Western Fraternal Life :: Tabor No. 74

Tabor No. 74

Dorchester, NE

January 2019

Members met January 9 at East Side Café for the monthly meeting. A discussion was held regarding one of our ongoing collection projects.

A number of monetary donations have been collected for the hall’s furnace fund. A local lodge has been dissolved and we will be sending out letters inviting them to join us.

The advertising signs discussion was tabled until the next meeting. We talked about adding security lights to the outside of Tabor Hall. Pam Fuller gave an update of future events at the hall.

The Auditing Committee reviewed the financial statement for 2018. We will retain all present officers for the 2019 year. Officers were installed.

The State Fire Marshall has checked all of the required fire equipment.

Thank-you cards have been received from the Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Dorchester Fire Department.
January birthdays include Pam Fuller, Daryl Clark, Cassidy Olson, and Kaleb Fuller.

The February meeting was held on the 5th at the City Slicker Cafe.

During the business meeting, we discussed delegates to the National Convention, advertisement signs, and having a yard sale at the hall in March.

The Czech Slovak Genealogical Society will be visiting us when they tour Saline County during their conference at the Cornhusker Hotel.

Two Tabor lodge scholarships are available for any graduating senior who is a lodge member. They are due April 1. For information contact Laura Sysel at 402-580-8533.

January 2019

Members met at the East Side Cafe for their meeting on January 9.

Treasurer Larry Fuller presented the financial statement. He reported that Crete lodge had dissolved and some members had transferred to our lodge.

The furnace fund is halfway to its goal.

We discussed advertising signs, new outside hall lights, upcoming events, and auditing the 2018 financial statement.

All present officers will remain the same for 2019.

Thank-you cards were received from Make-A-Wish Foundation and the Dorchester Fire Department.

Celebrating birthdays were Pam Fuller, Daryl Clark, Cassidy Olson, and Caleb Fuller.

We met at 6:30 p.m. on February 5 at the City Slickers in Dorchester.

August 2018

Members met August 6 at Tabor Hall for the monthly meeting. A moment of silence was held for Jean Kasl Essman.

During the summer, we participated in several activities. Several members created a float for the Dorchester 4th of July celebration event. We handed out bottled water to guests who came to watch the parade. In mid-July, the Plowing Bee and Tractor Show was held at Tabor Hall. The day included plowing, refreshments, and Polka music provided by local community residents. We gave away two bicycles as well. The winners were Mason Vyhnalek and Quinn Vertiska.

Pill bottles were collected and delivered to the Crete Veterinary Clinic by Wayne Clark and Dale Clark. We also delivered sweet corn donated by the Fuller family members to the Peoples’ City Mission in Lincoln. Gently used clothing was delivered to the UCC’s “Clothing Closet” for those in need.

Marlene Stehlik attended the NE State Meeting held at the Milligan Lodge.

A discussion was held on collecting good, used toys for the Peoples’ City Mission. Another idea was to collect books to be donated to a place of our choosing.

Thank-you notes were received from the Slama family, Paul Essman and Kasl families, and Quinn Vertiska.
Summer birthdays were Allen Papik, Wayne Clark, Travis Fuller, Marlene Stehlik, and Mason and Miles Vyhnalek.
There will be no monthly meetings in September or October. The next meeting will be November 5 at 7 p.m.

July 2018

Members met July 2 to prepare for the Annual Plowing Bee and kids bike giveaway. Members gathered and cleaned the hall for the event to be held July 14 at Tabor Hall south of Dorchester. We prepared water bottles with lodge stickers and created signs for the July 4 town parade, as well as signs for the Plowing Bee and kid’s bike contest.

After finishing the event projects, we had a light dinner before the monthly meeting. A moment of silence was held in memory of Victor Hormandl.

Wayne and Dale Clark will be delivering empty pill bottles to the Crete Veterinary Clinic. Members are encouraged to bring magazines to future meetings to be donated to ESL classrooms in the area.
We celebrated George Kasl Jr.’s birthday in July.

The lodge Plowing Bee and kid's bike giveaway was held on July 14 at 4 p.m. The day’s events included a tractor show/plowing bee, kid's bike contest, and Czech music. Lester Barak entertained the guests with his Czech program and was accompanied by guest musicians. Food was available. All children attending the day’s activities were encouraged to register for the bike giveaway.

June 2018

We held a meeting at Tabor Hall on June 4 at 7:30 p.m. A moment of silence was held for the recent passing of long-time member Josephine Slama.

Members participated in Memorial Day services at the Pleasant Hill Cemetery. Gaylen and Tyler Sysel carried the American and lodge flags. After the ceremony, we hosted lunch at the Dorchester Post 264.

The annual Plowing Bee and Craft Show was held on July 14. All children attending were encouraged to sign-up for a chance to win a bike to be given away during the event.

On July 2, members made preparations for the July 4 festivities. The lodge had an entry in the July 4th Parade in Dorchester.

Members George Jr. and Shirley Kasl celebrated their wedding anniversary and Steve Vyhnalek celebrated his birthday in June.

May 2018

Members met April 2 at Tabor Hall. Our 50 and 75-year members will receive congratulatory cards and their pins.
We talked about what activities we might do during 2018.

The annual Plowing Day event was agreed upon, as well as a number of additional events, including Join Hands Day.

Members also discussed what points were required to attain the yearly goal.

We discussed the Memorial Day services that we continue to be active in.

March birthdays were Rose Bruha and Shelly Bruha.

Members held a meeting on May 7 at Tabor Hall. The 50 and 75-year members’ cards and pins were sent out.
The Jeralyn Skala Lodge Scholarship will be awarded to Maggie Vyhnalek.

This year’s Memorial Day lunch was hosted by us following the services at Pleasant Hill Cemetery. Lunch was held at the Dorchester Legion Post 264.

Members celebrating birthdays in May were Tyler Sysel and Dale Clark.

April 2018

Members met on March 5 at City Slickers. We discussed the increase in garbage pick-up and Steve Vyhnalek had several bids for outside lights damaged by wind.

The District 3 Meeting was March 10 at Wilber Care Center hosted by No. 54. The meeting was followed by a covered dish lunch and business meeting.

Members met April 2 at Tabor Hall. Fifty and 75-year members will receive congratulatory cards and their pins.
Discussions were held regarding what activities the members might want to do during 2018.

The annual Plowing Day event was agreed upon, as well as a number of additional events. Join Hands Day will take place in about a month. We discussed what lodge points were required to attain our yearly point’s goal. The Memorial Day services we continue to be active in was also discussed.

Member’s birthdays during March include Rose Bruha and Shelly Bruha.

March 2018

Members met March 5 at City Slickers Bar & Grill in Dorchester. A moment of silence was held for the passing of members Jimmy Jirsa and Arnest Dvorak.

The District 3 Meeting was held March 10 at the Wilber Care Center. Lodge No. 54 hosted the meeting. Western members are asked to bring a covered dish for lunch at noon to be served before the business meeting.

Members Jen Kasl and Kasen Fuller celebrated March birthdays. Gaylen and Laura Sysel and Al and Twila Papik celebrated anniversaries in the month of March.

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