Western Fraternal Life Offers New Charitable Giving Feature on Term Life

Western Fraternal Life Offers New Charitable Giving Feature on Term Life

Aug 01, 2019

Western Fraternal Life offers another member benefit with our new Legacy Benefit Rider*. The Legacy Benefit Rider is included (at no additional cost) on our new Term Life coverage (base or rider) of $100,000 and above. The rider provides up to an additional 5% (maximum of $25,000) of death benefit payable to a charitable organization named by the policy owner.

Our new Term Life application includes a page for the special beneficiary designation for this benefit. Owners are asked which 501(c)(3) charity they would like to name to receive the benefits. Many Term Life members tend to have busy lives, and while they would like to give to a charity, they may not have made plans to do so. The Legacy Benefit Rider makes it easier to make a difference and leave a legacy with an organization that is important to the member. This benefit to a charity is in addition to providing valuable life insurance coverage for the member’s beneficiary – the rider is a member benefit for members who have chosen Western Fraternal Life as their term life insurance provider.

Members may consider choosing to name the WFLA Education and Charitable Foundation as their charity of choice. The Foundation offers three yearly scholarships to members who attend college or vocational/trade school. As the fund builds, more scholarships will be available. For complete information about the Foundation and the National Scholarships, please visit http://www.wflains.org/member-benefits/scholarships/.

If you are interested in the Legacy Rider, please talk to a Western Fraternal Life agent or contact a Marketing representative at info@wflains.org or 877-935-2467. Visit Western online at www.wflains.org.

*Legacy Benefit Rider is only available on new Term Life policies issued after 7/1/19. Please contact your agent or the Home Office for rider details.

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