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Scholarship Winners

2018 National Scholarship Winners

Western wants to help all our members succeed and is excited to help them attain their dreams through education. As the cost of getting a higher education continues to grow, Western Fraternal Life is proud to offer 25 National Scholarships every year. Western is pleased to announce the winners of the Western Fraternal Life National Scholarship. This year 82 qualified members applied for the National Scholarship.

The scholarships include:

  • One four-year Academic Scholarship, $1,000 per year for a total of $4,000.
  • Two $1,000 scholarships to either Community College or Vocational/Technical school.
  • One Community Involvement Scholarship for $1,000 to an applicant with outstanding volunteer service.
  • One Non-Traditional Student Scholarship for $1,000 to applicants ages 25 and older.
  • Twenty scholarships will be awarded based on academic ability, test scores, lodge involvement, school and community involvement, and financial need.

Each applicant must have been a member for two years prior to application. The applicant must maintain a C average each year of a four-year scholarship and plan to or be enrolled as a full time student at an accredited school. An individual may apply for a one-year scholarship up to four times for a total of $4,000. Scholarship regulations and the application can be found on our website: www.wflains.org or by calling toll free 877-935-2467.

The applicants were judged by Director of Financial Aid at Mount Mercy University, Bethany Davenport; Director of Student Services at Kirkwood Community College, Nick Borders; and Director of Financial Aid at Coe College, Barb Hoffman. In addition to securing neutral judges, each application and related materials are assigned a number to ensure impartiality.


Abigail Ramaeker
Abigail Ramaeker, No. 330, Brookfield, IL is the winner of our 4-year National Academic Scholarship. She will attend Carroll University and work towards a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Abigail would like to use her own experiences to help others, she states, “when a patient enters the hospital, they are not their normal or best selves and I want to use my experiences to come alongside them.”


Grace Wallace
Grace Wallace, No. 34, Hutchinson, MN is one of the Community/Vocational/Tech School Scholarship winners. She is attending Texas Tech University studying Nutrition on the pre-medical track. Grace’s goal is to be accepted into medical school to study pediatric oncology. Growing up, Grace considered it her duty to serve the needs of others who have not been as fortunate as her.


Zane Rohde
Zane Rohde, No. 237, Winner, SD is the second Community/Vocational/Tech School Scholarship winner. He was accepted into Southeast Technical School for the Diesel Technology program. Zane feels growing up on a farm has given him general knowledge of machinery and he hopes to expand his skills in this area. He will also work towards a paramedic and firefighting certification to be a bigger asset to the fire department and in diesel mechanics.


Alyxandra Sestak
Alyxandra Sestak, No. 46, Prague, OK won the Outstanding Volunteer Community Service Scholarship and will attend the University of Oklahoma College of Nursing. She plans to take her work abroad in order to help developing nations physically and spiritually. Alyxandra is driven to be a leader in her community and personal life. She feels volunteering not only touches others, but fulfills her life as well.


Cade Sikora
Cade Sikora, No. 141, Cadott, WI is our Non-Traditional Student Scholarship winner and attends The Ohio State University where he studies for his Masters of Fine Arts in Theatre. He decided to hone his skills as a scenic designer and prepare for a career in academia. With an MFA in scenic design, Cade can engage in a teaching career at a university, conduct research on the topic of design, and teach others about the craft of theatre and its history.


Kelsey VandenLangenberg
Kelsey VandenLangenberg, No. 108, Denmark, WI attends Viterbo University to pursue a degree in Nursing. She feels that every student nurse has a story to tell on why they chose this career path. Most were impacted by a kind and caring nurse. Kelsey’s dream is to have that same impact on a person someday.


Sarah Sopocy
Sarah Sopocy, No. 225, Bannister, MI attends Michigan State University in hopes of earning a Bachelor’s degree in Human Capital and Society and a Masters in Human Resources and Labor Relations. Her goal is to keep employees engaged by interacting with them and helping them with insurance and wellness benefits. Sarah hopes to create a positive work environment that will encourage others and improve morale.


Rachel Manier
Rachel Manier, No. 141, Cadott, WI is attending the University of WI-Madison as a Pre-business student in the College of Letters and Science. She would like to obtain membership with the undergraduate student organization, Women in Business. This will give Rachel the opportunity to network with industry leaders and enhance her business knowledge base. After receiving her undergraduate degree, Rachel will obtain an MBA.


Haley Norton
Haley Norton, No. 192, Alexandria, MN attends Florida Gulf Coast University and is majoring in Elementary Education. She would like to be a good role model and mentor by making all students feel welcome and genuinely cared for. Haley’s goal is to provide an education that will teach them not only academically, but socially and with important values. Down the road, Haley can see herself in a higher leadership position where she can empower and encourage her students.


Bryan Cline
Bryan Cline, No. 13, Cedar Rapids, IA attends Wichita State University and is working towards his Bachelors of Science in Aerospace Engineering and a Bachelor of Music in Instrumental Performance – saxophone. He is interested in efforts to successfully send a manned mission to Mars and wants to contribute to those efforts. Bryan is applying for a NASA internship to help him towards his goals, as well as honing his musical skills since it’s another of his passions.


Morgan Karasek
Morgan Karasek, No. 126, Ashland, WI has been attending the University of WI-Eau Claire and working towards her Nursing degree. After graduating, Morgan hopes to work at Luther in Eau Claire, a hospital that is part of the Mayo system on the medical surgery floor. Her ultimate goal is to become a trauma nurse working in the Emergency Room.


Annie Koenig
Annie Koenig, No. 106, Lankin, ND was accepted into the University of Mary and will study Medical Laboratory Science. Working in her dad’s veterinary clinic gave Annie an idea of what she’d like to do as a career. Her goal is to receive a Bachelor’s degree in Laboratory Medicine and be employed at a humane medical facility.


Courtney Accorsi
Courtney Accorsi, No. 242, Owosso, MI attends Michigan State University and is working towards a degree in Neuroscience. After losing someone important in her life, Courtney narrowed her options down to being a doctor. That and the drive to know “why” is what motivates Courtney to want to help others cope with losing a loved one.


Nicole Votroubek
Nicole Votroubek, No. 423, Cedar Rapids, IA attends Coe College but will transfer to Drake University this fall. Not only will Nicole be changing schools, but her career path has taken a major detour since starting college. She once thought being a dentist was her life-long dream, but after taking some classes and changing majors twice, Nicole decided to be a lawyer. She is now working towards her Juris Doctorate and hopes to pursue health or intellectual property law.


Kate Quade
Kate Quade, No. 108, Denmark, WI is in her first year at the University of WI-Stout and is working towards a career in the packing field as a Packing Engineer. She is passionate about preventing the degradation of the environment and protecting natural resources. Kate hopes to develop and research new products that will aid in creating manufacturing and design processes that are beneficial to the environment.


Mitchell Van Dyke
Mitchell Van Dyke, No. 7, Cedar Rapids, IA attends the University of WI-Whitelaw and is working towards a Bachelor’s of Science in Marine Biology and Freshwater Ecology. This year, Mitchell will be studying abroad at Deakin University in Australia for a year. He feels he can turn his passion and interest for nature and subtleties into a career that will encourage environmental awareness.


Karlee Curtis
Karlee Curtis, No. 108, Denmark, WI has been accepted into St. Norbert College and will pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Pre-Pharmacy and Spanish and then go on to earn a Doctor of Pharmacy. She feels a career like this will improve the quality of life for mankind. Karlee would like to work in a vibrant area with a significant Spanish-speaking community.


Erin Skolil
Erin Skolil, No. 437, Ord, NE attends Bryan College of Health Science and working towards a degree in Nursing. She has always wanted to make an impact and a difference by helping people and caring for their needs. Once graduated, Erin would like to move close to home and work at a hospital in rural Nebraska. Her two goals are to be the best nurse she can be and make an impact!


Mariah Siroky
Mariah Siroky, No. 284, Roy, MT has been attending Montana State University and working towards her Bachelor of Science in Business Finance. Following graduation, Mariah plans to work in a bank. She isn’t sure of a specific career in this field, but is eager to discover what opportunities life will bring.


Sotheby Shedeck
Sotheby Shedeck, No. 67, Yukon, OK attends Oklahoma State University for Finance. She hopes to study Environmental Law at Oklahoma Law School once she graduates OSU. Making a positive impact on the environment through helping local and state environmental regulations is important to Sotheby. Once practicing law for several years, she hopes to become a municipal judge in her local county.

kaytlin-johnson.jpg Kaytlin Johnson
Kaytlin Johnson, No. 29, Prague, NE attends Nebraska Methodist College and is pursuing her Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Receiving this degree will allow Kaytlin to reach her dream of helping people and making a difference in the lives of others. After graduation, she hopes to continue her education at the doctorate level and obtain a Family Nurse Practitioner degree.
karla-penaloza.jpg Karla Penaloza
Karla Penaloza, No. 428, Houston, TX attends Trinity University and majors in Engineering Science with a minor in Math. Her ultimate goal is to work for the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Houston to give back to her community. Karla knows the hardships her parents had to go through to migrate from Mexico before she was born. She strives to make them proud and honor them by being the best student and person she can be.
jacob-sestak.jpg Jacob Sestak
Jacob Sestak, No. 46, Prague, OK attends Oklahoma State University and is working towards his undergraduate in Agriculture Economics. This also includes a minor in Environmental Economics, Politics, and Policy. Jacob would like to pursue a Master’s degree in Agriculture Economics and then a Juris Doctorate to be an Environmental lawyer. He’d like to protect farmers and ranchers from further regulations that make their production difficult.
  WFLA Education and Charitable Foundation: This 501(c) (3) charitable organization provides additional scholarships to members for their continued education. Donations from lodges or members to this fund provide for these scholarships opportunities. As funds build, more scholarships will be available. 

Andrew Bentz
Andrew Bentz, No. 34, Hutchinson, MN is the recipient of the Carl and Stella Ruzek Education and Charitable Foundation Scholarship. He attends Minnesota State University-Mankato and is working towards a Health and Physical Education with a minor in DAPE (Developmental Adapted Physical Education). Andrew saw that students with disabilities were being taught by underqualified teachers and receiving inadequate care. He is passionate about teaching the benefits of a healthy life style, both physically and mentally.


Carli Wendricks
Carli Wendricks, No. 108, Denmark, WI was accepted into Saint Louis University and plans to major in a program called Investigative and Medical Science. This program can apply to a variety of different career paths in the field of Health Science. Carli has always been fascinated with the science field and loves how it challenges her. Whether it’s helping people directly, or working behind the scenes, Carli hopes to make a positive impact on her environment.

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