Western Fraternal Life :: Pokrocilost No. 221

Pokrocilost No. 221

Mechalville, WI

December 2018

Members gathered for the annual Christmas party and December meeting at 7 Lakes Country Club. Members and some special guests enjoyed brunch, and a short business meeting that followed.

It was also noted that long time member Robert Kvitek will be taking over treasurer duties in place of Paul Rameker, who is still recovering.

The Kellnersville First Responders was chosen as our donation recipient of a local charity this year. We thank the First Responders for all they do for our area.

We also passed out some information provided by agent Rudy Kolarik so that members are aware of Western products.

Julia Ebert, our bike winner this year, was presented a bike by Secretary Jerold Korinek.

A Christmas present exchange with a twist was done after dinner. Thanks to Vi Vogel for the Christmas activity.
Next year’s schedule of meetings was passed out, and arrangements made for the officers meeting in January.

November 2018

Members met November 7 for lunch and a meeting. During old business, we chose Seven Lakes for our Christmas party. Vi Vogel requested that one game be played after the Christmas meal in which each person would bring one wrapped gift and rules would be revealed at the party.

Due to some conflicts, it was suggested that we have a possible date change for the 2019 party.

Reports on the month’s donations of magazines and pill containers was made. Thanks to all who participated.
Scholarship applications were reviewed by an outside source and Nick Vogel was chosen to receive the scholarship. It was also suggested by our reviewer that a better method of selecting scholarships be adopted and consideration given to colleges and tech schools in the future. This was approved and will go into effect next year, along with other possible revisions.

Treasurer Rameker will be unable to fulfil the position due to injury and long recovery. Robert Kvitek volunteered to finish this term and be available for future terms.

Bob would like to change the account bank location to make it more convenient for the officers involved. Denmark State Bank, Whitelaw Branch was suggested.

We discussed a date change for next year’s meeting as the breakfast meetings interfered with church obligations for several members. The president will select a non-conflicting schedule if possible. The tentative schedule called for a 1 p.m. meetings at Francis Creek Restaurant for several, and the remainder at the Kellnersville Community Center for any meetings that had work activities connected to them. This schedule was approved.

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