Western Fraternal Life :: Willow River No. 346

Willow River No. 346

Willow River, MN

October 2019

Our officers met for two meetings this past year. On February 11, we met and signed all our forms that needed to be sent in to Home Office. We discussed our need for money so that we can make our donations to local charities. The treasurer sent in a request for funds to receive some donation money since our lodge is “idle” due to lack of participation.

Members met again on October 11. Our treasurer stated that we received money from the Home Office for our donations. We donated to the Willow River Fire and Rescue Department and Chris’s Food Center in Sandstone, MN. Chris’s Food Center used the donation to give two needy families a nice Thanksgiving dinner. Rosie Mielke received school supplies: bookmarks, pencils, etc. from us and donated them to the Willow River Elementary School. She also donated paper towels and Kleenex to each classroom. We hope everyone had a nice holiday season.

August 2018

We had our annual picnic on August 5 at the Willow River City Park. Members enjoyed a good day of visiting and sunny weather.

Members were saddened by the death of Sylvia Larson at 97-years old. She passed away where she resided in Blaine, MN, and was an Honorary Member of our lodge.

Rosie Mielke will be donating pencil packets to the elementary students at Willow River School at the beginning of the new school year.

June 2018

Our lodge members met on June 25. We discussed our upcoming picnic plans and also what yearly donations we will be making.

Our treasurer reviewed the lodge account with us. Due to a low account balance and small participation in events or activities, we are struggling or unable to fulfill some of our past donations.

Kaia Dobosenzki, a member of our lodge, graduated from Willow River High School on May 25.

Our annual picnic was held on August 5 at the Willow River City Park at 12:30 p.m. 

January 2018

Members met on January 23 at Cassidy’s Restaurant. Three officers and one member attended. We audited our treasury report and reviewed our activity form.

A number of members donated pill bottles and glasses to local charities. 

We set a date for our annual potluck/picnic for August 5 at 12:30 p.m. in the Willow River City Park.
Our next meeting will be held in June at Dode Brabec’s home.

November 2017

We are saddened by the passing of two members, Robert Brabec and Elaine Drahosh. Robert was our past president, secretary, and a 75-year member. He dedicated much time, effort and involvement working with our lodge. Elaine was involved in many community events and organizations where she lived. She was a 50-year member. They will be missed. Our sincere condolences to their families.

Members donated Thanksgiving dinners to three families. Thank you cards were received.

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