Do The Next Best Thing

Do The Next Best Thing

Jul 31, 2018

For me, there's been a lot of changes lately, the biggest of course being the decision to be done with racing. I want to keep pushing myself, and challenging myself, and putting myself in difficult situations, to grow as a person. In life, you have difficulties, you have struggles. I think that you can enjoy life a little bit more when you have a little less to worry about. For me, this is where life insurance comes in. It's part of your journey. It's one more thing that you can do to take burden off of you. I'm a huge procrastinator. Like, I really am, and so the best advice I have for someone who procrastinates is just write it down. Eventually, you're going to be so sick of seeing it on a list that you're
like, "All right, I'll just do that."
Life insurance is one of those things that I've always had, because I take responsibility for my own life, and especially when tragedies happen, that is the last thing people want to think about. It's the last thing you want them to think about, is money and stuff. That's not really what life is about. Life, for me, is about realizing that the best things in life are free. So many aspects to life are just about doing the next best thing, and so the next best thing you can do for your financial fitness is to get life insurance.

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