A Vision for the Future

A Vision for the Future

Mar 03, 2020

Curt Macklin and his wife May are in their 40’s and have three kids who keep them very busy. It seems like they are always in the car chauffeuring them from one place to another, but Curt and May wouldn’t trade it for the world. And because he loves his family, when his partner at the FBI was diagnosed with cancer, Curt realized he needed to make sure his own family was protected with life insurance.

After talking with his agent, Curt decided to buy a Vision Whole Life policy from Western Fraternal Life. This is a unique type of policy that starts with term insurance for the first 10 or 20 years, (whichever you choose), and ends with a paid-up whole life policy. Curt wants a term policy for $200,000 to cover the rest of their mortgage for 20 years, and at the end of the 20 years, he will be left with a $50,000 paid-up whole life policy for the rest of his life. By then, he and May will be in their sixties, getting ready to retire, their house will be paid for, and so will their life insurance. He liked the fact that he could have more coverage in his forties and fifties, and then at the end of the 20 years, have a paid-up policy to pay for future final expenses.

He and May also like that the premiums stay level throughout the 20-year term of the policy. Another great feature of this policy is that it has dividends*, which can be used to increase the death benefit.

Two other no-cost riders that come with this type of policy are:

The Legacy Benefit Rider, which is a charitable benefit offered at no cost when he purchases $100,000+ of term insurance. This rider provides up to an additional 5% (maximum of $25,000) of death benefit payable to a charity named by Curt.

The Accelerated Death Benefit Rider provides for the payment of an accelerated death benefit using a portion of the life insurance benefits. These benefits are paid to Curt while he is living.**

Curt and May are very happy with their choice of the Vision Whole Life policy. If you are interested in this type of policy, please talk to a Western Fraternal Life agent or contact a Marketing representative at info@wflains.org or 877-935-2467. Visit Western online at www.wflains.org.

*Dividends are not guaranteed
**Subject to qualification. Death benefit must be $50,000 or more.

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Shannon Daugherty

ACS, FLMI, Member Programs Assistant

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