Western Fraternal Life :: Star of South Dakota No. 71

Star of South Dakota No. 71

Utica, SD

December 2018

Members hosted a noon meal at JoDean’s Restaurant for 50 and 75-year members on December 9. We had four 50-year members and six 75-year members. Only two 75-year members were able to attend. Honorees were presented with their pins. Those unable to attend were sent the pins through the mail.

October 2018

Members attended the Tabor American Legion meeting on October 17 to donate a check to the veterans who are going to Washington, DC. The check helps with expenses needed on their trip.

Members volunteered with the Tabor Fire Department on fire protection week October 1. We went to Tabor Elementary School and told the children about safety things to do when there is a fire. Members went to the kindergarten and first grade classes to hand out fire protection books. The remainder of the books were passed out by Tabor Elementary teachers to grades 2-5.

August 2018

Members donated to the Bon Homme District 4-2 /Tabor Elementary School on August 27 for school supplies.

Shirley Woods, Mary Ruman, Lumir Ruman, Alois Ruman, and teachers Vickie Carda and Janelle Sayler.

On August 26, we hosted the State Meeting and lunch at Tabor American Legion Hall at noon. After the meal, state officers held an annual meeting and passed out gifts from Tabor. After the meeting, we passed out kolache for an afternoon snack.

May 2018

Members helped the Tabor Czech Heritage Club make homemade noodles on May 7, at the Beseda Hall. The noodles will be sold at Tabor Czech Days on June 15 and 16. They were made, then dried, and later packaged to be sold at the Czech Heritage Museum. This showed everyone how noodles were made from the beginning to the end, the Czech way.

March 2018

Members participated with the Town of Utica in their annual Easter egg hunt on March 31. There were 106 participants involved in the hunt and then we drew two names for bike giveaways. The winners were 2-year old Tryan Johnson and 8-year old Lilly Cwach.

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