Western Fraternal Life :: Saline Center No. 389

Saline Center No. 389

Western, NE

March 2019

Members had a meeting on March 4 at the Saline Center lodge.

Taking treats to Wilber Library. The kids wrote out labels to put on each treat and delivered
to library. 

The Saline Center YELL! group made Valentine Day treat bags and delivered them to Wilber-Clatonia Elementary School staff. They also took treats to the Wilber Library.

Fifteen members volunteered their time and showed up with tractors, skid steers, and all kinds of snow removal equipment to clear 12 inches of snow on 20 acres at the lodge hall.

Saline Center ladies were busy baking several dozen kolache to sell and raise money for improvements to the hall.

Members got together at the lodge to hang new curtains upstairs. It looks very nice.

We welcomed Linda Clark as a new member. A welcome letter was sent to her.

Russ Zoubek celebrated his March birthday. Myron and Karen Hayek celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary (see Spotlight for photo).

Our next meeting will be May 6 at 8 p.m.

February 2019

Members had a meeting at the Saline Center Lodge on February 4. Newly-elected Trustee, Brandon Zoubek, was installed into his official position.

We were open to the community for a pitch tournament January 26. The winners of the 5-point pitch game were Nicky Zalesky and Roger Burda. The winners of the 10-point pitch game were Sandy and Warren Vyhnalek.
Members who are seniors in high school and would like to apply for a scholarship can contact Judy Kohout at 402-947-2236.

Birthdays celebrated were Phillip Zoubek, Arnie Homolka, Darrel Hayek, and Randy Zoubek. Celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary was Brian and Katie Zoubek.

Our next meeting will be at 6 p.m. on April 1 with roadside pick-up, then meeting at 8 p.m.

January 2019

Members met January 7 for a meeting at the Saline Center Lodge. The election of officers results were as follows: President Lumir Kotas, Vice President Doug Horak, Secretary Lorraine Kohout, Treasurer Arnie Homolka, Correspondent Katie Zoubek, Bar Manager Don Homolka, Hall Manager Beth Horak, Computer Manager Judy Kohout, and Board of Trustees Brandon Zoubek, Russ Zoubek, and Brian Zoubek.

The 35th annual Saline Center Consignment Sale will be on March 17. For free advertising, contact Sheldon Kohout at 402-947-2236.

Saline Center members who are seniors and would like to apply for a scholarship can contact Judy Kohout at 402-947-2236 for more information.

The next meeting will be on March 4 at 7 p.m.
A moment of silence was held for Rose Boden. A memorial was sent to her family.

December 2018

Dedicated volunteers and members attended the appreciation supper at the lodge. Lefty’s Catering served a delicious meal and Santa joined in on the fun delivering gifts and goodie bags to the children.

Kids at the appreciation supper with Santa.

Members of the YELL! group distributed bike safety information and Santa drew the names of the winners. Bryar Meyers and Phillip Zoubek won bicycles. Mason Horak won a bike helmet and Monica Zoubek won Legos. Adult prize winners were Randy Zoubek, Elizabeth Ourecky, Fred Kozak, Roger Kotas, Sheldon Kohout, Katie Zoubek, Pam Kunc, Becky Ripa, Robin Zoubek, Warren Vyhnalek, Cassie Pracheil, Kevin Homolka Jr., Clint Jones, Mary Johnson, and Kevin Jansky.

The YELL! Christmas tree was at Sokol Hall in Wilber and Western Library. The Christmas goodie plates were delivered.

Birthdays celebrated in December were YELL! members Natalie Zoubek and Melody Novotny. 

The next meeting is February 4 at 7 p.m.

November 2018

Members met November 5 for a monthly meeting at Saline Center lodge.

The YELL! members volunteered on October 21 at the Czech Fest in York. They carried drinks, food plates, and cleaned tables. The group also passed out treats for the kids at Trunk-or-Treat in Western, NE on October 26.

The next meeting will be January 7, 2019 at 7 p.m.

Birthdays celebrated were Sheldon Kohout, Lumir Kotas, and Nicky Diaz. Happy anniversary goes to Arnie and Pat Homolka.

October 2018

Member met October 1 at the Saline Center. Several members brought used batteries, box tops, Best Choice labels, and can tabs for our item collections. We will also be collecting Food Mesto receipts dated from September 1, 2018 - March 1, 2019 for Wilber-Clatonia Schools.

YELL! President Coltin Rezabek was a candidate for homecoming royalty at Wilber-Clatonia. He is a good role model to all.

Western’s Photo Contest winners were Phillip Zoubek, Alissa Klasek, and Karel Polacek.
Don Homolka and Lumir Kotas celebrated their birthdays.

August 2018

The Cemetery Board, YELL! group, and members mowed, trimmed, and cleaned the Northfork Cemetery on August 26.

Participating in a litter pick-up were 24 lodge and YELL! members on September 10.


Lodge and YELL! members Brian, Russ, and A.J. Zoubek, and Kevin Homolka Sr. put awards for the lodge in cases displayed on the wall in the basement.

Celebrating birthdays are Alysa Zoubek, Karen Hayek, and Betty Zoubek. Celebrating anniversaries are Bryce and Megan Horak, Doug and Beth Horak, Sheldon and Judy Kohout, Brandon and TylerAnn Zoubek, and Randy and Shirley Zoubek.

Members who celebrated birthdays and anniversaries.

The next meeting was October 1 at 8 p.m.

August 2018

Saline Center donated two dozen kolache to the Western picnic on July 21. The cemetery board, YELL!, and lodge members got together on July 23 and July 31 to mow, trim, and clean the Northfork Cemetery.

Member Sheryl Kastanek was thanked for teaching several hours of Polka. Several YELL! members were proud to promote Czech heritage by assisting and dancing at the Czech Days celebration.

Twenty-six YELL! members walked through the Czech Days children’s parade and received 1st place.
YELL! member Olivia Zoubek got to return as a little sister to Czech Queen Emily Manning. She was 2017 First Runner-Up in the Miss Czech-Slovak U.S. National Pageant. YELL! member Sage Zoubek got the honor of being a little sister and being crowned on stage with 2018 Miss Czech Slovak U.S. NE Queen Janae Buckley. Sage will get the honor to return next year and be a little sister again (see photo in Spotlight).

Aubrey and Phillip Zoubek dance along with the Wilber Junior Czech Dancers.

Judy Kohout shared treats for her birthday. Our next meeting will be October 1 at 8 p.m.

July 2018

Members met on July 2 for a meeting at Saline Center Lodge.

The cemetery board, lodge, and YELL! members got together on June 7 and June 26 to mow, trim, and clean the Northfork Cemetery.

Six YELL! members volunteered on June 4, 11, 25, and July 2 at the Wilber Junior Czech Dancers practice and 8 YELL! members danced. The YELL! group also delivered treats to the Caterpillar Corner Daycare, Wilber Library, and Western Library.

The next meeting will be September 10 at 8 p.m.
Birthdays celebrated were Brian, Dan, and Lily Zoubek, and Hannah Horak.

Members attending the July 2 meeting held a moment of silence for Margaret Homolka. She was a member of the lodge for 82 years. A memorial was sent to her family.

June 2018

Members had a meeting at Saline Center lodge on June 4.

The cemetery board, lodge, and YELL! members volunteered on May 10 and May 21 to mow, trim, and clean the Northfork Cemetery. The group also put flowers and flags out for Memorial Day.

Lodge scholarship winners were Alexis Uldrich and Madison Zumpfe. They spoke of their future plans. President Lumir Kotas and Treasurer Arnie Homolka presented them with scholarship checks. Alexis Uldrich is a 2018 graduate of Exeter/Milligan High School and plans to attend UNL to major in Animal Science. Madison Zumpfe graduated Friend High School and plans to attend UNL for Ag Communication, Advertising, and Mass Communication. 

President Kotas and Treasurer Homolka give lodge scholarships to Alexis Uldrich and Madison Zumpfe.

Kevin Homolka Sr. shared treats for his birthday.  

Our next meeting is August 6 at 8 p.m.

May 2018

Members met May 7 at the Saline Center. A celebration was held for 50 and 75-year members on April 22. President Lumir Kotas presented 50-year pins to James Prokop and Kenny Zoubek received his son David Zoubek’s pin. A 75-year pin went to Mary Krupicka. Secretary Lorraine Kohout shared the lodge history and others enjoyed sharing memories of the lodge. Cake, cookies, and refreshments were served in their honor.
Kelsey and Monica Zoubek talked about the YELL! group and lodge events. 

Secretary Lorraine Kohout sent get-well cards to members.

Birthdays celebrated were Bryce Horak, Myron Hayek, Bailey Horak, Lorraine Kohout, Beth Horak, and Mason Horak.

The next lodge meeting will be July 2 at 8 p.m.

April 2018

The YELL! group held their first meeting of the year and elected officers as follows: President Coltin Rezabek, Vice President Alexis Uldrich, Secretary Emma Walker, Correspondent Kelsey Zoubek, and Treasurer Monica Zoubek. Katie Zoubek will be the Youth Liaison and Hannah Horak will be the Assistant Youth Liaison.

The Saline Center 34th Annual Consignment Sale was a success. Members appreciate the YELL! group, members, and non-members for volunteering their time for the sale. The Saline Center ladies baked and sold 165 dozen kolache. Congratulations to YELL! member Alexis Uldrich who organized a successful bake sale, and to the YELL! members who helped at the bake sale. The money raised will go towards YELL! activities and projects for the lodge and surrounding communities. The toy raffle winners were Sophia Wahl, Pam Kunc, Katie Zoubek, John Allen, Buck Meyers, Lori Billenwillms, Taylor Schole, and Tammy Baugh. 

Ronald Divoky donated 2,282 books and 40 puzzles at the Saline Center Craft show in memory of his wife Phyllis. Phyllis’s love for books will be enjoyed by many people.

The YELL! group delivered Easter baskets to the Assessor, Clerk, Treasurer, Roads, and Veteran’s Service Offices at the Court House in Wilber. They also had an Easter egg hunt at the lodge with 576 eggs spread across the dance floor. Thanks to Kevin and Lynn Zumpfe for donating to the Easter egg hunt.
Birthdays celebrated at the lodge were Brandon Zoubek, Shirley Zoubek, Kelsey Zoubek, and Monica Zoubek. Congratulations goes to Brandon and Tyler Ann Zoubek on the birth of their baby girl Addyson.

Members present at the April 2 meeting observed a moment of silence for Norman Sokolik. A memorial was sent to his family.

We made a money donation to Dorchester Junior Legion Auxiliary, Dvoracek Memorial Library in Wilber, and Struckman-Baats Library in Western. The YELL! groups delivered snacks and the donations to the libraries.
The YELL! group is still collecting can tabs, box tops, and Best Choice Products UPC labels.

March 2018

Members met on March 5 at the Saline Center lodge. YELL! members, lodge members, and others have put in several hours for the 34th annual consignment sale. Saline Center ladies baked 120 dozen kolache with several different fillings on March 2 and March 8. The ladies plan on baking another day before the sale. Betty Zoubek and Shirley Zoubek mix the perfect dough and bake the kolache. Karen Hayek and Becky Ripa have a special technique for the perfect shape and size of kolache. We also appreciate and thank all the other ladies for helping.

Russell Zoubek celebrated his March birthday. Myron and Karen Hayek and Daryl and Roxy Hayek celebrated their anniversaries (see Spotlight for photos).

The next meeting will be May 7 at 8 p.m.

January - February 2018

The YELL! group had a Recruitment/Fun Night on January 13 at the lodge. Winners of the pitch tournament were Randy Zoubek and Roger Burda. The toy prize winner was Joey Slama. Another pitch tournament/fun night was held on January 27. Winners were Kevin and Jane Znamenacek. The YELL! group appreciates the pitch tournament winners donating the prize money back to them. They will use the money for lodge activities and projects in surrounding communities.

Beth Horak hosted a Barn Quilt Workshop at the lodge on January 27. We donated the hall for this event. The forty quilts will be on display at the Nebraska Cattlemen’s Ball in Hebron this June.

Secretary Lorraine Kohout made winter goodie plates and Darrel Hayek delivered the plates to members.
Saline Center's 34th Annual Consignment Sale will be on March 18.

Members met February 5. Celebrating birthdays were Arnie Homolka, Randy Zoubek, and Phillip Zoubek. Celebrating their 14th anniversary are Brian and Katie Zoubek.

A moment of silence was held for Kathy Karpisek. A memorial was sent to her family. 

Angie Pierce made a donation to the lodge in memory of Leroy and Marjorie Duchek. It will be used for improvements to the lodge.

Saline Center seniors who would like to apply for a scholarship can contact Judy Kohout at 402-947-2236.
The next meeting will be April 2 at 8 p.m. with highway clean up at 6 p.m.

January 2018

Members met on January 8 at Saline Center Lodge. Elected officers for the 2018 year are as follows: President Lumir Kotas, Vice President Doug Horak, Secretary Lorraine Kohout, Treasurer Arnie Homolka, Correspondent Katie Zoubek, Hall Manager Beth Horak, Bar Manager Don Homolka, Computer Manager Judy Kohout, and Board of Trustees Russ Zoubek, Brian Zoubek, and Kevin Homolka.

The Saline Center 34th Annual Consignment Sale will be on March 18.

Celebrating birthdays are Jane Homolka, Doug Horak, and Katie Zoubek. Celebrating anniversaries are Marvin and Lorraine Kohout and Don and Jane Homolka.

Members observed a moment of silence for Leroy Duchek. A memorial was sent to his family.

Saline Center members who are seniors and would like to apply for a scholarship can contact Judy Kohout at 402-947-2236.

Call 877-935-2467 to speak with a Western Fraternal Life Representative.