Western Fraternal Life :: Praha-Libuse No. 54

Praha-Libuse No. 54

Wilber, NE

October 2018

We held our October meeting at the Wilber Care Center on October 18 at 7 p.m. Members discussed having a holiday party in November. Paige McMillan and Barb Petracek checked into some times and places to hold the party.

There was a blood mobile on November 20.

On December 1, there was a Christmas tree show at the Sokol Hall. We decided to enter a decorated tree to represent the lodge.

September 2018

On August 16, we held our regular meeting at the Wilber Care Center Community room. The State Convention was mentioned, but no one will be able to attend this year.

On September 20, we held our regular meeting at the Wilber Care Center Community room. Members will donate to the Wilber Care Center for the purchase of candy to be handed out by the residents for Halloween. We then decided to make a donation to the Wilber Fire Department for Fire Prevention week.

Barb Petracek reminded us about the bloodmobile that we are sponsoring at the October meeting.

Members held a special meeting on October 3. We received news that our Treasurer, Irene Tenopir, passed away. Sharon Birch was appointed to take over the office of treasurer effective immediately.

May 2018

Our May meeting was held at the Wilber Care Center on May 17.

Members decided to donate $500 to the TJ Sokols of Wilber to help with the floor renovation that will take place following Czech Days.

We are proud to announce that youth member Collin Kohout was chosen to be the 2018 Wilber Czech Prince. He also won a bike at the Lincoln Czech Festival.

April 2018

Our April meeting was held at the Wilber Care Center on April 19. The elementary school held their annual PTO carnival on April 13. We donated four, $25 gift cards that were won by Stone Thelen, Hugo Pomajzl, Colton Peterson, and Brielle McMillan.

On March 16, the Wilber Czech kickoff was held at the Wilber Sokol Hall where the 2018–19 royalty was announced. This year’s prince is Collin Kohout, a member of No. 54.

Plans for our Join Hands Day were discussed at our May meeting.

February 2018

Our regular meeting was held on February 22 at the Wilber Care Center. The District Meeting was cancelled due to the Care Center having influenza. We will discuss available dates at our next meeting.

We will make our decisions on donations at our March meeting. Salaries were decided on for the officers and approved. With no further business to discuss the meeting was adjourned.

January 2018

On January 23, we held a meeting at the Wilber Care Center. Sympathy cards were sent to the families of deceased members.

Discussion was held about our 50 and 75-year members and when to celebrate them.

The District 3 Meeting took place on March 10 at the Wilber Care Center.

Members voted and installed our 2018 officers as follows: President Jerry Petracek, Vice President Terry Hynek, Secretary Barb Petracek, Treasurer Irene Tenopir, Correspondent Deb Petracek, and Guide Dick Kasl.

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