Why Should You Work With an Agent Instead of Buying Life Insurance Online?

Why Should You Work With an Agent Instead of Buying Life Insurance Online?

Mar 26, 2018

You can buy life insurance online. The question is, should you? Working as an agent for 14 years before coming to Western two years ago, I have seen first-hand the value to customers that agents provide. Here are a few reasons to consider working with an agent:

Knowledgeable agents can help match your needs and goals to a policy in a way that online packages cannot easily do. For example, Western agents will ask you about any special financial needs you may have; like small business projects or loans. An agent can lend a better understanding of what you can afford and help you gain coverage that’s appropriate for those needs.

Online life insurance sellers may not be accurate. Getting a quote online may seem fast and easy, but as a general rule they will want to hook you with an "ideal" situation and not figure in your actual health or other factors. In yet other situations, you may actually end up with the wrong kind of policy for your needs. For something as important as your final wishes, isn't it worth talking to an expert in person?

Agents read the fine print in various contracts and suggest options that may be helpful to you. Insurance is not a commodity. Believe it or not, there are impactful differences in relatively simple life insurance policies. For example, you may be interested to know that the Accelerated Death Benefit rider is available on some policies, and if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness (with a life expectancy of less than 12 months) you can receive up to 50% of your death benefit prior to death.*

Agents can advise you on proper coverage for your unique situation. Every member matters to Western. We want to help you get into a policy that fits your needs. That’s why Western has so many different kinds of Whole Life plans – for those looking to leave something for their beneficiaries, for those who want to skip the doctor’s exam, for people with health concerns, for those who want to have their policy paid in full in 20 years, and those who simply want to make sure that their final expenses are covered.

Agents can assist with claims and policy changes. If you have questions about your policy, or need to make a claim, Western agents are available to help with that process. In addition to having your agent as a resource, Western has been in business over 120 years, and provides the security of a financially sound and stable company for you to consult. Your calls are answered by a human being, and we take pride in walking you through the process.

They live in your community. There’s value to knowing who you are buying from, and both Western and its agents are invested in serving our members. That’s why our agents can sell you a life insurance policy and also refer you to exclusive member benefits. For example, last year we had devastating hurricanes in areas that Western serves. We let our members in those areas know that we provide a Disaster Relief Benefit to give financial aid in those situations. Also, every year we award 25 scholarships for those in college or technical school.

Most importantly, a trusted agent will value a long-term relationship and learn what is important to you and your family. Please call your local Western agent, locate an agent, or call Western directly at 877-935-2467 to discuss your needs.

*Rider availability / qualifications available upon request.

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