Western Fraternal Life :: Slavin No. 112

Slavin No. 112

Comstock, NE

October 2018

Members met on October 24 at the National Hall. We cleaned and organized the hall for the craft fair on October 28. Member Alex Horky came home from college to help load and unload their wares at the craft fair. Thanks Alex.

Member Alex Horky volunteering at the craft fair.

A moment of silence was observed for Emil Hrebec and area friends.

Members filled out the recycling paper. A donation was made to North Loup Popcorn Days. Pop tabs and pill bottles have been collected and turned in to organizations.

Members met December 6 for the Christmas gift exchange and soup supper.

September 2018

We met on September 6 at the National Hall. Members gathered to enjoy a potluck before the meeting. A moment of silence was held for Jerry Spencer.

Members discussed recycling items, volunteer hours, Western monthly report info, future plans of our craft fair, and the bike giveaway for October 28.

Happy 50th anniversary to Myron and Sharon Osentowski. Happy 50th anniversary to Lumir and Connie Hulinsky. Congratulations to Peg Pesek on her retirement as county treasurer.

Fairs and 4-H projects are winding down for the year and we congratulate the many members who have participated in so many ways. Avery Bruha entered a t-shirt she designed with Coral Draw through the Nebraska Library Innovation Studio Project.

Members brought extra garden produce to share with others.

Lumir and Connie Hulinsky attended the State Meeting hosted by No. 76 Milligan. Next year’s hosts will be Morse Bluff No. 9 with a tentative date of June 1, 2019.

Data was completed on our volunteer hours and monthly treasurer report from Sharon O., as well as secretary report of Carlie T.

Our next meeting will be October 25 to get ready for the craft fair.

August 2018

Members met August 2 at the National Hall for a potluck and meeting. There were birthday treats from Myron Osentowski. A moment of silence was held for Olga and Mickey.

A thank-you note was received from the Netherlands Schinnen Commissary for coupons.

This year is the 100-year anniversary of Czechoslovakia in 1918. It is the 50th anniversary of the Prague Spring in 1968. It is also the 25th anniversary since the establishment of two separate countries of the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic.

Our member, Caitlin Davis, was crowned Miss Burwell Rodeo 2018. Congratulations.

July 2018

Members met on June 7 at the National Hall. We gathered to clean the hall for summer activities. Thanks to a great turn out, it was done quickly.

A thank-you call was received from Janene Miller in appreciation of her 50-year pin.

Many members helped with the National Cemetery services, as well as lunch on May 27. Several also helped organize the Comstock service the next day.

We were reminded to enter the Western Photo Contest.

Happy 60th anniversary to Al and Jean Moudry from the lodge.

Members met on July 5 at the National Hall. Please continue collecting tabs, Best Choice labels, and glasses for Lion’s Club.

Correspondence was reviewed and future ideas shared.

June and July birthdays of Kathy and Richard were celebrated with ice cream and toppings to conclude our potluck supper.

Members were advised of the State Meeting at Milligan, NE, on August 25.
The craft fair is October 28.

May 2018

Members met on April 3 at the National Hall. Greeting cards are continually being sent for holidays, special wishes, and military personnel. We appreciate those who clip coupons, pop tabs, and labels for education.
A memorial service was held May 27 at the National Cemetery.

Hall clean-up was on May 24.

March 2018

Members met on March 1 at Sandy and Herb Bruha’s home in Burwell. Volunteer information was updated. A card party was planned for March 4 at the Ord Senior Center. We discussed a couple of upcoming projects for the summer.

Our next meeting is at 7 p.m. on April 19 at the National Hall. April 22 will be our community and lodge card party and presentation of 50 and 75-year pins at the National Hall. We have tentative plans for memorial services on May 27 at the National Cemetery.

February 2018

Members met at Sandy and Herb Bruha’s home on February 1 and held a Valentine's Day gift exchange and potluck.

We donated items to the children’s Valentine Market where children can purchase valentine gifts for their siblings and parents. Our Valentine's for Veterans project was completed and will be mailed to a veteran’s care center.
A collection of 45 lbs. of food and paper products will be delivered to Burwell Food Pantry. A thank-you was received from RC&D for donation to Kansas Fire victims.

We held the election of officers with the following result: President Richard Bilka, Vice President Sandy Bruha, Secretary Charlie Trojan, Treasurer Sharon Osentowski, Correspondent Kathy Bilka, Courtesy Joyce Pesek, and Trustees Myron Osentowski, Laddie Bruha, and Gary Trojan.

We plan to honor 50 and 75-year members at 2 p.m. April 22 at the National Hall. Pins will be presented. This will include a community and District 6 card party also.

December 2017

Members met on December 7 at Burwell Senior Center. A letter was received from former members Bob and Helen Kriz sharing memories of the lodge some time ago; many memories were shared.
Sharon provided birthday treats, and we all enjoyed our Christmas gift exchange.

November 2017

Our 26th Craft Fair was held at the National Hall. We gave away two bikes for ages 1-5 and 6-15. The crowd enjoyed the vendors, pulled pork, sauerkraut, dumplings, pies, and kolache. The 2017 Nebraska Bee Queen, Shelby Kittle, was present.

Children were given Halloween bags and women received Western tote bags. Gentlemen enjoyed the tractor display and their farming adventures.

Members met on November 12 at the National Hall. We enjoyed a Thanksgiving potluck with turkey and duck. A moment of silence was held for Mr. and Mrs. George Hynek. Birthday treats were brought by Sandy Bruha.

A soup potluck was held December 7 with a gift exchange.

For our January project, we discussed collecting gloves, mittens, hats, and socks for local youth.

October 2017

Members met at 7 p.m. on October 5 at the National Hall. The recycle sheet was passed around.
A member and a guest attended the State Meeting in Omaha on September 30. We received the Level II Award at the meeting.

The craft fair was October 22 at National Hall from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Everyone received a gift and we had a bike giveaway.

Our 50-year members were recognized at the annual Thanksgiving dinner on November 2.

September 2017

Members met on September 7 at the National Hall. Letters were read from the Home Office.

Forms from Western were completed for activities and members filled out the recycle sheet.

We sent a box of coupons to the Schinnen Commissary in the Netherlands.

The craft fair was discussed for October 22. We’ll have a bike giveaway and a gift for all who attend.
We welcomed three new members.

August 2017

Our meeting was held at 7 p.m. on August 3 at the National Hall. Delmer and Cindy Wondercheck joined us. A moment of silence was held for Gregory Mazanec of Hemingford.

The State Meeting will be held in Omaha on September 30. Members are encouraged to attend.
Correspondence from the Home Office was read.

July 2017

Members met at the National Hall on July 6. A moment of silence was held for Gregory Mazanec.

Members helped the Fun Bunch entertain at the Burwell Nursing Home on June 27. While the musicians played, others demonstrated the Polka, Waltz, and Flying Dutchmen dances.

Many members attended the 120th dance celebration of No. 14 at Ord Vet’s Club.

The State Meeting will be September 30 in Omaha.

June 2017

Members met on June 1 at the National Hall. Many enjoyed the Memorial services at the National Cemetery and fellowship at the hall. Also participating were the Comstock Legionnaires and Sons of American Legion Squadron 220 with color guard.

No. 14 invited us to a 120th anniversary celebration.

May 2017

Members met on May 4 at the National Hall. A moment of silence was held for the family of former Director Larry Vilda and his son Jerry Vilda.

We completed forms for our activities and recycling.

Members had a Memorial Day service at the National Cemetery on May 28 at 3 p.m. Fellowship and lunch followed at the National Hall.

April 2017

Members met on April 6 at the National Hall. A potluck and birthday treats followed.

Members enjoyed hosting the District 6 Meeting and card party.

We reviewed the new point program and future possible activities.

Members are donating to the Kansas Fire Fund and we challenge all other NE lodges to donate as well.

February 2017

Members met on February 5 at Herb and Sandy Bruha’s home. Members discussed the District 6 Meeting at the National Hall on March 26. Registration is at 11 a.m., meeting at 1 p.m., and a potluck. Drinks and tableware will be provided.

The election of officers was held with all officers retaining their positions.

Members signed valentines for veterans and other shut-in members.

We delivered magazines to the senior centers, assisted living, and VA facilities.

Thanks to those saving child-proof pill bottles, coupons, cancelled stamps, pop tabs, batteries, etc.
Donations were plentiful to the food pantry in Burwell.

Call 877-935-2467 to speak with a Western Fraternal Life Representative.