Western Fraternal Life :: Zapadni Svornost No. 28

Zapadni Svornost No. 28

Clarkson, NE

March 2020

Members met March 8 for the monthly meeting and birthday celebration meal at the Clarkson Community Care Center. We received a small monetary gift from our adopted grandma Alice Cerny.

Tammy and Brooke purchased some special gifts for Bingo prizes.

Members will fill Easter eggs for the annual Easter egg hunt in Clarkson that our lodge co-sponsors at our April meeting.

Happy Birthday was sung to Alice Tepley, Stanton Hrouda, Anna Hrouda, Ashley Hrouda, Brooke Fossum, Stanley Krogman, and Jesi-Jaymz Martin. Members enjoyed the birthday snacks that were brought.

Our sympathies go to the family of Alice Cerny.

December 2019

Members met December 8 for a potluck at Clarkson City Hall. We had guests Willard Horak, NE Director Mike Hosek, and agent Robert Firchow.

A thank you note was read from the animal shelter in Norfolk. We received a Thanksgiving card from our adopted grandmother.

Ashley Hrouda was presented with our lodge scholarship. She is attending Central Community College in Hastings, NE for a degree in auto body technology. She spoke about her classes and what she plans to do after she graduates.

Anna and the children donated clothes to Goodwill.

We will retain the same officers as last year: President Tammy Case, Vice President Stanton Hrouda, and Secretary/Treasurer Darlene Hrouda.

This year, members recycled just over 5,896 lbs. of cardboard, newspaper, plastic, metal, tin, glass, and aluminum. Great job everyone.

A moment of silence was observed for Lisa Groth. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her friends and family.

September 2019

Members met August 4 at the Clarkson Community Care Center. There was a report on the Clarkson Czech Days parade. Members decorated a vehicle and walked/rode in the parade. They passed out candy to onlookers.
Members who attended the State Meeting reported on activities.

A moment of silence was held for Virginia Hledik and Willis Kucera. Our thoughts and prayers are with their families and friends.

Members delivered thank-you cards to the Norfolk Veteran’s Home.

We will work at the Salvation Army Thrift Store.

School supplies were donated to Howell’s Community Catholic Schools.

Members met September 1 at Shalimar Gardens in Fremont for a meal and birthday celebrations. The monthly meeting was held.

Thank-you letters were read from the Clarkson Community Center, No. 9 President, and the Howell’s Community Catholic School.

Members reported that they picked up and rehung clothes, vacuumed, sorted, and hung up clothes to go onto the floor for sale at the Salvation Army Thrift Store in Norfolk.

Members sang Happy Birthday to Mary, Holley, and Elli-Jae. We enjoyed cake that was brought.

June 2019

Anne, Stanley, and Holly Hrouda planted flowers and decorated the pots. It was a project with youth.

May 2019

Members met May 5 at the Clarkson Community Care Center for a noon meal and birthday celebration. We welcomed two members and one guest. Darlene read the newsletter, the financial report, and minutes.

Members Delores Karel, Darlene Hrouda, Stanton Hrouda, Brooke Fossum, and Tammy Case filled 16 dozen eggs for the Easter egg hunt in Clarkson.

Members reported on hiding Easter eggs for the Clarkson egg hunt. There was a large turnout on a beautiful afternoon.

Members made greeting and thank-you cards for the Norfolk Veteran’s Home with the help of Sunday school children. Cards will be delivered on Labor Day.

We held a moment of silence for Walter Mejstrik who used to attend meetings faithfully.

Members sang Happy Birthday to Darlene Hrouda (photo in Spotlight) and Meri-Jayn who was unable to attend. We enjoyed cake and brownies. Members played Bingo and socialized after the meeting.
We made flower pot people on May 5 for our adopted grandma.

March 2019

Stanton Hrouda (March birthday) and Brooke Fossum (January birthday) celebrated their birthdays at the March meeting. Unable to be present were Ashley and Anna Hrouda with January birthdays and Stanley Krogman and Jesi-Jaymz Martin with a March birthday.

Members met March 3 at Pine Street Pub and Pizza for a meal and birthday celebration. We received a thank-you note from Clarkson Community Care Center for the Christmas door ornaments. Members talked about delivering the door decorations and the joy they brought to residents.

We thank Tammy Case and Brooke Fossum for delivering 1 lb. 14 oz. worth of can tabs to the Ronald McDonald House in Sioux Falls.

Members will be filling and hiding 14 dozen eggs for the annual Easter egg hunt in Clarkson. We co-sponsor this event every-year.

Members set up meeting dates and times for the year.

We congratulated Stanton Hrouda for reaching the 50-year member status.

Happy Birthday was sung to Brooke Fossum, Ashley and Anna Hrouda, Stanley Krogman, Stanton Hrouda, and Jesi-Jaymz Martin. We enjoyed angel food cake.

Please save can tabs for the Ronald McDonald House, cancelled stamps for Boystown, all recyclable items, and Box Tops for Education.

We will meet May 5 at the Clarkson Community Care Center at noon, with meeting to follow at 1:30 p.m.

November 2018

Members met November 4 at Clarkson Community Center for a meal and meeting. Jokes were read and enjoyed.
We were informed of the National Convention in Green Bay, WI. Members reported on a craft project that we did with a group of Sunday school children. We made door hangers for residents of the Clarkson Community Center in Clarkson, NE.

We have taken in 3,945 lbs. of paper, plastic, cardboard, aluminum, tin, and glass this year. Anna, Ashley, Holley, Stanley, Meri-Jayn, Jessi-Jaymz, and Elli-Jae took clothes and shoes to Goodwill and three boxes of clothes to the homeless shelter. Members played Bingo and visited with residents of a care center.

September 2018

School supplies for Clarkson Public Elementary School were delivered by Mary Kucera, Patty Muhsman, Darlene Hrouda, Alice Teply, Bobbie Molacek, Stanton Hrouda, and Tammy Fossum.

Members met September 2 at Shalimar Gardens in Fremont for a birthday celebration and meeting. Stanton and Darlene Hrouda reported on attending the NE State Meeting in Milligan. A lot of discussion was held about State Meetings and the National Convention. The next State Meeting will be June 1, 2019 hosted by No. 9, Morse Bluff.

We introduced our agent, Robert Firchow. Members discussed recycling efforts. To date, we have taken 3,346 lbs. of tin, aluminum, paper, cardboard, glass, and plastic.

Members sang Happy Birthday to Mary Kucera and enjoyed cake. (See Spotlight for photo.)

We remind members to bring cancelled stamps and Box Tops for Education.

August 2018

Members met on August 5 at Clarkson Care and Rehabilitation Center. We decided to purchase school supplies for the Clarkson Public Schools and have done this for four area schools for 15 years.

Members worked at the Salvation Army Thrift Store in Norfolk on September 3. We delivered and handed out thank-you cards at Norfolk Veteran’s Home on September 3.

Our sympathies go out to the family of Donald Silhacek.

We reminded members that we collect Box Tops for Education, stamps, and do recycling.

June 2018

Members met on June 3 at Clarkson City Hall for a noon potluck.

Many members attended the Norfolk Area Relay for Life event on June 1. The events were cut short and ended before the impending storms rolled through. We made monetary donations to the Norfolk and Yankton Relay for Life events and Clarkson City Hall for improvements.

Members discussed raising our scholarship amount from $200 to $300. We have been working hard on making life green. We recycled 2,225 lbs. of cardboard, glass, paper, plastic, steel, and aluminum.

On June 24, we decorated a vehicle for Clarkson Czech Days.

Brooke Fossum graduated from Augustana University and wore a silver level American Sign Language Honor Society medal.

Members wish agent Delmer Wondercheck the best in his retirement.

May 2018

Members met May 6 at the Clarkson Community Care Center. Thank-you notes were read from the Clarkson and Stanton Public Libraries for the monetary donations. We were joined by Agent Delmer and Cindy Wondercheck.

Nine members helped at the annual Easter egg hunt, which we sponsored in Clarkson. We filled and hid over 200 eggs, as well as three prize eggs.

Members attended the District Meeting in David City.

We recycled 1,676 lbs. of cardboard, glass, plastic, and tin.

Birthdays were celebrated by Darlene Hrouda and Meri-Jayn Martin. Our sympathies go out to the family of Arlene Brdicko.

A donation was made to Clarkson Christian Daycare Foundation.

The Relay for Life in Norfolk was June 1. The Czech Days Parade is June 24, we will decorate a vehicle.

Call 877-935-2467 to speak with a Western Fraternal Life Representative.