Western Fraternal Life :: Plzen No. 9

Plzen No. 9

Morse Bluff, NE

June 2019

Members met June 20 at the American Legion for a potluck and meeting. The bills from the NE State Meeting were presented and approved. We paid the Plasi Performers for entertainment. They requested that any money paid to them be donated to flood relief with other NE lodges.

We raised money from the wall hanging fundraiser and donated to the Kids Against Hunger project. Emil Kment won the wall hanging.

Thank-you notes were signed to be sent to business and individuals who donated or provided items for the Convention.
Janice Egr, Elaine Walla, and Willard Horak will work the bloodmobile on July 18.
Members brought box tops to donate to our local school.
Willard Horak served ice cream and cake for his June birthday.
Donations were made to NE lodges flood relief.

May 2019

Members met May 16 at the American Legion Hall in Morse Bluff for a potluck, followed by a meeting. Reports were given out on our May basket project, Join Hands Day, and bloodmobile we worked in May.

We hosted the State Meeting on June 1, with a work/set up night on May 31.

Members put flags on past member’s graves for Memorial Day.

We received a thank-you for the May baskets. A thank-you card was signed for the Boy Scouts who helped us with our Join Hands Day project. A thank-you note was sent to the youths who helped deliver May baskets.
Scholarship winner Zach Borer attended our meeting to thank us for the scholarship.

A get-well card was signed for a member.
Happy Birthday was sung to Yvonne Steinbach. She served us ice cream for her July birthday.
Members donated canned food for the Blessing Pantry in North Bend.

April 2019

Members met at Smithy’s Brickhouse in North Bend on April 16 to honor our 50 and 75-year members. Unfortunately, our 50-year member was unable to attend. We presented Bob Soukup with his 75-year pin. Janice Egr served cake to honor him.

The scholarship committee at Schuyler Central High School awarded Zach Borer of North Bend Central High School the scholarship.

Several area youths helped deliver May baskets on May 1.

Four members volunteered to help with the blood mobile in North Bend on May 16.

Several Boy Scouts volunteered to present the colors at the NE State Meeting in June.

March 2019

Members had lunch on March 21 at the Bottom Road in Morse Bluff and then had our meeting at the Legion Hall.
Our delegates are Dennis Vech and Elaine Vech and alternates Edwin Slavik and Yvonne Steinbach for the National Convention were selected.

Two scholarship applicants were turned in. Willard Horak will have the guidance counselors at Schuyler Central High School select the winner.

Plans for the State Meeting were reviewed and ideas brought up.

We learned how to make stress dolls at the senior center in North Bend.

Pop tabs were brought in for the Ronald McDonald House.

We sang Happy Birthday to Keith Racek.

A 50 and 75-year member recognition meal was held April 18.

February 2019

Members met at the Corner Café in North Bend for a meal on February 21. We made plans for a dinner to honor our 50 and 75-year members in April at the Last Second in North Bend.

We received thank-you notes for cookies we delivered in January.

Yvonne Steinbach showed pamphlets of interesting places in Saunder County to be included in the packets at the State Meeting.

The 2019 activity calendar was handed out.

We donated to the Kids Against Hunger project.

Happy Birthday was sung to Ed Slavik for his February birthday and he served us ice cream and cake.

A sympathy card was signed and memorial sent to Mable Morse.

January 2019

Members met January 17 at the American Legion Hall. Our guest was Agent Robert Firchow.

We are planning a special meeting and meal on April 18 to recognize our 50 and 75-year members.

A thank-you note was received from Ed Hines for presenting him with his Honorary Membership certificate.

More plans for the State Meeting were reviewed.

Elaine Vech presented the 2018 financial statement and it was approved and sent to the Home Office.

All officers were retained for 2019.

The Calendar of Events was completed by members, with the addition of the bloodmobile and senior center decorating to be added when dates become known.

Members signed and sent a Thinking-of-You card to a member.

Elaine Walla served cake and ice cream for her January birthday.

Members filled ten plates of cookies to be delivered to seniors and shut-ins in the community.

December 2018

Members met December 13 at the American Legion Hall. Our lodge now has 70 points for 2018. We welcome transfer Ashley Mueller to our lodge.

A reminder to college bound students that scholarship applications are due March 1.

Due to lack of time, we decided to distribute plates of cookies to elderly and home-bound residents of Dodge and Saunders Counties to welcome in the New Year. After the meeting, we enjoyed card Bingo where winners picked a wrapped prize from the assortment we provided.

Ed Hines received his certificate of Honorary Membership (see Spotlight for photo). Elaine Vech delivered it to him along with a plate of Christmas goodies.

Members enjoying our Christmas party.

We were reminded that the year-end reports are due by March 1. If you are considering being a delegate for the National Convention, names are to be in by April.

Members met November 15 at the American Legion Hall for a meal and meeting. We learned our total points up until November.

Bike winners at Halloween party.

Member Cheryl O’Brien placed second in the Western Photo Contest. The bike giveaway was won by Drew Brackle and Hayden Frana.

We collected socks for Catholic Charity as our November project.

In December, we made and delivered cookies to elderly residents with the help of some of our local youth.
The dinner menus for the 2019 state meal was decided on by paper vote.

Information on the National Convention was shared.

Our Christmas party was December 13 with a potluck meal.

Ruby Wesely and Monica Glodawski brought cake and ice cream in celebration of their November birthdays.

October 2018

After enjoying a meal, members met on October 18 at the American Legion Building. Elaine Walla, Yvonne Steinbach, Willard Horak, and Elaine Vech reported on the blood mobile they worked at.

The bike giveaway, along with the Morse Bluff Fire Department Halloween costume party, was discussed and candy was bought to hand out to the trick-or-treaters.

A thank-you note was received from North Bend grade school for the school supplies, and from the family of Pat Janovec for the memorial gift.

A belated birthday card was sent to Rosie Stranik and a get-well card sent to another member.
We remind college bound students to get their scholarship form in by March 1st.

September 2018

Members met September 20 at the American Legion Hall in Morse Bluff. We enjoyed dinner and ice cream provided by Dennis and Elaine Vech in honor of their wedding anniversary. Food items for the Blessing Pantry and school supplies for a local grade school were brought to the meeting.

Eight members attended the State Meeting in Milligan and comments were shared about it. We will be hosting the 2019 State Meeting and ideas were discussed for the meal and event.

We recognized Dennis and Elaine Vech on their wedding anniversary and Dennis Vech on his September birthday.
A sympathy card and donation was sent to the family of Pat Janovec.

Members volunteered at the October bloodmobile in North Bend.

We shared our bike giveaway with the Fire Department’s Halloween party.

Members brought hats and gloves to the October meeting for a charity, along with candy for trick-or-treaters.

August 2018

Members attended the August 16 meeting at the American Legion Hall in Morse Bluff. We enjoyed a potluck meal before the meeting.

We brought food items for the Blessing Pantry in North Bend. A thank-you note from the Red Cross for helping out at the July Bloodmobile was read. They collected 88 pints of blood, just shy of their 92 goal.

Food collected for the Blessing Pantry.

Elaine Vech sent in the State Meeting registration on August 25, we had eight members attend.
We discussed ways to earn additional points for 2018.

After the meeting, members enjoyed sharing many sentimental and antique items from their family collections. Janice Egr and Elaine Vech served ice cream and cake for their August birthdays.

July 2018

We held our July 19 meeting at the American Legion Hall in Morse Bluff with a potluck before the meeting.

Yvonne Steinbach, Willard Horak, Janice Egr, Monica Glodowski, and Elaine Vech worked the July bloodmobile in North Bend July 19.

A thank-you note was received from Ruben Kavan’s family for the card and memorial we sent them.

Members brought food items for the Blessing Pantry in North Bend. The NE State Meeting was talked about and seven members plan on attending.

Janice Egr treated everyone to ice cream.

June 2018

Members met June 21 at the American Legion Hall. We enjoyed fried chicken from Didier’s Grocery, organized by Janice Egr. Elaine Walla, Edwin Slavik, Yvonne Steinbach, and Elaine Vech volunteered to decorate the Senior Center in North Bend.

Thank-you notes were received from Ed Hines and Margaret Wilkerson for the May baskets and from the North Bend Foundation.

Willard Horak brought cake and ice cream in celebration of his June birthday. A sympathy card and memorial was sent to the family of Ruben Kavan.

We helped with the bloodmobile on July 19.

Members will bring food supplies to each meeting for the Blessing Pantry in North Bend.

March 2018

Members had a potluck/meeting on March 15. Our lodge earned a Four Star Award for activities in 2017.
We received thank-you notes from Agnes Chvatal and Dorothy Hynek’s families for memorials we sent, also from Care Core for supplies given. Keith Racek treated everyone to cake and ice cream for his March birthday.

In February, we helped at the bloodmobile and the Matcats Wrestling tournament. We also collected can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House.

A scholarship application was received from Cortney Borer.

Elaine Vech showed a model of the May baskets we are going to make and delivered around May 1 with local youth.

Our April meeting was held at the Last Second Restaurant in North Bend to honor Patricia Janovec and Gene Ruzicka, our 75-year members, and David Macholan, our 50-year member.

February 2018

In February, we collected used stamps and card fronts. We also brought supplies for Care Core and Elaine Vech delivered them.

Edwin Slavik, Elaine Vech, and Willard Horak working at the bloodmobile.

Willard Horak, Edwin Slavik, and Elaine Vech worked the bloodmobile in North Bend on February 22. Willard Horak, Yvonne Steinbach, Elaine Vech, and three youth helped at the Matcats Wrestling Tournament on February 25.

Willard Horak, Elaine Vech, and Yvonne Steinbach helping at the Matcats Wrestling tournament.

Edwin Slavik brought cake and ice cream for his birthday. Yvonne Steinbach gave Morse Bluff ornaments for a prize.
Sympathy cards and memorials were signed and sent to the families of Agnes Chvatal and Dorothy A. Hynek.
Members met on March 15 at the American Legion Hall and brought pop tabs.

January 2018

Members met January 18 at the American Legion Hall for pizza and a meeting. We received thank-you notes for our monetary donations.

We will celebrate our 50 and 75-year members in April.

A motion was made to retain all officers for 2018. The 2018 activities and meetings calendar was handed out.

Call 877-935-2467 to speak with a Western Fraternal Life Representative.