Western Fraternal Life :: Pilsen No. 391

Pilsen No. 391

Luxemburg, WI

October 2019

Members met July 24 at Janda’s in Ellisville. Pete Janowski gave a report on the National Convention. He also reviewed information about next year’s State Meeting, with Kewaunee No. 365 and our lodge hosting the event.
A cash donation was made to the Kewaunee County Health Department’s “Back-To-School” program, Badger Care families, and referral for child protection families.

A thank-you note was received from the Luxemburg Emergency and Rescue Department for our donation from the brat fry.

Members met September 2 at Montpelier Community Center. Our meeting was held prior to our annual picnic on Labor Day. We furnished chicken, refreshments, and ice cream. Members brought a dish to pass, and agent Rudy Kolarik had drawings for Western items.

The Czech Choraliers performed on July 17, at the National Convention. Three members are part of the group.

Julie Thoreson reported on the Czech and Kolache Festival, 7,000 kolache were made. She was one of our two lodge members who worked.

Our secretary gave an update on the planning process, with No. 365, for hosting next year’s state convention.
Our youth Halloween party, in conjunction with Lodge 365, will be at 1 p.m. on October 26 at the Montpelier Community Center.

We will be working at St. Vincent de Paul on October 28 at 9 a.m., followed by appreciation meal/meeting at the China Buffet.

Member Father Milton Suess gave an interesting talk with the synopsis being that the real treasure in life is your family.

Father Suess giving talk at Labor Day picnic.

Our adult holiday party will be held at 6:30 p.m. on November 15 at Suster’s. Replies to Judy (468-5932), by November 8, will be appreciated.

Members were asked to bring used stamps, empty pill bottles, and laundry detergent for the needy to the next meeting.

June 2019

Our lodge sponsored a brat fry fundraiser on June 7 at the Festival East Brat Barn. It was a successful event, generating a donation to the Luxemburg Emergency and Rescue Department toward the purchase of a defibrillator monitor. It is equipment that’s used in emergency vehicles.

The Czech Choraliers will be performing on July 17 at 8 p.m. for the National Convention at the Hyatt Regency in Green Bay, WI.

Our annual picnic will be at noon on Labor Day, September 2, at the Montpelier Community Center. We will furnish meat and refreshments, members are asked to bring a dish to pass.

Our next meeting will be held at 11 a.m. on September 2 at the Montpelier Community Center, preceding the picnic.

It was noted that a lodge grant was received from the Home Office. Also, our lodge, in conjunction with No. 365, will be hosting the 2020 State Meeting.

April 2019

Seven members worked with the Pilsen 4-H Club at the Montpelier Community Center on April 11 to make bunny water bottles. We donated these to the Oak Creek Nursing Home in Luxemburg, WI. Afterwards, we had our monthly meeting.

We received a new juvenile member, Hadleigh Patrick.

April 2019

Seven lodge members worked at the St. Vincent de Paul store on March 20. Afterwards, they enjoyed lunch and meeting at the China Buffet.

When discussing the National Convention being held on July 18-19, it was decided that all officers would attend as at-large delegates.

Members participated in a snowman project, which involved glass jars that were filled with mints and decorated to look like snowmen. They were then donated to Linden Manor and Oak Creek Assisted Livings.

We will host a brat fry on June 7 at the Festival East Brat Barn from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. A donation will be made to the Luxemburg Emergency and Rescue Department, to be put toward a defibrillator monitor and equipment used in emergency vehicles. Please help support such a worthy cause.

It was decided to make a donation to the local Special Olympics of Kewaunee.

We welcome new member Danielle Hettmann.

February 2019

Members met February 6 at Janda’s in Ellisville. Prior to the meeting, we worked on a calendar picture activity to be donated to local senior centers.

There was an election of officers, with the following results: President Al Ledvina, Vice-President Jan Janowski, Secretary Pete Janowski, Treasurer Mary Jo Shefchik, and Correspondent Judy Kraynik.

The Home Office documentation relating to the National Convention was reviewed. The delegates will have to be elected by April 1.

Five members were present at the district II planning meeting on January 27, at Machut’s, Two Rivers. The District II Bingo Meeting is March 24 at Suster’s in Denmark at noon. The District II Bowling Social is at CZ’s in Luxemburg at noon on March 31. We will bowl, eat, and socialize. The District II Meeting is May 5 at Machut’s in Two Rivers at noon.

Al Ledvina and Joe Kuffel will be 50-year members.

Condolences go out to the family of Vickie Retrum of Green Bay.

It was noted that our lodge now has 246 adult and 65 juvenile members. Our secretary reviewed points earned for 2018, and noted that we were awarded with 99 points, which is a 5-star rating.

November 2018

Five members attended the meeting on November 19 at the home of Al and Barb Ledvina. We did a paper plate lollipop project, which was donated to Oak Creek Assisted Living, Luxemburg.

It was noted that the last quarterly payment was received from the Home Office.

A thank-you was received from Oak Park Place for the owl cans that were donated to them.

We discussed an Easter project with the Pilsen 4-H Club, and also a winter project.

November 2018

Members met November 7. We worked the morning of November 7 at St. Vincent de Paul. An appreciation meal and meeting followed at the China Buffet in Green Bay.

The secretary reviewed correspondence from the Home Office relating to the National Convention. It was noted that we will be eligible to have two delegates and two alternatives. Delegate elections will take place at a future meeting.

The Luxemburg Emergency and Rescue sent a thank-you note to our lodge for the sizable donation we gave. The money came from a recent brat fry we hosted and Matching Funds from the Home Office. It enabled them to purchase an Air Chair, equipment used to rescue victims from tight spaces.

Lodge President Al Ledvina handing check to Dan Opicka of Luxemburg Emergency and Rescue.

The families of Lillian Ledvina and Marion Mleziva also sent a thank-you note for memorials sent by our lodge.
Our next meeting will be at 11:30 a.m. on January 23 at Janda’s, Ellisville. Members will also be doing a calendar project, to be donated to local nursing facilities.

October 2018

Members attended a meeting on October 17 at CZ’s. Those who attended the State Meeting reported events that took place.

The owl can project was done with the Pilsen 4-H Club on September 20. Pens received from agent Rudy Kolarik and small notebooks from the Home Office were put into the cans before donating to Oak Creek Home and Oak Park Place.

Owl can project members did with 4-H Club.

Members worked at the Pilsen blood drive on October 2.

The Halloween youth party was held at Montpelier Community Center on October 27 at 1 p.m. with No. 365 joining. Both lodges shared in bringing the food, milk, soda, treats, and Bingo game. Prizes were a bike and two scooters. The bike was won by Emmett Brodtke, and the scooters were won by Eva Oshefsky and Jenah Krueger.

September 2018

Our meeting was held September 3 at Montpelier Community Center. Following the meeting, we had our annual Labor Day picnic. Members brought a dish to pass and the lodge furnished chicken, refreshments, and ice cream. Member, Father Milton Suess, gave an interesting talk.

Mary Jo Shefchik sent stamps to Stamps for the Wounded as a lodge project.

Our quarterly deposit was received from the Home Office.

Upcoming events are the youth Halloween party on October 27 in conjunction with No. 365 at the Montpelier Community Center. There will be a bike and two scooters for prize giveaways.

Members will work at St. Vincent de Paul on November 7 from 9 until 11:30 a.m. with a meeting afterwards.
We will have an adult holiday party at Suster’s in Denmark on November 9 at 6:30 p.m. RSVP to Judy (468-5932) by November 2 if attending. Food donations for Kewaunee County Pantry would be appreciated.

August 2018

Members met on July 25 at CZ’s. We sponsored a brat fry that was held at Festival East on June 29. It was a successful fundraiser that allowed the Luxemburg Rescue Department to purchase an air chair to be used in patient rescues.

We discussed the State Meeting. It was decided to make a can tab donation to the Ronald McDonald House.

The Czech and Kolache Festival, the largest in northeastern WI, was held at the Agricultural Heritage Farm on August 4-5. Six-thousand kolache were made for the occasion. There was a Czech kroje style show, Czech food, music, and exhibits. Members participated in various areas.

The secretary arranged to get together with the Pilsen 4-H Club on September 20 at the Montpelier Community Center for an “owl can” project. Items will be donated to residents of assisted living.

Members will be working at St. Vincent de Paul on November 7, 9-11:30 a.m. with meeting to follow.

June 2018

Members met June 20 at CZ’s. Agent Rudy Kolarik attended the meeting.
Secretary Pete Janowski discussed the State Meeting to be held on October 6 in Black River Falls. Delegates will be Al and Barb Ledvina, Ken and Pearl Schlies, and Pete Janowski. Our lodge will be bringing items for the state scholarship raffle.
An owl project, with the Pilsen 4-H members, will be scheduled in August at a date convenient with the club. A turkey project, to benefit the local nursing homes, will be scheduled at our November meeting with date to be determined.
A thank-you note was received from East Shore Industries, for our donation of $100 worth of credit cards.

May 2018

Members met May 22 at CZ’s. We discussed the State Meeting on October 6 in Black River Falls. Meeting starts at 10 a.m. and ends with an evening dinner and entertainment. We will wait for more information from Black River Falls and make delegate nominations at our meeting.

Our secretary reported that we have one new member, Carlos Castillo. Condolences go out to the family of lodge member Marion Mleziva.

April 2018

Members met April 11 at the China Buffet in Green Bay. We had worked earlier that morning at the St. Vincent de Paul store, helping where needed. An appreciation lunch was sponsored by the lodge for those who worked, followed by a meeting.

Five members attended the District 2 membership/Bingo rally at Gill’s, on April 8. Approximately 75 District 2 members were in attendance.

An “owl can” project is in the planning stages, and will be discussed with the Pilsen 4-H Club. There was also discussion on a turkey pine cone project tentatively scheduled for the November meeting.

Members will be working at the Festival East Brat Barn, Bellevue, on June 29, from 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Funds will be donated to the Luxemburg Rescue Department for the purchase of an “air chair” to be used in victim rescues. A request goes out to support this worthy cause.

March 2018

Members met March 21 at CZ’s in Luxemburg, WI.

A blood pressure check was done at St. Therese Church, Pilsen, on March 10 after the 4 p.m. mass. Member Julie Thoreson R.N., conducted the testing, with the help of other members.

There was discussion about the prizes that would be donated to the District 2 membership rally at Gill’s, Whitelaw, on April 8.

Thank-you letters were received from the CP Telethon and the veterans at King, WI, for the valentines we sent.
It was decided that funds received from the Brat Fry on June 29, at Festival’s Brat Barn, will be donated to the Luxemburg Rescue Department. The money will go towards an air chair, which would be used in victim rescues.
We welcome new member Zachary Barlament.

February 2018

Members met at Janda’s in Ellisville on February 21 for a noon luncheon and meeting. Afterwards, everyone participated in a project creating calendar picture books, utilizing pictures from old calendars. Five books were made and were donated to local nursing homes.

The secretary noted that the festival food brat barn is reserved for June 29. More details will come later.
We have two 50-year members for 2018: Betty Mastalir and Patricia Rolf.

January 2018

Members met on January 31. We had the election of officers with the following results: President Al Ledvina, Vice President Jan Janowski, Secretary Pete Janowski, Treasurer Mary Jo Shefchik, and Correspondent Judy Kraynik.
Plastic caps were collected for St. Paul Lutheran Church in Ellisville.

The secretary passed out the summary of points received for the 2017 lodge projects. We achieved our top reward. Possible projects and activities for 2018 were discussed.

Members met at the home of Mary Jo Shefchik on February 7 to make valentines for the veteran’s home in King, WI. Cash donations will be made to the Cerebral Palsy Green Bay Chapter and East Shore Industries as well.

Join us at noon on March 18 for the District 2 Big Brothers Big Sisters bowling at CZ’s. April 8 at noon is the District 2 Bingo/dinner at Gill’s in Whitelaw, with $14 cost. On April 11, we work at St. Vincent de Paul in Green Bay from 9 to 11:30 a.m. Mark your calendar for May 5 Join Hands Day roadside garbage pick up with Pilsen 4-H Club at St. Therese Church, Pilsen, 9 a.m.

Call 877-935-2467 to speak with a Western Fraternal Life Representative.