January or February. 

Please call Rosemary Davis with questions at 630-620-5324.

October 2018

Members met October 11 at Sawa’s Old Warsaw Restaurant in Broadview. We were happy to hear that Henrietta Susmilch had returned from Florida. She is now living in an assisted living center in Burr Ridge. We hope to see her at a future meeting.

President Blanche Hobart read the section of the by-laws on delegates to the Convention. Some discussion was held and delegates should be nominated at the November meeting.

Calendars of Czech events in our area were handed out. Future events include monthly Czech movies at Sokol Spirit in Brookfield; 77th Annual Christmas Around the World Festival in the Czech Republic at the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry; and Western National Convention in Green Bay, WI July 18 and 19, 2019.
Our next meeting is December 13. Until further notice, future meetings will be held at Sawa’s Old Warsaw Restaurant. Please call Rosemary Davis at 630-620-5324 and leave a message with questions.

September 2018

Members met September 13 at Sawa’s Old Warsaw Restaurant in Broadview. President Blanche Hobart reported on activities members attended, such as the Czech Mission picnic where members enjoyed music, food, and Bingo with residents of Pershing Gardens Nursing Home. Prizes and snacks were given to residents. The First American Garden Clubs annual flower and garden show was attend by some members. They wore their new Western t-shirts to these activities. Thanks to all who participated in the activities to obtain 51 points so far this year. 

We passed out a calendar of Czech events. Several are in September and early October. Future events are monthly Czech movies at Sokol Spirit Brookfield; October 19 and 20 is Sokol Tabor Fall Rummage sale in Berwyn; October 20 Moravian Cultural Society hosts a HOSPODA Sokol Brookfield; November 4 is Finding Leaves and Branches internet based Czech genealogy research at 1st Presbyterian Church in La Grange; and on November 4, the 77th Annual Christmas Around the World Festival Christmas in the Czech Republic Chicago Museum of Science and Industry.   


Future meetings are November 8 and December 13. Until further notice, meetings will be held at Sawa’s Old Warsaw Restaurant (9200 W Cermak Broadview). Please call Rosemary Davis at
630-620-5324 with questions.

August 2018

Members met August 9 at Sawa’s Old Warsaw Restaurant. The July 29 Czech American Congress Picnic was discussed. We had four members, District 5 Director Mary Bradley, and her husband Charles help with bike/doll registration and promoting Western. Other booths were Czech Slovak of America, T. G. Masaryk Czech School, Bohemian National Cemetery, First American Garden Club, Czech Mission, Czech Republic Consulate General of Chicago, and Moravian Cultural Society. We enjoyed listening and dancing to Czech music, watching Moravian Society children doing Czech dances, good food, and talking to many people and friends.

The bike giveaway was won by Aubrey Cervantes and the Czech dolls by LaVerne Mozac and Marc. Guest speaker, Nancy Boulakanis, spoke about Best Buddies Organization. Her son and member Gladys Palach’s grandson benefit from it. Members approved donations to Salvation Army, Wounded Warriors, Special Olympics, and Best Buddies.

We wished happy birthday to Al Trotta and James Kosek for August birthdays. 

Members were reminded of the Convention in Green Bay next year on July 18 and 19.

We hosted a Bingo party on August 28 at the Pershing Gardens Nursing Home in Stickney. Items and snacks were donated for Bingo prizes. 

Blanche Hobart passed out copies of the lodge point system and calendar of Czech events.    

Members attended the Czech Mission picnic on August 26, and the First Czech Garden Club’s Flower and Garden show on September 8. To make it more fun we wore our new Western t-shirts.

Future coming events are the 79th Moravian Day on September 29 and 30 at the Lithuanian World Center in Lemont. HOSPODA is October 20 at Sokol Spirit in Brookfield. The 77th annual Christmas Around the World Festival Christmas in the Czech Republic is November 24 at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. 

Future meetings are October 11, November 8, and December 13. Until further notice they will be held at Sawa’s Old Warsaw. Please call Rosemary Davis with questions at 630-620-5324.  

July 2018

Members met July 12 at Sawa’s Old Warsaw Restaurant in Broadview with guest speaker Klara Moldova from the T. G. Masaryk Czech School. Jim Kosek passed out pencils that had ZCBJ printed on them from long time ago. Secretary Rosemary Davis passed out new pencils with Western on them. 

Members approved a donation to the Bohemian National Cemetery Columbarium renovation fund. We attended the Bohemian National picnic on July 8. 

Klara Moldova spoke about the Czech School. They have eight children's classes and some adult classes. Many of the young people go on to the Czech Republic to further their learning. In August, she is escorting a group on tour of South Bohemia and Moravia. She reported on the progress of the book, Bohemians in Chicago, that we helped sponsor. The book will be released this fall.

Blanche Hobart reported on a letter from the Home Office explaining our grant money, how much grant we can receive, and what is required to donate to receive grant money next year. The more activities or events we do, the more points we get and the more grant money we receive.

The July picnic was discussed. There was a bike giveaway for children ages 5 to 13 and a Czech Doll raffle for adults.

The Western National Convention will be held July 18 and 19, 2019 in Green Bay, WI. We will be nominating delegates at a future meeting. If you are interested, you must attend our meetings and have some knowledge of Western so that you are able to vote on any changes to the by-laws. 

Future meetings are September 13, October 11, November 8, and December 13. Until further notice, they will be at Old Warsaw. Please call Rosemary Davis about meetings and events at 630-620-5324. 

Future Czech events are: August 26, Czech Mission Picnic at National Grove #1 Des Plaines Ave and 26th St. North Riverside; September 8, the First Czechoslovak Garden Club 82nd flower show at Liberty Cultural Center Berwyn; September 26, Czech Centennial Gala celebrating 100-years of the founding of Czechoslovakia; September 29 and 30 is the 79th Moravian Day Lithuanian World Center in Lemont; and the 25th anniversary of the creation of the Czech Republic. For more events coming up for the 100 Anniversary of Czech Independence, contact the Consulate General of Czech Republic in Chicago.

June 2018

There was a meeting on June 14 at Sawa’s Restaurant in Broadview. This month brought a new member and we sent a welcome letter. We had a moment of silence for a recent death and welcomed a member back after a long illness. 

On May 30, members met at Mount Auburn and joined others placing flags on veteran graves.

On June 10, we joined with CSA and CAC for the 76th anniversary of Lidice, at Crest Hill. Sokol representatives posted the colors, the Moravian Societies Singers provided the pledge, and Czech, Slovak, and American anthems. Guest speaker, Tomas Trnka from the Czech Consulate, spoke of the events leading up to the tragedy at Lidice and aftermath. Illinois State Representative Natalie Manley, Crest Hill Mayor Raymond Soliman, and Crest Hill Alderman Tina Oberlin each spoke their thoughts about the reasons for this event. Children from the Moravian and T.G Masaryk Czech schools told what they had learned about Lidice this year and sang a song, Co Pro Me Znamena Mir, (What Peace Means to Me). Thank you children and teachers for a great presentation.

The annual picnic at Bohemian National Cemetery was July 8.

On July 29, the CAC Czech Festival will be held at Jaycee Ehlert Park, 4400 Elm Avenue, Brookfield, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. We will have a table and a bike giveaway. Help is needed to set up the table, with registration, and clean-up afterwards. The picnic has food, music, and is a lot of fun. Please join us.

The Ronald McDonald House has a need for small items, tooth brushes, paste, small soaps, tissues, etc. We will collect and deliver. Food was brought in for the food pantry.

Future meetings are August 9, September 13, and October 11. Hope to see you there.

May 2018

Members met on May 10 at Sawa’s Old Warsaw Restaurant in Broadview. Congratulations to Western’s scholarship winner Abigail Ramaeker of Neenah, WI.

Upcoming activities were discussed.  

Lidice commemoration was June 10 at Lidice Park in Crest Hill, IL.

The Czech American Congress Picnic is July 29 in Ehlert Park, Brookfield. We will have a bike giveaway at the picnic. Help is needed for set up, clean up, and the sign up booth for the giveaway.   

The National Convention is July 18-19, 2019 at Hyatt Regency in Green Bay, WI.

We need new ideas to achieve the Star Awards.

Future meetings are July 12, August 9, September 13, and October 11. The place for future meetings will be determined later. Call Secretary Rosemary Davis with questions at 630-620-5324.

Future Czech events include the June 24 United Moravian Societies Annual Picnic in Brookfield, July 8 Bohemian National Cemetery Annual Picnic in Chicago, and July 29 Czech American Congress Picnic in Ehlert Park, Brookfield.

April 2018

Members met April 12 at Sawa’s Old Warsaw Restaurant. We are very happy to see more members attending. Please continue to come, we need your support. 

We received a letter from the Hammerschmidt School’s 5th grade Girl Scouts requesting help for their project of supplying paper goods for the PADS program. Members brought in paper goods for their project.

Some members attended a program at T. G. Masaryk Czech School on April 11. Czech author Radek Maly discussed his children’s books and a book he wrote about Franz Kafka, a well-known Jewish Czech author.
Members participated in Join Hands Day at the T. G. Masaryk Czech School on May 12.

Discussion was held regarding the Czech American Congress picnic July 29. We need more members attending these events. 

We celebrated Vice President Henrietta Susmilch’s 92nd birthday.

Can tabs for the Ronald McDonald’s House were brought in. 

Members met May 10 at Sawa’s Old Warsaw Restaurant. Future meetings will be June 14, July 12, August 9, and September 13. The meeting place will be determined later. Call Rosemary Davis regarding events and meetings at 630-620-5324. 

Mark your calendar for upcoming events. June 24 is the United Moravian Societies annual picnic in Brookfield. July 8 is the Bohemian National Cemetery annual picnic in Chicago. July 29 is the Czech American Congress picnic in Brookfield.

March 2018

Our first meeting of 2018 was held March 8 at Sawa’s Old Warsaw restaurant in Broadview.

We received a two star award last year, which determines the amount of grant money the lodge receives. This year there will be changes as to how points are earned towards star awards. 

The following members were awarded their 75-year pins at the meeting: Angie Bultas, Frances Howaniec, and Emily Palka (son Charles Palka accepted her pin). Secretary Rosemary Davis and Treasure Bill Strejc will deliver Elsie Simek’s pin to her.

We discussed activities we already do and what new ones we can add to help with points. We earn points by three or more members attending functions and helping other organizations with their projects, having a speaker at our meeting, and donating items. We need more members attending meetings and functions. 

President Blanche Hobart sent oranges from Arizona to be given to members. Secretary Rosemary Davis showed photos of art work inside Meadowlands National Hall that was featured in the Herald. 

Future meetings are May 10, June 14, and July 12. The place for future meetings to be determined. Call Rosemary Davis at 630-620-5324 and leave a message if you have questions.

January - February 2018

Officers met on January 19 to complete end-of-year reports. The treasurer reported that donation amounts had been met. Our secretary mailed out 50 and 75-year congratulation letters, and received two requests for pins.
We read thank-you letters from the Ronald McDonald House and Lombard/Villa Park food pantry for our latest donations. Box tops were delivered to a local school.

Members discussed ideas for events to earn points, getting speakers to attend our meetings, and possible meeting places.

On February 16, members Bill Strejc, Linda Rivoli, and Rosemary Davis met to finalize the audit report and monetary portion of the Annual Survey of Lodge Activities. 

We sent several 75-year pins that we received requests for. Two members came to our March 8 meeting to receive their pins. 

Thank-you letters were received from Lombard/Villa Park Food Pantry and the Ronald McDonald House for the tooth brushes. 

Members also brought in socks to be donated to First Church of Lombard for their PADS program. 

Call 877-935-2467 to speak with a Western Fraternal Life Representative.