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Life Insurance

For more than a century, Western Fraternal Life has been helping its members reach their financial goals, protect their loved ones, and enrich their lives.

Life insurance can provide you with a piece of mind, with the right amount of life insurance you can make sure that loved ones will have a replacement for the income lost due to death, enough money to take care of final expenses, or even help pay housing expenses. Western Fraternal Life has two types of life insurance, term and permanent.

Term Life Insurance

Term Life insurance is affordable life insurance coverage for a specific period of time covering 10, 20 or 30 years. With guaranteed level premiums and the option to convert to permanent protection, term insurance is often an attractive option for those on a budget and need a large amount of protection such as families or homeowners with a mortgage. 

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Permanent Life Insurance

Permanent Life Insurance offers you lifelong protection. With different options you can find the right guarantees, flexibility and cash value options to fit your needs. 

Whole Life Insurance offers level premiums, strong guarantees, and pays dividends*. Whole Life insurance also builds cash values, which you can access through policy loans, allowing you to use the money for any purpose. At the same time, you are providing important protection to your loved ones. Whole Life insurance comes in multiple premium payment options such as single premium, level premiums for either 10 or 20 years, or level premiums for your entire life. 

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Vision 10 and Vision 20 Whole Life combines term insurance with permanent coverage. This concept provides you a larger amount of term life insurance today, and provides a smaller amount of paid up whole life insurance at the end of the 10 or 20 year term without anymore premium payments.

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Graded Benefit Whole Life is a guaranteed level premium Whole Life policy with a graded death benefit. During the first two policy years, the benefit for death by non-accidental causes is a refund of all premiums paid plus 5% interest. Thereafter, the full benefit will be paid. For death due to accidental causes at any time, the full death benefit will be paid. Acceptance is based on very few yes/no health questions. No medical examination, lab test, or doctor’s records are needed.

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Simplified Issue Whole Life is a guaranteed level death benefit and level premium Whole Life policy. The full death benefit is available immediately. Acceptance is based on your answers to the yes/no health questions on the application. No medical examination, lab test, or doctor’s records are needed.

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Life Protector is a whole life policy. The primary purpose is to provide a death benefit that will be there when your family needs it. This policy has a guaranteed death benefit, cash values, and level premium for the life of the contract.

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Children's Plans

Children's Plans include Permanent Plans such as Whole Life, 10 or 20 Pay Whole Life, or Single Premium Whole Life as well as Term Plan of Single Premium Term to age 25. 

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*Dividends are not guaranteed.

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