Western Fraternal Life :: Trocnov No. 121

Trocnov No. 121

Caldwell, KS

September 2018

Members met on September 16 for a back-to-school party. Everyone brought food to share for a meal.
During the meeting, we discussed Halloween treat bags for the Senior Center, Sunflower Cottage, and coffee shop. We were going to have a prize for the best costume.

Members made 27 dozen cinnamon rolls for a fundraiser to benefit the back wall of the Opera House on September 15. We also made 20 dozen kolache for a wedding on the 19th.

July 2018

Members met March, April, and July at the Nostalgia Nook.

We gave sugar cookies away at the Easter egg hunt. Several members helped with prom, after-prom, and prom breakfast.

Members donated to the sand pile dig for Su. County Fair on August 4.

Lloyd Watsek, 75-year member, and his wife attended our celebration on March 18. Dessert was provided after we awarded Lloyd his pin and congratulated him on his accomplishments.

Members helped with three family funerals and dinners for Jim Halek, Jane Baker, and Ben Williams. We donated to their memorials.

Red roses were donated for ladies and candy bars for men at the Senior Center and also Su. County Dist. 1 for Valentine's and Mother and Father’s Day celebrations. There was a smorgasbord at Margie’s Café in Medford.
At the July meeting, we swam at the Caldwell swimming pool. At 6 p.m., there was an inside picnic with hot dogs, all the trimmings, and root beer floats.

We discussed activities for the Su. County Fair. Several members were involved with exhibits, judging, demo derby, figure 8 races, kolache kitchen, beer garden, caboose, grand parade, and selling fair buttons. A float was entered. Members donated prizes to giveaway at the button drawing. The Kolache Kitchen baked and served between 240 and 260 dozen kolache. There are several wonderful volunteers and we thank them all for their support!

April 2018

Members met on February 18. A moment of silence was held for Henry Lavern Buresh in memory of his 25-year-old grandson and for Ben Williams.

A donation was made to the Baptist Church.

We were reminded of scholarships and discussed reception for 50 and 75-year members.

Four members delivered roses and candy bars to the ladies at the senior center and Sunflower Village.

Members met on March 18. We had cake, ice cream, and punch to honor 50 and 75-year members. Lloyd Watsek was present to receive his 75-year pin. The 50-year pins for Andrew Cole and Lawrence James were mailed out.
Members bought Girl Scout cookies. We donated to Blue Jay Backer to help with after-prom. Donations were made to Su Co Dist 1 Hospital and we donated ham and set-up for sandwiches.

We baked sugar cookies to give away at the Chamber of Commerce Easter celebration. Members donated kolache for the bus tour on March 13 and some to the doctor’s office.

Our sympathies go the family of Jim Hajek.

Members sent 1,472 stamps to Stamps for the Wounded Lions Club in Virginia, 758 greeting card fronts to St. Jude, and ten gallons of pop tabs to the Ronald McDonald in 2017.

In May, we will eat out to honor mothers and fathers with time and place to be announced.

October 2017

Members met October 15 for a potluck pre-Halloween party with treats. A moment of silence was held for the Vice President’s husband, Don Patton. A card was signed for sick members.

A memorial donation was sent to Kansas Honor Flight and Sunflower Cottage Senior Centers.

Madge Volavka and Rosanna Anton volunteer at Kolache Kitchen at least three times a year.

We handed out Halloween treats at the school and the parade. Some members judged a costume contests and handed out prizes/treat bags at the Senior Center.

Our pre-Thanksgiving supper was November 4. A moment of silence was held for Gayla Rapp’s father. We planned to adopt an angel from the Angel Tree. On December 2, we enjoyed Bingo, a Santa visit, and a gift exchange.

September 2017

May was our social outing at Margie’s Café in Medford on the 7th. In June there was no meeting.

On July 15, we had a root beer float social that was enjoyed by members and guests. Several things were discussed, including the county fair and 150-year celebration of the Chisholm Trail.

Members helped at the county fair in August. They did exhibits, cooked, made clothes, crocheted, and knitted. There was a kolache booth where 239 dozen kolache were made. Several judged the demo derby race.

We celebrated on September 16 with ice cold watermelon, honeydew, and cantaloupe. At the meeting on September 17, we recognized 150-years of the Chisholm Trail. Several members joined in the 5K race/walk, cemetery tour, parade, and covered wagon parade. During the day, there was arts and crafts, food, beer garden, kid’s games, book signings, skits, etc. There is a lot of history on the trail.

Join us December 2 for Santa Night at the Nostalgia Nook.

February 2017

A meeting was held February 19 at the Nostalgia Nook.

A memorial donation was given to the Caldwell Alumni Association in honor of Jean McCoy (mother of member Mark McCoy).

A Happy Birthday Trocnov No. 121 flyer was posted around town to invite everyone to our 115-year anniversary.
Our meetings are held on the third Sunday of the month at 2 p.m.

We furnished valentine cookies to assisted living, a doctor office, senior center, and coffee group.
A donation was made to Blue Jay Backers for after prom. Cookies were bought from the Girl Scouts to help support them.

Members met March 19 at the Nostalgia Nook to commemorate the 115th anniversary and celebrate 50-year members Robert Wencel and Gladys Buresh.

A thank-you was received from Stamps for the Wounded (a service activity of Lion’s Club in Falls Church Virginia) and from the Caldwell Alumni Association.

We were presented a Level II Award.

Join us July 15 for a swim party at the local pool from 3 to 5 p.m. Picnic inside at 6 p.m. and meeting at 7 p.m.

Call 877-935-2467 to speak with a Western Fraternal Life Representative.