Western Fraternal Life :: Western View No. 246

Western View No. 246

Alton, KS

October 2018

On Halloween, we had a speaker at our meeting. Julie Wolters gave a program on how the pumpkin is compared to Jesus. When we clean out the inside and make it pure like Jesus, it makes us pure when we accept him into our hearts. Betty Lala provided the cookies for refreshments. Mary Lou gave each person a little pumpkin representing the program. A copy of the pumpkin prayer was also given to those present.

September 2018

Members met on September 23 at the Lyman T. Earl City Park in Alton.

Thank-you notes were read from Osborne Swimming Pool for the donation, and from three pre-school classes for the supplies donated.

Members discussed ideas on how to promote the lodge for Halloween or Christmas.

Our next meeting will be a Thanksgiving/Christmas dinner at the Rusty Tractor on November 18 at noon. We’ll send out invitations.

August 2018

Members met at the Lyman T. Earl Park in Alton. A thank-you note was read from the Kensington swimming pool.

Some of our members mowed and cleaned the Bohemian Cemetery.

We had a bike giveaway at the Alton Jubilee on August 25.

Members purchased Clorox wipes, tissues, and hand sanitizer for a preschool class.

Our next meeting is at 2 p.m. on September 30 at the Bohemian Cultural Center in Alton.

May 2018

Members met May 20 at 12:30 p.m. for a potluck celebrating our 102nd anniversary.

A thank-you was received from Kensington and Alton for the Easter egg hunt donation, and Betty and Larry Lala for the sympathy card. A letter was read from No. 128 asking for support to make the Polka dance the state dance. The secretary will write and give them our support. We made a donation to the Osborne and Kensington swimming pools.

Emery presented Susan McCall with her 50-year pin. Barbara McClain also received her 50-year pin.

Our next meeting will be at the Lyman T. Earl Park in Alton on August 5 at 6:30 p.m. Watermelon will be served for refreshments.

April 2018

Members met April 29 at the Rusty Tractor Café in Kensington. Mary Lou sent out 17 invitations to the members for the meeting and meal.

A Thinking-of-You card was sent to Anthony Cole who is on deployment.

Our agent, Melissa Westbrook, reported on the State Meeting in Oberlin. She brought our award certificate and reported on ways to receive more points in 2018.

Next year the State Meeting will be in Rossville.

March 2018

Members met at the Woodston Coffee Shop on March 18. We received congratulations from Western for our points in 2017. Other letters were read and discussed.

A member received a diary of a relative from 1934 and shared some of the information found in it. This brought up discussion on family ties.

We changed the April meeting to the 29th. Mary Lou notified members via cards with the update.

No. 153 invited us to the State Meeting and their 113th anniversary on April 28. We brought a bouquet of flowers for the anniversary and had four people attend.

February 2018

Members met February 25 at the Woodston Coffee Shop. Agent Melissa Westbrook spoke about service requests, agent of record, and answered questions.

Emery read the history of our lodge, which was organized in 1916. He will send a copy to the Home Office Fraternal Department.

Members signed a birthday card for Russell Phalen on his 91st birthday.

A donation was made to the Alton Pride for the Easter Egg Hunt.

Our next meeting is 12:30 p.m. on April 22 at the Rusty Tractor in Kensington. On May 20, we will have a basket dinner celebrating our 102nd anniversary at the Bohemian Cultural Center.

January 2018

Members met at 2 p.m. on January 14 at the Woodston Coffee Shop. The meeting at Kensington Rusty Tractor Cafe was discussed.

Kansas has a new insurance agent from Kensington, Melissa Westbrook. There were six members and one guest from Western View, three members from Jennings, and two members from Cedar Rapids, plus Melissa. We are excited to have an insurance agent in Kansas.

Lodge hall memories will be the topic in the Fraternal Herald. We discussed memories of the Six Fat Dutchman playing at our lodge for a dance. Emery will write up some memories to send to the Fraternal Herald. We have five 50-year members. Vesta Russell received her pin at the meeting.

Vesta Russell receives her 50-year membership pin.

Our next meeting will be February 25 at 2 p.m. with Melissa Westbrook as our guest.

Vesta brought used stamps to be sent to the wounded soldiers.

November 2017

Members met November 19 at the Rusty Tractor Café in Kensington, KS. We voted to retain the same officers in our election.

Several members reported community hours, donations of box tops and pop tabs, and recycling.

A thank-you was received from Kensington School for the milk money and handy wipes.

Mary Lou will buy treats to give to the kids on the day Santa comes to Alton.

Our next meeting is at 2 p.m. on January 14 at the Woodston Coffee Shop.

October 2017

Members met October 15 at the Woodston Coffee Shop. A check was received from Miller’s Hardware, which covered the tax on the bike and helmet. We were reimbursed for the bike giveaway in August.

Members voted to give milk money to Osborne, Kensington, Smith Center, and Stockton Schools. Donations were made to Kensington and Alton volunteer fire departments, Solomon Valley Transportation, and Woodston Coffee Shop.

Mary Lou sent her grandson’s pictures and George’s picture to the Fraternal Herald for the November recognition of military. Emery received a call from Western that they would follow up on his referral.

The November 19 meeting at Kensington Rusty Tractor Café was paid for by the lodge in recognition of Thanksgiving and Christmas.

September 2017

Members met September 10 at the Woodston Coffee Shop. Treasurer reported she was reimbursed for the bike and helmet given away at the Alton Jubilee. The bike was won by Pierce Bales.

We will buy 100 Halloween bags and give to the Osborne and Kensington grade school students. It was also suggested to give Clorox wipes during flu season.

The next meeting will be October 15 at 4 p.m. at the Woodston Coffee Shop.

August 2017

Members met at 4 p.m. on August 6 at the Lyman T. Earl Park in Alton. There were reports about members taking vacations and special military assignments.

One member collected money, hedge posts, and other items for the ranchers in southern Kansas who were in the fire. He delivered the items and volunteered his time with work needed.

We gave away a bike and helmet at the Alton Jubilee on August 26.

April 2017

Members met April 26 at the Bull City Café in Alton. Vesta brought used stamps for the wounded.

We received a Level I Award. A thank-you was received from Smith Center for the milk money. Stockton used their money for a special needs child.

Emery reported on the State Meeting. The director brought a gift for Vesta to replace the broken cake plate she won in 2016. Rosalee received a potted plant. Oberlin will host the 2018 meeting.

Larry moved we give $50 to the Bull City Café for upkeep.

The next meeting is August 6 at the Lymon T. Early City Park in Alton at 4 p.m. with ice cream and finger food.

March 2017

Members met on March 30 at the Bull City Café in Alton. We decided to sponsor one youth for the camp.
Mary Lou Dugan was nominated for Fraternalist of the Year.

January 2017

Members met on January 25 at the Bull City Café for a lunch meeting. We discussed what should be done for the community and schools. Mary Lori mentioned that the Kensington School had an assortment of caps, mittens, and coats for the lower grades if children came to school without them. We also discussed boxes to send to soldiers for Valentine’s Day, which we plan to do. 

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