Western Fraternal Life :: Rip No. 144

Rip No. 144

Mosinee, WI

November 2018

Members met November 10 at Pam Thompson’s home. A report was given on the success of the Spooktacular Event with 287 people in attendance.

Photos were shared of the YELL! group playing Bingo at St. Rita’s. An update was also given regarding the highway clean-up.

The budget for our Christmas party was reviewed. Tasks assigned to people were also reviewed for the Christmas party.

We donated money to Circle of Joy and Community Center of Hope. Gladys Ruha made a motion to postpone paying officer salaries from December to January. This motion was seconded and passed.

Director Brenda Vrieze will forward confirmation of our donation to the State Scholarship fund when she receives it from the foundation. She will also send us more placemats and napkins for the Christmas party.

Correspondence from Mosinee High School thanking us for our scholarship donation was read.

We worked on reviewing the point forms. We also compiled the data for the Monetary Donation form that is due in December. Members then went to Olive Garden for supper.

Our Christmas party was December 2.

We delivered pillow cases to the fire department.

October 2018

Members traveled to Black River Falls for the 2018 WI State Convention on October 6. While waiting for everyone to arrive, we enjoyed breakfast and kolache made by No. 196.

The River Falls mayor gave a wonderful presentation about all the things available to do and see in Black River Falls.

Senior Vice President and Chief Underwriter Ann Day Freeman, from the Home Office, was our honored guest. She presented many new happenings at the Home Office and discussed the National Convention. Statistics regarding Wisconsin membership were also presented showing that many states are represented by our membership. Members in these other states are encouraged to participate with lodges in their local area.

Changes regarding our scholarships were also presented. A very successful basket raffle raised money to further fund the scholarship endowment. Thanks to everyone who contributed items for the raffle.

After our evening meal, we enjoyed a presentation by a local police officer, Ethan Schaefer, and his K-9 companion from Czechoslovakia, Ilo. One of the interesting facts was that all of the commands are given in Czech.

On October 13, we joined with Rib Mountaineers, a 4-H group, to clean up two miles of Highway KK near the school forest. It was a beautiful day, just before the first snow.

July 2018

Members met July 1 at the Wieloch’s home. Hotel reservations were made for the State Meeting.

Bingo at Home with Friends was July 7. Isabella’s Day Care turtle project was July 25.

Members attended Mead Wildlife Farm Tech Days.

Invitations to our August community picnic celebrating 50 and 75-year members were mailed.

Following our meeting, we had a three hour work session to trim stamps, cut out turtles, and cut and sew pillow cases and fleece blankets for our fire station project.

The Honor Flight contribution hasn’t been made yet. We need to determine who the donation will be honoring. Jim Campbell and Mike Thompson received the Jefferson award for starting Honor Flight.

Agnes Mikes’ obituary was submitted to the Fraternal Herald.

Janice Wieloch took over Patty’s raffle at August’s community picnic. We will save back some of the greeting card fronts to make cards for Cedar Ridge Assisted Living or a vet’s group. Regi Center was the location for September’s meeting.

Members donated money to Youth Sporting Heritage Days. Two bicycles will also be purchased as part of the event. Backpacks were donated to Mrs. Holzum’s class again this year.

Donations were made to Honor Flight. Pillowcases with teddy bears and blankets were donated.

July 2018

Our meeting was at 1:30 p.m. on July 1 at the Wieloch home. Correspondence from the Home Office was reviewed.

Hotel reservations were made for the State Convention.

Bingo at Home with Friends was July 7. Isabella’s Daycare turtle project was July 25. Turtle shapes were prepared after July 1’s meeting. Six people attended and helped Mead Wildlife at Farm Tech Days on Wednesday. Invitations to the August community picnic celebrating our 50 and 75-year members were mailed.

The Honor Flight contribution hasn’t been made yet. We need to determine who the donation will be honoring. Jim Campbell and Mike Thompson received the Jefferson Award for starting Honor Flight.

Agnes Mikes’ obituary was submitted to the Fraternal Herald.

The Regi Center will be our location for the September meeting. Our meeting day and time has been changed to 1 p.m. the second Saturday at the Regi Center.

The butterfly lady will not be our guest speaker in August due to cost.

We made a monetary donation to Sporting Heritage Days. Two bikes will be purchased as part of the event. Backpacks will be donated to Mrs. Holzum’s class again this year. Please check into uses for plastic medicine containers. Janice Wieloch will take over Patty’s raffle at August’s community picnic. We will save back some of the greeting card fronts to make cards for Cedar Ridge Assisted Living or a vet’s group. We assigned people to all of the tasks necessary to make our picnic successful.

A wonderful 4th of July lunch was served by Janice Wieloch. Following our meeting, we trimmed stamps and cut out/sewed pillow cases and fleece blankets for our fire station project.

June 2018

Members met June 11 at Gladys and Arne Ruha’s home. A moment of silence was observed for Agnes Mikes. Our condolences go out to the family.

Thank-you notes were read from Frank Rindfleisch for the get-well card and Rachel Schmuhl for the Christmas stockings for Isabella and Cameron.

The new Salvation Army commander gave Marcel and Gladys a thank-you note and a donation receipt while they were delivering our packages.

Pam Thompson gave a report regarding the highway clean-up with Rib Mountain 4-H Mountaineers. Carmen and Becky Ganter and Pam Thompson joined 17 members of the 4-H group. Two miles of roadway in Mosinee were cleaned, which included six bags of garbage, two bags of aluminum cans, and several boxes. We plan on doing this again next year and/or helping with the Rib Mountain State Park clean-up day in 2019.

Our scholarships were awarded at Mosinee High School on May 30. Dacota Bernardy received the technical school scholarship and will attend the Northcentral Technical College. Christina Wenman, class president, received the university scholarship and will attend UW-Milwaukee.

Our Bingo with Home with Friends will be a YELL! project. The date will be determined by the availability of the YELL! members. Our turtle art project will be with Isabella’s Childcare Center.

We received an invitation to the State Convention that will take place on October 6. Our delegates will be Pam Thompson, Janice and Marcel Wieloch, Carmen Ganter, Sharon Altenhofen, and Gladys Ruha. Gladys will make the hotel reservation.

Mead Wildlife asked for volunteers with Farm Technology Days on July 10-12. Winged Wonders were at the Mead on June 24. We are asking them to be a guest speaker at our August picnic. Invitations will be sent to our 50 and 75-year members to attend our picnic on the second Sunday in August. This is the new day for the picnic this year because the Mosinee Town Hall was not available for the first Sunday.

We will donate to the Honor Flight again this year. A recipient will be named in the future. Additional ideas were presented for meeting locations to try for additional people to attend.

Members discussed the Historical Society in Stratford during their antique quilt display and Regi’s Center. We discussed volunteer options to include Wausau Hospital, and collecting additional items for the Salvation Army, such as laundry detergent, dryer sheets, and purchasing tokens for people trying to restart their lives.

The bear and pillowcase project continued at the July 1 meeting. We made pillowcases at Janice Wieloch’s home. Fleece blankets will also be made to add to the pillowcases. Several blankets that Marcel and Janice Wieloch received from St. Joseph’s Indian School will be included in the project.

May 2018

Members met on May 6 at Pam Thompson’s house. A moment of silence was observed for John Estok, Evelyn Tautges, and an opted-out member. Our condolences go out to the families. Thank-you notes were read from two people for get-well cards we sent.

Home Office correspondence was reviewed regarding the point system and some of its changes. We decided to order some Western logo items: chip clips, tote bags, and bookmarks.

Pam Thompson gave a report regarding the District 5 Meeting.

We planned to join Rib Mountain’s 4-H group with their highway clean-up but it was postponed due to weather.
Gladys Ruha reported that she met with Jaco Kotz regarding pillowcases filled with blankets, bears, and items for children that the fire department help disperse. Mary Jo will help sew the pillow cases at the July meeting, they need 8-10. Gladys will shop for the fabrics.

Bingo with the YELL! group members was planned for either June 10, 16, or 23 with Home with Friends.

Due to cancelling March’s meeting, we added a June 10 meeting at the Ruha home.

We made a monetary donation to the Salvation Army.

Carmen Ganter suggested we join the Rib Mountain State Park clean-up next year or a turtle art project with preschoolers. We will look for a group to do these with.

Janice Wieloch would like to invite the butterfly lady to speak at our August picnic. Last year she raised 1,000 butterflies and tagged 300 of them. An invitation will be extended.

Salvation Army care bags were put together by Pam Thompson, Janice Wieloch, Gladys Ruha, Marcell Wieloch, Sharon Altenhofen, Carmen Ganter, and Bev Matke to be delivered May 10. Lunch was served by Pam Thompson after the meeting.

February 2018

Members met at the Ruha home to plan for events and prepare annual paperwork. A moment of silence was observed for Earl Bavlinka.

Discussion centered on potential events. We decided to play Bingo at two nursing homes, do a road or park clean-up, art project with St. Paul’s preschool, Join Hands Day with Head Start, and sew pillow cases with a bear inside for rescue professionals to give to children in crisis.

Dates were determined for the summer community picnic and Christmas party. The outcome of points earned for 2017 was discussed.

We made personal care kits for the Salvation Army donation project at the March 11 meeting. A monetary donation will accompany the kits.

Our get-well card monetary gift was increased and the community service hour worksheet was worked on. We also completed the Financial Statement report. Card fronts and stamps were collected to mail in.

Janice Wieloch and Agnes Mikes celebrate February birthdays with an ice cream cake.

After the meeting adjourned, a valentine game was played and we enjoyed a wonderful lunch hosted by Arne and Gladys Ruha. We also had an ice cream cake to honor Agnes Mikes 93rd birthday and Janice Wieloch’s upcoming birthday.

December 2017

Our annual community Christmas party was December 3. We started with a chicken dinner potluck. A moment of silence was observed for all 2017 bereavements.
Thank-you notes were read from Whitney Deicher, the National Czech Library, Mrs. Holzem’s class, Valerie Bradfish’s class, Cathy Bargen for Angel Tree gift, Mosinee Circle of Joy, and Community Circle of Joy for the food pantry.
Beverly Matke thanked Nancy and Ron Cihlar for donating to the town hall rental, and thanked Bob Step and family for the Christmas Tree donation.
Miam Lenz was introduced and personally thanked us for his honor flight sponsorship. He described how wonderful it was and shared his photo album.
The election of officers took place with all current officers being unanimously re-elected.
Discussion was held regarding new ideas for scholarship fundraising and donation opportunities.
Everyone was invited to attend and help with 2018 activities, such as Bingo at nursing homes.
Christmas stockings were given to all the children in attendance. A silent auction took place during the entire afternoon to help fund our local scholarship. Prizes were given out and we played Bunco.
We recognize Pam Thompson for becoming WI State President.

November 2017

Members met November 5 at Pam Thompson’s house. Thank-you notes were read from Jenna Buttela for the bike she won at Youth Sporting Heritage Days. The point’s status was reviewed.

The State Convention was summarized by Pam Thompson. Congratulations to Pam for becoming state president, Barb Schneider for secretary, and Katie Janette for vice-president. The one day format was discussed.
We are proud of our Level I Award for 2016’s activities.

We made donations to the Salvation Army for Thanksgiving meals and the Deicher family to help with expenses. Members thanked the Deicher family for Matt Deicher’s service to the community and we are so sorry for your loss.

After our meeting, we all trimmed stamps to send to the Vets, played a Thanksgiving trivia game, and had a delicious lunch together.

Our Christmas party was December 3 at Mosinee Town Hall with the community invited. Attendees brought cancelled stamps, milk caps for education, card fronts, used ink cartridges, and something non-perishable for the food pantry.

September 2017

The September 10 meeting was held at the Stratford Historical Museum at Klemme Park. The exhibit regarding early education in Stratford and surrounding area was toured. Personal items relating to early education were shared.

A moment of silence was held for Agnes Anderson.

Pictures and articles were submitted to Mosinee Times recognizing our 75-year member Arnold Barta, winners of the two bikes from Youth Sporting Heritage Days, and the backpacks being donated to St. Paul Catholic School students. They should appear in the coming weeks.

The status of our points was discussed.

We discussed donations to Circle of Joy, Community Center of Hope, the Spooktacular at Mead Wildlife, Angel Tree at St. Joseph Church, and Angel Tree at Stevens Point’s Atrium Post-Acute Care.

Planning began for our December Christmas party. We are still asking for input on what members would want to do at the community Christmas party. Members voted to pay for the ice cream at our Ice Cream Social that took place after the meeting.

August 2017

Members and guests met at Mosinee Town Hall for a community picnic honoring our 50 and 75-year members. Arnold Barta was present and received a gift and a commemorative 75-year member pin. We had candy bar wrappers made with Western Fraternal Life on them as part of our prizes. Bears were also donated by Theresa Legner for center pieces and prizes. Thanks to all for attending and those who organized the picnic. A cake was served with ice cream and corn hole was played after lunch.

A moment of silence was observed for our deceased from 2017: Mary Helbach, Gordon Kazda, Jacob Bursik, Shannon Buttram, Corrine Zalabsky, and Robert Omernik. Our sympathies go out to their families.
Thank-you notes were read from Never Forgotten Honor Flight and from Youth Sporting Heritage Days.

Janice Wieloch described her trip to Cedar Rapids, IA and the Czech Library to donate books from Martha Eberle. The curator met with Jan and Marcell and personally selected books for the library. Remaining books will be donated to the Historical Society in Wausau.

Our YELL! group assembled backpacks for the kindergarten and 1st grade class at St. Paul’s Catholic School. They shopped for all the items included in the backpacks.

An update was given about the State Convention in September. Bottle caps, stamps, ink cartridges, and card backs were collected. Everyone participated in a silent auction to raise money for our local scholarship fund.

July 2017

Members and guests met at Mead Wildlife Educational Center for a meeting, tour, and Yell! activity on July 9.
A moment of silence was observed for Corrine Zalabsky and Robert Omernik. Our sympathies go out to the families.

Thank-you notes from St. Paul’s preschool and Mosinee School District were read. Pictures of scholarship winners were passed around.

We discussed the point system.

The National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library magazine was shared highlighting The Story of Sokol. Acknowledgement of another referral was read. An update of Winged Wonders followed

Our t-shirts generated questions about Western and additional information was passed on to a family. We then discussed Youth Sporting Heritage Days. A donation will be made to have Western logos on the shirts worn by all participants. We plan on manning a table with Western information and a bike giveaway. Janice and Marcel will shop for the bikes.

A donation will be made to Honor Flight for Miriam Lenz. Mrs. Holzem requested a donation for backpacks with school supplies for kindergarteners and first graders. We will organize this as a community service project at our August picnic. The speaker for our picnic had to cancel.

We discussed the details of our August picnic and assigned tasks to make it successful. We invited 50 and 75-years members to be honored.

We reviewed our YELL! group items, t-shirts have been received and permission forms returned. The bean bag game construction has started. Fire starters for the Mead were made during this meeting.

We will have our September meeting at Stratford’s Museum highlighting the history of WI Schools and go to a restaurant for dessert after the meeting. Invitation to the public will be in the Mosinee Times. A donation to the Mead Wildlife Center is being made for the use of the facility for today’s meeting and activities.

After the meeting, a presentation was given by Mike Kietlinski regarding the history, exhibits, and activity available at the Mead Wildlife Center.

May 2017

Our bluebird houses were cleaned out and platforms were built for robins to build nests on. Then we hung them in various places.

Five members attending the District 5 Meeting. Pam Thompson also attended the District 1 and 2 Meetings.
Our July 9 meeting will be at Mead Wildlife Center, S52148 County Hwy S, Milladore, WI 54454. We are going to have a tour of the center. A short meeting will follow the tour. Be there at noon instead of our usual time. Please bring a sack lunch and drink to participate in a picnic afterwards.

April 2017

Members met at Arne and Gladys Ruha’s home on April 2 at 1:30 for a regular meeting and Easter activity. A moment of silence was observed for Shannon Buttram. Our sympathies go out to the family.

We were delighted to achieve a Level I Award.

Our YELL! group has paperwork to fill out to be official. The first two activities were on April 9 with residents of Home with Friends. The first activity was making an Easter basket out of a paper bag. The second activity was a Bingo game with the residents.

Thank-you notes were read.

We decided that Pam Thompson and Gladys Ruha would attend the District 5 Meeting. Gladys will bring the scholarship raffle donation item.

The YELL! group will get together soon to make fire starters for Mead Wildlife. Their big project is to make two Corn Hole game sets over the summer.

We discussed our activities with St. Paul’s preschool classes. On April 10, we conducted a lamb art project with the four-year-old group and served ice cream for a snack. On April 11, we conducted the same activity with the three-year-old class.

We did an extensive activity regarding Bohemian egg decorating following our meeting. We learned multiple ways to decorate eggs with onion skins as a method of dying. Eggs from Czechoslovakia were also available for inspiration. Lunch followed the activity.

February 2017

Members met at 1:30 p.m. at Pam Thompson’s home for a regular meeting on February 5. A moment of silence was observed for Mary Helbach and Gordon Kazda. Sympathies go out to their families.

Correspondence was read and discussion of YELL! group followed. Gladys Ruha will follow up with the Home Office to see if our youth qualify and order shirts if we do

Thank-you notes were read from St. Paul’s, Ronald McDonald House, Honor Flight recipients, Isabella for Christmas party stocking contents, and the Community Center for Hope.

Gladys Ruha turned in money for the sale of Christmas tins. Cancelled stamps and Christmas cards were turned in as well.

We will replenish money for get well cards, postage stamps, and supplies for the secretary and treasurer.
Discussion regarding possible meeting places that may be more interesting to additional members. A July 9 meeting at Mead Wildlife and a meeting at Two Sisters Chapel in Moon will be researched. We continue to ask for input from members as to their interests and how we can include them in meeting places. Dates of meetings and tentative places are as follows: April 2 at Gladys Ruha’s at 1:30 p.m., July 9 at Mead Wildlife at noon, Aug 6 Community Picnic at Mosinee Town Hall at 11:30 a.m. with a 9:30 a.m. set-up time, November 5 at Pam Thompson’s at 1:30 p.m., and December 5 Community Christmas party at Town Hall at 11:30 a.m. with a 9:30 a.m. set-up time.

We would also like input about interesting activities that we could do as a group.

Please continue to collect cancelled stamps, milk caps, and greeting cards.

Members did a culture activity regarding Bohemian Valentine’s Day traditions. It was really interesting to learn that Czechoslovakia did not have a Valentine’s Day celebration; they had a Day of Love that was celebrated on May 1. This celebration had a tradition of kissing your loved one under a blossoming cherry tree to ensure happiness in the future. After becoming the Czech Republic, many of the American valentine traditions were adopted.

We participated in a NECCO conversation heart activity, valentine trivia game, and made some beautiful valentine’s to give to Azura Memory Care home for their residents. Valentines were also made by Valerie Bradfish’s preschool class for our donation to Azura Memory Care.
We enjoyed a wonderful lunch provided by Pam Thompson and wished Agnes Mikes a happy 91st birthday (see Spotlight for photo).

Call 877-935-2467 to speak with a Western Fraternal Life Representative.