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Member Benefits

The benefits of being a member don’t stop with our products. Check out our member benefits.

Our member benefits are just one of the many ways Western Fraternal Life works for you. Unlike other insurance companies, Western gives back to our members, not to shareholders. Our focus on our members means we create member benefits with you in mind.

As a member of Western, you get access to exclusive member benefits and programs. Our wide assortment of member benefits help our members at different stages in life.

If you have questions about member benefits, or need to submit a form, contact the Fraternal Department by email at or call 877-935-2467.

Lodge Information

For over a century, our members have been making a difference in their communities. As a member of Western Fraternal Life, you’ll join over 37,000 members who benefit from our products as well as other member benefits. We pride ourselves on the many members who volunteer their time and talents to their communities on behalf of Western Fraternal Life’s lodges.

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Member Discount Program

As a member of Western you have access to discounts on other services.

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Accelerated Death Benefit

If your Western life insurance contract includes the Accelerated Death Benefit rider, and you are diagnosed with a terminal illness with a life expectancy of less than 12 months, you can receive up to 50% of your death benefit (minus any outstanding loans) prior to death. When this rider is exercised, it reduces your face amount and your beneficiary receives the remainder of your death benefit upon your death.

Newborn Child Benefit

This benefit is designed to provide the parent with insurance at the standard rate for a newborn child who may not be insurable otherwise.

Qualified members can receive a newborn death benefit of $2,500 for a live-born child, if death occurs on or before the 60th day after birth. A qualified member (parent) may purchase a $5,000 permanent life insurance plan at standard rates, regardless of insurability. If both parents are members and qualify under specific guidelines, they can purchase $10,000 of permanent insurance for their newborn child. Upon reaching age 21, additional permanent insurance can be purchased equal to the face amount purchased on or before the 60th day.

Orphan Income Benefits

Western supports member children who lose both parents by providing a monthly allowance to the child’s guardian. The benefit also includes money for college. Western will contribute $250 per month per child to the relative, friend, or guardian responsible for the orphan’s support up to the age of 19. The orphaned children are eligible to receive up to $1,000 each year for four years for those who are enrolled in an accredited college or $1,000 each year for two years for a trade school of their choice. The money will be
paid directly to the school.

Disaster Relief Benefit

The Disaster Relief Benefit is designed to assist members who have been affected by a disaster and help get them back on their feet. If an eligible member suffers personal property loss as a result of any of the following specific disasters – flood, hurricane, earthquake, wildfire, or tornado – a benefit of up to $500 will be paid to cover out-of-pocket expenses.

Download a Disaster Relief Benefit Form. Click here.

Members in Action

If you are planning a community event, then this is your opportunity to apply for funds to help make it a success. Members in Action funds the supplies, services, and promotional materials that members need to make your community event a success. Any member of Western may apply. You do not need to be a lodge officer or active in your lodge to apply, but you must be an active organizer of the event.

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Member Matching Funds

The Member Matching Funds Benefit (Aid to Members) will match up to $500 when a lodge holds a fundraiser for a member in financial need because of illness, accident, or natural disaster.

Download a Member Matching Funds form. Click here.

Community Matching Funds

Community Matching Funds Benefit provides $500 to lodges who participate in a fundraiser for a worthy cause. Types of community causes include raising funds for the volunteer fire department/local ambulance, helping build a community recreation center, habitat house, or local library, fundraisers for a non-member families who have experienced a disaster, or charity that has a need.

Download a Community Matching Funds form. Click here.

Family Benefit

The Family Benefit provides up to five $1,000 awards annually for costs associated with senior care, child care, respite care, elementary and secondary education, or extracurricular activities. Applications are accepted between May 1 - July 1 each year. Each member applicant is asked to write an essay of 150 words or less on how this will help his or her family. An independent third party will select the winners. Members may apply for this benefit each year.

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Western offers 25 National Scholarships to members seeking higher education.

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Fraternalist of the Year

Western is honored to have many inspiring members who volunteer on our behalf in the communities where they live and work. The Fraternalist of the Year Award gives members the opportunity to nominate a deserving member and allows our organization to recognize an outstanding volunteer. Application deadline is May 1 each year.

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Youth Art Contest

Western offers a Youth Art Contest annually for our young members ages 5-15. Cash prizes are awarded. every year, a theme and details are released.

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Photo Contest

Western offers a Photo Contest annually for youth and adult members, with categories for each. Cash prizes are awarded.

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Join Hands Day

Join Hands Day is a national day of service when youth and adults join together to volunteer for a service project of their choice. Youth and adults work together on an equal basis to plan, organize, and implement the day’s activities. Examples of these projects include planting trees or flowers in public places, litter pickup, or working at a soup kitchen for the homeless.

YELL! Groups

Western’s youth and young adult program promotes volunteerism and leadership through YELL! (Young Engaged Lodge Leaders) groups. The YELL! groups allow young members (and non-members) to develop ties to their community and give back by planning and organizing service projects they care about.

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The Fraternal Herald Magazine

The Fraternal Herald magazine is a monthly membership publication. Articles feature information about lodge activities, Czech culture, recipes, and finances.

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