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Life Insurance Opportunities for Young Adults

May 27, 2016

Young adults may have had one of Western's children's policies originally bought by a parent or grandparent. As they enter adulthood, they may want to make adjustments to their policy to fit their current needs. There are several options we offer to current members that can do some of these things:

  • Change your plan by increasing the value and/or length of time of coverage.
  • Convert a term to a permanent plan.
  • Upgrade your plan to better suit the needs of your life - which is ideal if you are facing student loans, getting married, or have a mortgage.

Conversion from a limited period term policy to a life-long permanent plan means that there will be no health questions, so take advantage of the opportunity. Our agents are here to help you understand your policy. If you aren’t sure what kind of policy you currently have, or what the best fit would be for you in the future, we are happy to help.
If you are moving out of your parent’s house and have a new address, you will need to update that information. Please give us a call and we can help make certain all of your information is current and up-to-date.

Also – do not forget – we offer a few perks of membership which are especially beneficial to you! Be sure to check out our Member Discount Program for savings you can use on products/services you use often. We also have events and opportunities for you to meet people and get involved as you move to new communities. If you would like to find out more about these opportunities and volunteer initiatives, just contact us.

For assistance with any of these things, give us a call at 877-935-2467 or email wflains@wflains.org.

Summary of Children's Plans:

Permanent Plans
Provides lifetime coverage, builds cash values, and the premiums are guaranteed not to increase.**
Rates are locked in at a younger age, cash values grow, and future insurability is protected.**

Single Premium Term to Age 25
Features one-time premium payment. This plan offers standard and special conversion options without evidence of insurability to a permanent life insurance plan:

  • Standard Conversion is anytime prior to the policy anniversary following age 25 for the original face amount.
  • Special Conversion is offered at ages 19, 22, and 25, and allows a permanent face amount of 2½ times the original face amount.

** Dividends are not guaranteed.
All rates are subject to underwriting and are based on standard rates.

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