Western Fraternal Life :: Ratolest Wisconsin No. 196

Ratolest Wisconsin No. 196

Black River Falls, WI

September 2019

Our meeting was held at our lodge on September 8. It’s been nice having it used for wedding receptions, reunions, birthdays and such. Thanks to Rich Prochaska for keeping our yard looking presentable.

Spencer Vrieze is no longer our President. Barb McNulty, our Vice President, has assumed the responsibility of President. We will not have a Vice President.

Plans were made for the upcoming 50-75 year member recognition. Our last meeting of the year will be in November.

Members donated to the local pantry. There is always a need for hygiene products at this location and in the schools. There are students that do not go to school because they are lacking the finances for this basic need.

May 2019

A meeting was held on May 5. We discussed the State Meeting. Members helped at the National Komensky Cemetery to clean headstones and whatever else needed to be done.

Laura Jones helping with the community project working at the cemetery.

We had two very happy kids at the Easter Bunny Brunch where we had a booth and gave away two bikes and helmets.

April 2019

Our meeting was held April 7. Officers were sworn in by past president Ed Ullerich.

Discussion of the National Convention in July was held. Ed and Allyson Ullerich and Spencer Vrieze will attend as delegates. A monetary donation will be sent for the fraternal service project assembling hunger pack meals.

This year, we celebrated four members who have been with the organization for either 50 or 75-years. 

Members were involved with the Easter Bunny Brunch again this year and gave away two bikes.
Clean-up of the hall will not be held on the same day as the meeting this year, date TBD.

March 2019

A friendly reminder from your lodge secretary, Pam Durham:  As you plan and carry out activities that are points worthy, please remember to contact me with your information so that I can submit those points to the Home Office. Every point adds up and helps towards the grant award our lodge receives. Please email me at pjdurham0522@gmail.com or call (715) 896-3515 with your information or questions.

December 2018

On November 10, a leaf raking party was held in the Eastmorland community to help neighbors who are physically unable to rake. There was great support from all, as 23 homes were raked.

When all the work was done, everyone gathered for pizza and beverages. 

There was baking, assembling, and delivery of 55 plates this year. It was the 14th year of doing this fantastic good deed! 

Also done in 2018, were cookie plates and Santa visits in December.

November 2018

We had our last meeting of the year on November 4. Thanks Gene Maurer for getting the hall winterized, it is much appreciated.

Our new President is Spencer Vrieze and new Vice President is Barbara McNulty. Pam Durham will continue to be our secretary and Joan Hanson will be our treasurer. Bob Schnur is in for another term as trustee.

We have been getting nice responses back about the State Convention we held this year. Thanks to all the hard work from our members and those from other lodges.

We gave a donation to the American Legion Post 200, Black River Falls for their services as Color Guard, and can tabs were given to our speaker from the Black River Falls Police Department K9 Unit, Officer Ethan Schaefer and Ilo.

October 2018

We hosted the WI Upper Michigan State Convention on October 6 at our lodge in Black River Falls. Members served kolache to keep smiles on everyone's face after they registered. Feedback from the delegates told us the meeting was a success. We want to thank all members who volunteered throughout the day. We really appreciate the fraternal spirit.

Members at State Meeting.

The highlight of the evening was entertainment by the Black River Falls Police Department K9 Unit. Officer Ethan Schaefer and Ilo came to the lodge directly after a traffic stop and marijuana seizure. Officer Schaefer talked and answered questions for close to an hour and Ilo demonstrated his training. Ilo is originally from the Czech Republic and is given commands in Czech. 

A captive audience for Officer Schaefer and K9 Ilo.

On October 7, we held our monthly meeting and also cleaned up after the State Convention. 

September 2018

Members met at noon on September 9 at the Bohemian Hall for a potluck honoring our 50 and 75-year members. Mark Maurer was the honored guest celebrating his 50-years with Western. His wife and children were with him celebrating this special occasion.

We went over information about the upcoming State Meeting that we are hosting. The front of our hall has been painted by a member and his family. It looks wonderful, thank you. 

Members donated diapers to the Jackson County Human Services Women, Infant, and Children program located in Black River Falls. This donation will allow families in need to get some help with diapers.

August 2018

We had our meeting on August 12. Members discussed the State Meeting that will be held in Black River in October. RSVP’s have been flowing in.

We are looking into doing something with the outside of the building. It needs some tender loving care.

Pam Durham looked into different ways for us to help our community. We have chosen to give money to Human Services, which will enable them to reach out and help certain people in need.

Three members are celebrating being with Western for 50-years in September. We planned on having a potluck and cake.

June 2018

We had a short meeting on June 3. The garage sales held at the lodge on May 31, June 1, and 2 were a success. 

Members did some spring cleaning at the Komensky Cemetery. We started the task of cleaning the stones. Over the years the moss and such have set up as unwanted guests on them. This will be a continuing effort in helping and volunteering out there. 

April 2018

Due to snow, our meetings and plans were pushed back. Thanks to Pam Durham for opening up her house for our meeting on April 22.

We will be celebrating three 50-year members this fall.

Members cleaned-up on April 28 out at the lodge. Thanks to all for helping out, the place was ready for our District Meeting. There is continuing work being done on and around the lodge to improve the appearance. Thanks for your efforts in whatever way you give.

We made a donation to the Black River Falls Canine Unit that was greatly appreciated.

On April 29, our District 5 Meeting was held at the lodge with around 25 attending. Thanks to everyone for donating raffle items to the scholarship raffle. We did an awesome job helping out the scholarship fund. Discussion was held on the National Convention and our State Meeting being held in October here at our lodge.

After lunch, we held our meeting. We will be getting the State packets out to all the lodges involved. Joan Hanson is in charge of the State Meeting, if you have questions or would like to help with something please let her know.

April 2018

Ed Ullerich, Allyson Ullerich, Joan Hanson, and Pam Durham signed up kids for the Easter brunch bike giveaway held every year by the Black River Memorial Hospital Partner’s annual brunch with the Easter Bunny event. The event was held March 31 at the middle school. Our two excited winners were 5-year-old Jack Gunn and 5-year-old Carley Ybema both of Black River Falls.

We are hosting a garage sale at the Hall May 31 – June 1. If you are a member and have some stuff to sell, come join us for a day of fun and set up a table. Call Joan Hanson at 715-284-4184, Pam Durham at 408-205-9880, or Allyson Ullerich at 715-299-1928 to reserve a table.

March 2018

Along with warmer weather, the startup of our monthly meetings at the Bohemian Hall will take place. Members met April 8, which included clean-up and a potluck. 

We are hosting the District 5 Meeting at our hall this year on April 29. Always an interesting meeting and it is right in our home town. We will have a potluck and time to sit and chat with fellow lodges. 

Our next meeting is May 12. We will be hosting a Join Hands Day project at the hall this year on the same day, but before the meeting. On May 31 and June 1, we are hosting a garage sale at the hall. If you are a member and you have some stuff to donate, you are welcome to set up a table at the hall. Please call Joan Hanson at 715-284-4184, Pam Durham at 408-205-9880, or Allyson Ullerich at 715-299-1928 if you have questions or would like more information. 

Upcoming lodge meetings are June 3, August 12, and September 9. September 9 we will celebrate with our 50 and 75-year members. October 6 we will be hosting the WI/Upper MI State Convention at our hall. Lodge meeting and clean-up will be on October 7. November 4 will be our last meeting and elections will also be held on that day. Remember, most of our meetings start at 1 p.m. unless otherwise specified.

Call 877-935-2467 to speak with a Western Fraternal Life Representative.