Lodge Information

Lodge Information

For over a century, our members have been making a difference in their communities.

As a member of Western Fraternal Life, you’ll join over 37,000 members who benefit from our products as well as our member benefits. We pride ourselves on the many members who volunteer their time and talents to their communities on behalf of Western Fraternal Life's lodges. 

What is a Lodge?

Western Fraternal Life’s lodges are groups of volunteers who come together locally to do meaningful community service on behalf of our organization. With support from Western Fraternal Life, our members are able to give back to their communities. We promote civic, educational, environmental, and cultural programs as well as any special projects that are important to our members. Each year, our lodge volunteers donate over 100,000 hours of volunteer service to their communities.

Lodges Help Their Communities.

  • From 2010 to 2017, Western members volunteered 1,316,792 hours.

  • From 2010 to 2017, Western members donated $773,363 to charity.

As a Lodge Member, You Benefit.

Are You Interested in Being Involved?

To find a lodge near you, check out this page. You can also contact the Fraternal Department at wflains@wflains.org or call 1-877-935-2467.

Call 877-935-2467 to speak with a Western Fraternal Life Representative.